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WWE/TNA: Why TNA is Superior to WWE Right Now

This past Sunday, TNA presented their annual Destination X pay-per-view live from the Impact Zone. The show primarily focused around the X-Division talents, as well as Austin Aries‘ quest to capture the TNA World Heavyweight Championship from Bobby Roode.

My hopes were high going into the event, and why shouldn’t they be? TNA had been doing everything right in the weeks preceding the pay-per-view, and Destination X certainly lived up to the hype when it all mattered most.

From a handful of electric X-Division contests to the exhilarating Last Man Standing match between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, TNA had once again provided a quality show. However, the package wasn’t fully complete until the main event, where we witnessed the shocker of the year in the form of Aries winning his first TNA World Heavyweight title.

Once the referee counted three and declared Aries as the new champion, it gave me a flashback to how CM Punk captured the WWE title last July at Money in the Bank. Their similar backgrounds, styles, and personas essentially made Aries the CM Punk of TNA, which was yet another sign that giving him the belt was the right move.

After viewing the spectacle known as Destination X, I had an overall positive perspective of TNA and what they’ve accomplished this year. Let’s not forget Slammiversary last month, which also was one of the best events TNA has produced throughout 2012.

No less than 24 hours later, I tuned in to watch Raw on USA Network. By the time it was over, I had such a sour taste in my mouth that I had no reason to look forward to Money in the Bank this Sunday.

This horrendous edition of Raw, however, did have me looking forward to Impact this Thursday, since I knew at least one company would entertain me enough to remind me just exactly why I’m a wrestling fan. This has been a recurring pattern for a few months now, but it didn’t reach an all-time low until just this past Monday night.

Given everything that TNA has accomplished this year from building new stars to finally going live each and every week to incorporating actual wrestling into their product, I wholeheartedly believe that TNA is the superior pro wrestling company right now.

Although I don’t watch Ring of Honor on a regular basis, I’ve heard enough reviews of the current product that have led me to infer that they’re not doing too well themselves lately. I’ve watched almost every edition of every show WWE has had to offer the last few years and for the longest time, they were the superior company given TNA’s usual ways of illogical booking and misuse of talent.

However, I can honestly say that TNA has been consistent since the start of the year in actually doing things right. Their pay-per-views were usually less important than the episodes of Impact since rarely anything ever happened at a pay-per-view event that you wouldn’t see on Impact, such as a major title change.

Nonetheless, we haven’t seen a major title change on Impact since last November when Bobby Roode captured the TNA title. Even if the title did change hands on an edition of Impact, it’d be a major shocker, especially since the editions of Impact are now live every Thursday night for the first time ever.

Here’s a fun fact for you: The TNA World, X-Division, Knockouts, Knockouts Tag Team, and Television titles have all changed hands only once this year. May I remind that we’re over halfway through 2012, and each of those titles have only had two different people holding them.

In my personal opinion, Raw hasn’t been the least bit exciting since April when Brock Lesnar returned. There’s hardly anything to look forward to anymore each week on the flagship show, except for the on-going entertaining angle featuring WWE Champion CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and AJ.

Impact Wrestling, on the other hand, hypes a number of things for the following week’s show, almost always giving viewers something to anticipate.

Speaking of such, one major flaw I found in WWE’s recent downfall was the fact that they have absolutely no direction at the moment. Cena has had at least five different feuds this year, being thrown around into random matches which exemplifies the hot-shot booking WWE is known for.

With Bound for Glory in only three more months, the hottest feud heading into the grandest event of the year for them will culminate as Bobby Roode will take on James Storm, or so we hope anyways. That’s the definitive direction they’re heading in, along with the fact that the second annual Bound for Glory series they’re currently holding is also making for some fun matches each week.

Of course, I’m not at all saying TNA is perfect by any means. Their Crackhead Claire story-line featuring AJ Styles, Dixie Carter, and Christopher Daniels isn’t the most logical or realistic thing they have going right now, but we can all agree on the fact that TNA has certainly done worse and the angle isn’t all that bad. Besides, it finally concluded at Destination X in that fantastic Last Man Standing Match, so I have no complaints.

I do realize that some of the biggest WWE supporters will disagree with what I’ve stated here, but it’s usually because they have yet to give Impact a chance. Moreover, I’m certainly not bashing the WWE, as I surely hope they improve their product for the remainder of the summer. They have their 1000th edition of Raw coming up, so it’ll be hard to go wrong there.

Will TNA ever become the superior company financially? Probably not.

WWE is an empire that will more than likely never be overthrown, but that doesn’t mean that it will always be entertaining. Even through its darkest days, I’ll continue to watch the product, but I’m not going to force myself to enjoy it.

From a wrestling and entertainment standpoint, TNA is the superior company right now. I’ve seen quite a few people give TNA another opportunity and a second chance to redeem themselves after the years of terrible television they’ve produced, and I’m nearly positive TNA will not let them down this time around.

For those of you who aren’t regular viewers of Impact Wrestling, I highly suggest checking it out tonight. With a Knockouts title matches, numerous Bound for Glory Series matches, and Austin Aries’ first appearance as TNA World Champion on tap for tonight’s show, there’s undoubtedly a lot to get excited for.

Thanks for reading, and be sure to drop a comment below with who you believe is the superior pro wrestling company right now. As always, your criticism and overall feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

GSM out.


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  • SiD

    Awesome article, really agree. 

  • Joe Burgett

    MARK!! lol
    To me, TNA is doing better than they have been in the past. But if we’re going to be fair, TNA came off of 2 years of miserable programming. Being better from that doesn’t take a lot, just better stories and decisions. So, if I compare apples to apples with TNA, they look good.

    Then we get to WWE. WWE is having a pretty good year IMO. But they have had brilliant years in the past. So comparing this year to another is tough. Because there has been a lot better.

    TNA is having it’s best company year to me, since 2009. But it really isn’t saying a whole lot, seeing as they are only 10 years old. But WWE is having a good year but not nearly as good as many past years.

    So I think that’s why we judge WWE harsher than TNA at times.

    I feel both are doing well and having good years. But I am more intrigued by WWE these days due to AJ. Which is interesting, because a female hasn’t been this impactful for a wrestling company, especially WWE, in a LONG time.

    TNA has my interest due to Aries. But they have many things they need to improve on. However, WWE does as well. But if you ask me, WWE just has my vote for the best year so far. IDK about anyone else. But TNA is doing great too. Overall, it’s a good year for wrestling

  • Jeff Awesome

    TNA > WWE. End of story. 

    • DashingLuke

      Awesome thought.

  • Kevin Berge

    Does it really matter? If I want to watch wrestling, I can watch TNA and WWE maybe ROH if there were easy ways of watching that too (seriously, I really wish I had good ways of watching ROH but I have no easy inexpensive options except scouring YouTube).

    If I want great storytelling and art, I will watch Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad or something. If I wanted to see a pure athletic display, I’d watch other sports like basketball or MMA or something.

    I watch both shows because they offer credible forms of professional wrestling for hours on end, the sport that I love. Why should I care what show is better on a weekly basis? And that is what this is really. This isn’t about what brand is truly greater. This is about what brand is better at this very moment.

    Raw was bad (I’ll take everyone’s word for it, still haven’t seen it). Destination X was good. The fact is that you can’t even say what brands are better over the year so far.

    We can say that Slammiversary and Destination X were awesome, but we all forget that Genesis and Victory Road happened this year. While we can say that No Way Out and Over the Limit were not as good as they should have been, we forget that Extreme Rules and WrestleMania XXVIII were incredible PPVs.

    WWE has a lot more wrestling each week than TNA does because they have a lot more shows. That is a positive and a negative for them because each show becomes a bit about specializing. Raw is about story. SmackDown is about wrestling as is Superstars.

    I really don’t get why people hate on SmackDown so much lately. It is mainly the place where WWE puts on its best TV wrestling.

    TNA has good wrestling, but it does not put wrestling THAT much higher than WWE does when you look at the stats.

    As far as quality programming, I will say that Impact Wrestling has been consistently better programming than Raw lately. The PPVs have also been better. The outlook for the divisions look better on the surface though I think both have dire problems. I don’t feel it is fair to either company to try and compare them or epitomize one over the other.

    The fact is that I look at both companies and see a lot of promise. In fact, I feel both are headed for a bold new era. They may have started it already, but a few more shots need to be fired before it is in full force. TNA is seeing Storm, Roode, and Aries to name a few are becoming part of the new face of the company. WWE has CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Sheamus leading a young charge forward in the main event while Cena stays in the fray to add spectacle and flair. So many guys in both brands are ready to break out.

    If anything, this has been one of the better years for wrestling in recent memory. I can name at least 15 matches this year already that I absolutely loved. The future is bright. The talent is at possibly an all time high for both companies.

    Why does it matter that one be better than the other? Because I don’t see how either are completely better than the other. They are trading off right now, and I have a feeling WWE might “pull ahead” for a bit again starting at the 1000th episode of Raw.

    Anything more I could say about the comparisons was probably said by Louie, Jason, Jacob, or Judas in their full length thoughts. They all had great points.

    In the end, they are both great wrestling promotions. Why can’t we just be happy that neither is CZW?

    • Charlie G

      I used to like Wrestling Society X. Everything exploded, it seemed like there was a new champ every week, it was violent and it even gave guys like Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Evan Bourne, X-Pac, Vampiro, Justin Credible & New Jack a spot to perform (Or stab people).

      Did I mention EVERYTHING exploded?! Fun stuff, wrong TV network. Suffered the same fate as Lucha Libre USA (I liked that too) because of the damn TV network they were on. Who would sign a deal to put wrestling on MTV?!

  • Louie_Babcock

    It is so interesting to see how articles like this bring about a near riot in the comments. Everyone needs to try and prove why their favorite product is better than the other when the fact is, it doesn’t even matter. The TNA diehards will not bend, as well as the WWE diehards will not bend.

    THe thing I dont understand is why people need to be validated that their viewpoint is correct. It is something I will likely never understand. Why cant we just appreciate the entire industry as a whole instead of trying to prove why the other one sucks.

    We call ourselves pro wrestling fans, but it just seems like all we are, are un paid spokespeople for a certain faction of the wrestling world.

    To the people who say ROH sucks, I say to you that ROH has shaped the landscape of the industry we are currently in. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, and countless others are the main people in their respective company. ROH was vital in the fact that this is where our current stars honed their craft. ROH deserves the respect of all wrestling fans simply because we have no idea who the next great star will be coming out of there.

    To the people who say TNA sucks I say to you grow up and open your fucking minds. TNA is 10 years old. You are comparing them to a company that has been around for decades longer. Do you realize how stupid that is. That is like comparing a 10 year old, to a 50 year old. At 10 years old, you are just begining to find your place in the world. At 10 years old you have made enough mistakes to learn from them, but you will go on to make more mistakes as you grow into your own life. The difference is, you will learn from those new mistakes quicker, and in the end you will be better for it. At 50 years old you have lived your life. You learned from your mistakes, you took risks, you learned to take calculated risks, and you have lived your life in the way that works for you. You are experienced, and you are the benchmark that the younger generation looks up to. That is how TNA should be looked at. They should be enjoyed as a child who is growing up. You laugh with them, you cry with them, you watch as they come into their own, and you become proud of them when they finally make it.

    To the people who say WWE sucks I say you are just a bitter, angry person who is arguing for the sake of arguing. WWE has proved that they are the apex of the professional wrestling industry. They have survived with the passing of time, and they have done so by reinventing themselves to fit with the market that constantly changes from one generation to the next. They are the company that every aspiring wrestler wants to work for, and they are the company that has the richest history. They have this because of how long they have been around. As I said earlier it is unfair to compare them to TNA simply because of the age difference of the two.

    Since I am sure I will get hated on for expressing my opinion, and I will be attacked by fans of all 3 wrestling companies, I say bring it on. Maybe before you comment you can actually take some time to put things into perspective, and then an actual real conversation can take place as opposed to just bitter bickering back and forth without any meaningful things being talked about.

    Come at me, I dare you.

    • JacobStachowiak

      You wrote CM Punk in your comments therefore your opinion is irrelevant to me. Haha, just kidding, you’re right, man. You should make this into an article. 

      • Louie_Babcock

        Lol, yeah I probably could.

    • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

      We all just got owned.

      Also Austin Aries, product of Ring of Honor, everyone can suck it!

      • Louie_Babcock

        Damn it, I cant believe I forgot about him, Im gonna edit it and make sure I get his name in their. Thanks

  • Innertube

    Who is that call of duty fellow…..could it be my new code name! Beahahahaha

  • Callofduty

    God bless you.

  • MarcMattaliano

    Random tidbit I’d like to point out in defense of TNA…

    Despite thinking most TNA wrestler songs are pretty generic, for some reason that I can’t fathom, I’ve had Christopher Daniels’ theme in my head most of the afternoon.

    That is all, :-D

    • JacobStachowiak

      I’ll take generic over ‘you can look but you can’t touch’ and my ears start bleeding. 

      • MarcMattaliano

        Dude, Bellas are gone. Stop living in the past.

        • JacobStachowiak


          • MarcMattaliano

            Oh yeah? Well I can’t argue with that, so there!

          • JacobStachowiak


    • Graham Mirmina

      Best. Theme. EVER.

      • MarcMattaliano

        Yeah, I actually did mean to mention that in a good way, for all the bad stuff I said about TNA just now. When I think about it, Daniels’ theme song kinda reminds me of Chris Benoit’s first solo theme in WWE, “Shooter.”

    • Charlie G

      They do have a lot of generic themes, but some of ‘em are great. Especially Daniels.

  • Jack S.

    I don’t know if tna is better then all of wwe. I mean Raw is pretty crappy right now but Smackdown is actually pretty good. Smackdown has had pretty good matches lately like with Rhodes vs Christian and Del Rio vs Christian. And they have both been having pretty good ppvs lately, so I don’t really know which is better now.

  • Charlie G

    Whoa…. I’m getting lost in all these loooooong comments, haha.

  • JacobStachowiak

    Impact is better than Raw. It’s better than Smackdown. It’s better than NXT/Superstars/etc. TNA’s ppvs have been better as of the last four months. Is TNA the better company? No. Do they have better wrestling? Yes. Do they provide better storylines than WWE? Yes/no would not be an appropriate answer because WWE and TNA are appealing to two different audiences.

    TNA is for people who want down to earth, realism, athleticism, conflict, they like gray matter. WWE is for people who enjoy the spectacle of it all, the presentation, the characters, the legendary feel, the history, all the aesthetic stuff, and of course to be entertained. So yes, depending on what kind of fan/person you are. 

    If you’re a little kid, you’ll love WWE for all those reasons above. If you’re a old time WWF fan, you’ll love WWE for the same thing. So, WWE is the best company out of the two for you.

    If you’re an angsty teenager or a youngman, you’re geared more towards enjoying TNA for all the reasons I listed above. So, TNA is the best company out of the two for you. 

    Of course there’s millions of variants to what I just said. And the current product has a big effect on it but that’s the platform to it all really. 

    So yeah, as a young man who likes realism, conflict, ‘gray'; I enjoy TNA. That’s what I like when watching television and wrestling. 

    Good article, Graham, you presented your argument very well.

    • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

      I agree with most points, but from a wrestling standpoint, solely wrestling, as in what happens in the ring, Smackdown in the past two months has been better than IW the past two months. Just because Smackdown is the “B” show as some enjoy referencing it, doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant, because what some IW fans need to realize is, they’re not competing with Raw, first they have to get past Smackdown.

      But when you take storylines, feuds etc, etc, and compare the two, from the past two months, I think Smackdown/IW debate could be very interesting. I’d lean more towards IW but Smackdown still has a pretty good case.

      • JacobStachowiak

        I’m not an IW fan, I’m a TNA fan. Hate that fucking name. 

        • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

          IW is the show, I’m comparing shows.

          • JacobStachowiak


  • Chris Langford

    I’m not gonna bash on the article because the article was great. What I am gonna do is throw my opinions out there.

    TNA is doing a lot of things right and are putting on a very consistently good product at the moment however they are also making stupid mistakes that make me as a fan shake my head more than I did when Cena vs. Cole main evented RAW such as the creepy and disturbing Madison Rayne and Earl Hebner storyline that’s just started and to a certain degree the AJ Styles and Daniels storyline as there has been some logical loopholes and stupid moments. Destination X was a good PPV better than Slammiversary as it left alot more questions to be answered. 
    TNA however is going to get stale very quickly as the same 12 guys will be featured heavily on the program because of BFG Series and the X Division has also just had it’s 15 minutes of fame for the year which is annoying as it seems TNA decides too care for that division when it fits into their plans and they have become very narrow minded in focusing completely on the main event area whilst the Knockout and Tag Division are shadows of their former selves. WWE however seems to be taking things slightly better, I agree this weeks RAW was very hard to watch but however the whole show was an average show as if Lawler, Cole and GM weren’t featured things would be fine, WWE also has problems that TNA doesn’t which is they have a bigger image to maintain due to the various companies affiliated with WWE.

    I see both sides to the coin and enjoy both products but TNA is putting on the better show right now.

  • MarcMattaliano

    “Incorporating actual wrestling into their product”  What you mean is…incorporating wrestling into their slogan after WWE changed their name from World Wrestling Entertainment to “WWE.”  Yeah, that change happened really soon after, and from what little I remember of TNA 5 or 6 years ago, not much about their action has really changed.  Just their marketing.  Their wrestling has always been fun to watch, problem is, there’s no suspense in each match.  Am I saying Brodus and Ryback squashes have suspense?  No.  Am I saying matches with world champs lately have been suspenseful?  Well, I think so, then again, you ask TNA fans and they’re always so quick to predict that world champs being in action on an average episode of Raw is just predictable.

    “I’ve seen quite a few people give TNA another opportunity and a second
    chance to redeem themselves after the years of terrible television
    they’ve produced, and I’m nearly positive TNA will not let them down
    this time around.”  Ya know, I watched during the Immortal period, and back then, I thought it sucked.  At the point we’re at now, with Bobby Roode getting wildly overrated and Austin Aries’ trigger getting pulled way sooner than it needed to be…I actually find myself missing Immortal.

    “With Bound for Glory in only three more months, the hottest feud heading into the grandest event of the year for them will culminate as Bobby Roode will take on James Storm, or so we hope anyways.”  Right…and that match would’ve been exponentially bigger had Roode juuuuuuuuuuuuuuust kept that belt another two or so months.  His personality and ego could’ve gotten even bigger and stronger, Storm could’ve been the Cena to Roode’s JBL and become a monumental star.  But no.  They swerved for the sake of swerving, like they always do, and now they stand to either kick Aries back down the line after yet another cheap swerve of pulling the belt off of him, or keeping the belt on him and sending him to BFG without much of a feud besides, maybe, Samoa Joe.  And then, either they pull yet another swerve and have Samoa Joe back in a top spot (doubtful), or they have Aries go over Joe, and after yet another disappointing loss, Joe get kicked back down the card again with nothing to do.  If I recall, Joe had half a foot out the door before getting a renewed half-push.  Let’s see if TNA can actually make him look strong enough consistently to keep him from leaving.

    WWE’s feuds and booking haven’t been good lately across the board, I’ll admit that, but at least their biggest angle, such as Bryan/Punk/AJ, is actually going well and holding interest.  TNA’s biggest prize has so many people writing it in different directions, they keep fudging it more and more.  Roode/Storm could’ve rivaled Rock/Cena in feud quality, as it would’ve lasted a full year, the feud could’ve come full circle and would’ve involved two guys who are BOTH THERE EVERY WEEK!  Rock/Cena was okay, in a “celebrity feud” kinda way, but they barely had any contact.  And, I’ve heard, Rock/Cena promos in the month before WM29 were actually losing viewers.  Makes sense, most of those segments sucks pretty bad.  Cena only looked good when Rock looked bad.  That’s sad.  Point is, Roode and Storm could’ve taunted each other week in and week out, finally culminating in a huge moment for Storm, but now the carpet’s been yanked out from under him.  If they go with Roode/Storm for the belt at BFG, it won’t be half as big as it could’ve been.  If it’s not for the title, it will look like a last minute add-on to fill out the card.

    Honestly, I’d rather watch WWE make a genuine attempt to change the superstar most associated with their top prize than watch TNA fumble and fidget their way through making their top prize look important.

    “Besides, it finally concluded at Destination X in that fantastic Last Man Standing Match, so I have no complaints.”  Heard on one of the podcasts, Louie mentioned an interview or tweets or something from Daniels, apparently the ridiculous Clair/AJ storyline isn’t finished, and we have way more to get to!  Oh boy, can’t wait to see whether 1) AJ is a kayfabe homewrecker when everyone knows he’s a family man with his kids’ names tattooed on his side…if we’re lucky, he’ll point to each kid and say he doesn’t love them anymore, Jacob would love that because that’s what heels do, 2) or Daniels and Kaz being total heels end up just bullies and liars trying to mar a good man like Styles.  One of those two things is happening in the end, and truthfully, neither interest me much. 

    “WWE is an empire that will more than likely never be overthrown, but that doesn’t mean that it will always be entertaining. Even through its darkest days, I’ll continue to watch the product, but I’m not going to force myself to enjoy it.”  That’s a real shame.  I acknowledge that Raw has bad nights, it’s gone on for 1000 episodes, it’s bound to have bad nights.  Going from one promotion’s PPV event that’s bound to have their best and brightest right up front, to another promotion’s go-home show that you know full well can be either a huge hit or a huge miss?  Not a fair judgment.

    I’m sorry, but I’m not convinced.  I’ll watch Impact tomorrow morning, but I’m not watching Rewind.  If it’s anything like ReAction, it’ll be an hour of wasted time with shoot interviews from backstage that don’t advance a single story at all, or it’ll be an hour of recap with no additional insight.  Like watching the hour or so of recap before a PPV comes on.  Of course, it’ll air, then I’ll hear about how I’m judging before I give it a chance, so maybe I’ll add it just in case.

  • Eric

    I totally agree. TNA has been the best consistent program as of late.

    The X-Division has started to pick up as of late. They weakened a bit in the beginning but now new additions and a refocus are making it great again. Destination X was one of the if not the best TNA PPV this year so far. TNA bringing in new competitors such as Rubix, Rashad Cameron, Kenny King and more has been an extremely smart move and I hope they sign them all. 

    The Knockouts Division has weakened with the reigns of Gail Kim but its still been miles better than the WWE Divas division. The KO’s has been shown at least once on Impact programming meanwhile the divas disappear at different times.

    The Tag Team division as of late is the weakest point of the Impact roster it seems. They have little tag teams such as the Robbies and Kaz/Daniels but they still get featured. The Tag Titles are shown at least once. Yet earlier in the year you had great tag teams such as Samoa Joe/Magnus, MCMG, Crimson/Matt Morgan, and more.

    The TV Title has been defended every week on TV with the exception of one week if I remember right. Devon, for some unknown reason, is loved by the fans and is extremely over.

    For me, the main event has been picking up lately. Bobby Roode was a great champion and one of the most hated heels in TNA. Aries taking the title was a great moment to see and even greater that the title is on another exceptional competitor. 

    So as of late, TNA has been the better of the two companies. WWE has produced some good programming this year but its flip-flopped between good and meh. TNA has produced more good than meh. 

  • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

    You seem to have ignored the product featured on WWE Pay-Per-Views this year. WWE are matching TNA in-terms of Pay-Per-View events.

    The edition of Impact that featured Claire’s revealing wasn’t good, it was a bad show. It broke the run of consistent television – that’s not downgrading the improvement of TNA, not once throughout the two years of poor booking, angles and overall product did I stop watching, in hope they’d wake up, which they certainly have, but to state that TNA is overall better than WWE’s product is somewhat an exaggeration.

    Smackdown has been more wrestling orientated than IW has in recent weeks – minus the live special, which was horrible – but through two people I know who carry out reviews, Smackdown had more wrestling than Impact the night before. The June 22nd edition of Smackdown featured 36:07 of wrestling, whereas IW the night before featured 20:26 of wrestling.–2–2 

    Smackdown was the best wrestling show, that week.

    So instead of TNA fans getting so ahead of themselves, they should focus on what they know they’ve actually achieved. This week chances are IW will be better than Raw, comparing a PPV to a weekly episodic television show is asinine considering WWE have a lot less time to showcase, whereas TNA have legit got three entire hours, no commercials.

    Will IW be better than Raw this week? Probably, Raw was pretty bad, It’d be hard not to beat it.

    Is TNA’s overall product better than WWE’s? Probably not, no. WWE have a) too may platforms. If Impact isn’t better than Raw, it has to be better than Smackdown, if Impact isn’t better than Smackdown it has to be better than NXT, usually it’s better than NXT, it’s hard not to be.

    Is TNA moving in the right direction? Yes, very much so. They’ve done a 360 turn around and are producing some good matches, good angles, they’ve been advertising much more effectively by building matches for the following weeks shows(e.g. tonight IW kicks off with Bully Ray vs. Joseph Park) and their PPV’s have been of good quality. Is it of better quality than WWE’s? That is hard to argue and could make a pretty good debate.

    Don’t get to ahead of yourselves. Especially considering WWE are usually slow this time of year and kick it up with the big summer angle which I doubt is Brock/HHH or Punk/Bryan/AJ. With SummerSlam around the corner, plus the 1,000th episode of Raw don’t be shocked if WWE start pulling shit out their asses in the coming weeks.

    Oh, and another thing, your slight mention of ROH, don’t comment until you see the show yourself. I’d like to hear your detailed reasoning for them “not doing too well for themselves lately,” when Best in the World two weeks ago broke the iPPV record, a record Ring of Honor held before that, again, and received positive reviews all around.

    • JacobStachowiak

      Ok, comparing Raw and Destination X isn’t fair. However, Destination X and Slammiversary were (in the general consensus among the IWC) better than No Way Out and Over the Limit. 

      And don’t give Graham a hard time about the ROH thing. I KNOW ROH isn’t bad AT ALL but every review I hear about it calls it crap (except your ROH reviews on this site). It sure as hell isn’t crap but that’s all I read about it. Not enough positive articles about the company cause more popular writers (like big websites/magazines) don’t cover the promotion.

      • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

        Oh yeah, definitely better than NWO and Over the Limit, hard not to be, but also consider how Slammiversary is technically TNA’s second biggest event of the year and Desination X delivered big time last year yet afterward TNA continued producing what many fans turned on them for. Poorly booked angles meshed in with insane storylines. This year, tonight, we all expect and should receive much different with the way the product has altered in recent months, but a good PPV doesn’t make an entire product better than another’s.

        Where do you read that? PWInsider called BiTW a great PPV, as did Pro Wrestling Torch, hell they even complimented the hybrid fighting match. And don’t give me something from Bleacher Report either haha

        I didn’t respect the opinions of people who mainly write for B/R before I started with WrestleEnigma, sure as hell won’t start now.

        • JacobStachowiak

          Hehe, I lied. I can’t read. 

  • Judas Thundersteel

    Eh, I’m a WWE fan through thick and thin, but I regularly watch TNA. I don’t think I’m blinded by fanatacism. I want to look at you saying Austin Aries is the CM Punk of TNA. You did a flashback? I was scratching my head at the decision, because the future is more uncertain now than just Roode holding the title until the big show. Austin Aries is not the CM Punk of TNA, I really disagree with that. For one, CM Punk’s rise to the top came at the hands of real life misuse in all the years he’s been in WWE. Aries’ second run in TNA, the current one, really only started last year. Now looking at last year, was he misused at the level of Punk? No. Not really misused for a considerable amount too. Similar styles? Punk’s more all around in various styles, but Austin’s the more explosive performer of the two. They are different. I don’t know about backgrounds, and personas is something I disagree with too. Punk’s more of an antihero, rebel to an extent. Aries is very high on himself, but in a way that isn’t irritating. Justifiable ego, if you will. CM Punk would’ve been the last guy I thought of as far as Aries’ big victory.

    When it comes to any wrestling company in my thoughts of them, it always ends at the wrestlers. If the wrestlers are good, the glimmer of hope remains, no matter how low quality something is. That seemed to be the case for TNA. With WWE, for say a bad Monday Night RAW, there’s a possibly good SD. Oh speaking of SD, it’s not mentioned at all here? Neither is the new NXT? See, I think to specify in WWE critcism, to simplify it, RAW and sometimes the PPVs, are the most likely to draw the most criticism. With SD, for the most part I’ve found fewer things to bash. I mean there was a pretty annoying surge of squash matches, but recent weeks, since No Way Out I think, the fat from that has been trimmed, in my opinion. Actually, backtrack to No Way Out. RAW’s shows since then haven’t been the best, the go home 3 hour show was actually pretty damn good in my opinion. SD on the other hand have had some clearly better shows since that PPV, and I hope this week doesn’t disappoint. Their live SD last week was even tolerable, and there hadn’t been a tolerable live SD since the very first one (highlighted by Christian vs. Randall Orton in a steel cage). Another thing is NXT. As someone who loves to look at the here, now, and future, it’s nice to see the new season introduce some potentially future stars in WWE. It’s a winning situation by WWE, and all that needs be done is the execution to be consistently good. They are in a formative period right now, introducing some fresh names that will be burned into brains in the future. There’s always WWE Superstars, which sneaks a good match or two here and there.

    TV wise, Impact has been better than RAW as of late. That, I won’t disagree. With SD, not as easy to say, here and there, depends. PPV wise, I think they snapped to senses when Sacrifice rolled around, and since then, have been on fire. Before that, WWE was clearly winning the PPV game, even though there were some average shows (particularly Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber). In the PPV game, and taking the shows in general, because picking out matches is a different story: since May, TNA’s PPVs have been better. Over the Limit though was a solid show, No Way Out was more average. Meanwhile, Sacrifice was great, Slammiversary was better, Destination X was also very entertaining, but in a different aspect. Still good though. MITB is on tap for Sunday, and even though there’s not as much hope as last year’s PPV, it should still deliver with the MITB matches and Punk/Byan/AJ. Sheamus and Del Rio could be a darkhorse, you never know. Why is that picture always used? Why is it freaking RAW?! Goodness gracious. Oh and if Nigel McGuinness stayed and didn’t have such deteriorating health, well…I don’t know.

    I don’t want to really go into the statement of TNA being superior to WWE. I prefer the “I like everything” mentality, I have my favorites, regardless of association. If that makes sense, but bias, loyalty, and possible stubbornness, holds me back too.

    And Daniel Bryan…

    And Christian most of all.

  • Charlie G

    Good article. I gave it 4 thumbs up, haha.

    I still question how anyone can honestly say WWE is better right now. TNA IS BETTER THAN WWE RIGHT NOW! Why do some people have such a tough time accepting that?! (Most likely because they don’t watch, but seriously. You hear everyone talking about how good IMPACT has been lately and you still DON’T tune in?! Whatever….)

    Both have main event feuds. More-so WWE because they have a second show & whatever Cena is doing whenever… However, I’ve enjoyed anything Bobby Roode has done much more than the High School love-triangle on RAW. 

    TNA has a good mid-card. Watch the TV title get defended every week or watch Joseph Park & Bully Ray attempt to murder each other in their match tonight.

    TNA has recently started to rebuild the X Division. Sonjay Dutt confirmed the fact that he now has an IMPACT contract on TNA Today. Zema Ion is X-Division Champion & rumor is TNA also wants to sign Kenny King & Mason Andrews.

    Neither really has good tag divisions but it’s kinda funny because they’re opposites. Both have talented tag teams…. TNA has less teams but features them & the titles more. WWE has more tag teams & rarely features them & the titles.

    2012 is TNA’s year 

    • MarcMattaliano

      First off, Jacob and Linhares already went there with me, about bashing it and not watching.  So I have been the past for or so weeks.  Like I just told Graham…let’s just say I miss Immortal…a lot!

      Bobby Roode is the most generic heel I’ve ever seen.  He’s like Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton’s love child.  Oh, I know, he’s such a heel…he kicks Sabin’s crutch from under him and talks down to Hogan.  Next he’ll be pushing an old lady into a mud puddle and stealing candy from babies.  Hey, Clair’s pregnant, maybe she can set that up.

      The TV title is defended every week?  Oh…you mean, like it was last week?   Or…wait, I can’t remember the last time I saw Devon on Impact.  Do they still even have a TV title?

      Joseph Park and Bully Ray still care about each other?  Were they not allowed to develop that on the PPV?  And that better go someplace, or I’m sorry, that’s 100% wasted time.

      TNA’s big selling point has been the X-Division.  From what I know, it’s pretty much always been the X-Division.  There should be no rebuilding it. It should always have been good.

      TNA’s tag division was better when the Guns and Beer Money were feuding, but just like I predicted, once the Best Of series between them finished up, their tag division went into the toilet.  Ink Inc, gone.  Beer Money, broken up.  Gen Me, gone.  Now the belts are around two random guys, passed to two other random guys, passed to two other random guys.  At this point, as crummy as both companies’ tag divisions are, WWE at least has a variety of teams.  Primetime Playas, Epico/Primo, the Usos, the Ascension, and those are actual teams, not just random pairings.

      Oh, and of course, we probably have Aces & Eights coming soon, right?  Just what we need, more random mystery attackers.  You just watch…now that WWE has finally explained who the Anonymous Raw GM is, this week on Impact, Aces & Eights will reveal themselves as the ones who kidnapped Joe all that time ago.

      I’m doing my best to give TNA the benefit of the doubt, I really am, but when they make booking decisions that are just hurting themselves, truthfully, it disappoints me.

      • Charlie G

        I was more speaking about, like, everyone that doesn’t watch….anyway… ew, Immortal. They were okay. I mean, they allowed Jeff Hardy is cool Anti-Christ character & allowed Bully Ray his first real singles push in TNA.

        I would say that Roode is better on the mic than both those guys. Not sure about ring work, but of those three, Roode’s my favorite. What I’m wondering is what you think about heels. Who’s your favorite heel going today? What tactics do they use to get over with the crowd?

        Well, Tenay explained that Hogan gave Devon a mini-vacation in order to further hype Destination X and also to make more room for BFG Series matches. And yup, I remember Devon defending his title against Crimson last week….

        Yes. Joseph Park got tired of Bully Ray being, well, a bully. They’re having a Slammiversary rematch tonight & Abyss isn’t allowed to interfere. Surely, he will anyway and this’ll further develop as one of TNA’s biggest and best storylines going.

        Throughout 10 years you can’t really expect one thing to stay great the entire time. Everything has its highs and lows, even X-Division. Rebuilding is the wrong word….. It’s more like adding onto the division since guys like Sorensen & Sabin are gone with injuries.

        Prime Time Players were randomly mixed up on an episode of NXT weren’t they? Besides, unlike Creative had anything in store for either O’Neil or Young so they figured, mind as well stick ‘em together. Usos are a good enough team but don’t get credit from WW Like I said, WWE has more teams but they just don’t care enough to showcase them. I don’t really like Ascension. Haven’t impressed me & they’re still pretty green, in my opinion.

        Aces and 8’s said they’ll be on IMPACT tonight. That Samoa Joe/kidnapping thing was a looong while ago. It’s also been forgotten as soon as Joe returned as Mr. “Nation of Violence” Samoa Joe in, like, 2009. So I highly doubt they’ll even bring that up.

        • MarcMattaliano

          I agree, Immortal was bad. The thing I liked about it, though, in retrospect, was that at least it was a running theme. It was a huge angle, and although the booking and creative decisions for it were totally botched, I’ll give TNA credit enough to say that Immortal could’ve been awesome. In fact, I may look back on various episodes and do a kind of “OJ Book” style “How I would’ve done it” article on Immortal. Thinking about it, not guaranteed…but as a WWE fan, I’d like to give TNA some props there by writing a pro-TNA article of sorts…

          Heels, okay…well, one of my favorite newbie heels is Damien Sandow. I can seriously listen to that guy for a whole two hour show, and it’d be awesome. He sells the character perfectly down to his mannerisms, smiles, gestures, love how he holds the mic like a martini or brandy glass. He always sells his character as if he’s above everyone, and even backing out of a match still makes him look strong and powerful somehow. The Miz is also wildly underrated. I saw him at a house show last year, he cut a 10 minute promo on a Meadowlands that was barely half-filled, and he literally had every person in the place eating out of his hand. Bryan has also been a good heel. The way he overcelebrated when he was world champ, the way he never told AJ he loved her. It was subtle, but it was SO important, and people recognized it. Now that AJ is a wack job, I think people are more willing to accept Bryan as a tweener because, hey, if she’s been crazy all along, maybe he was justified in how he treated her, right? As for what heels do to get heat, I’m kind of tired of just insulting the town, calling people names, insulting their rival, things like that. Self-love, pushing yourself, talking yourself up, that’s all fine if done in a unique way. That’s why I’m not a fan of Roode. His actions just seem a bit too basic, and although the Bryan/AJ/Punk thing may look like a high school drama, I doubt any of the knockouts are proposing to Roode to give him a chance to be in a unique situation.

          Dammit! Crimson, right…you’re right, okay, he defended against Crimson. Feel bad for Crimson on that. I was thinking of the week before, but still. BFG matches aside, if they say the title gets defended every week, they should stick to that. I’d want to see something like that in WWE, maybe with 3 hours they can do it, but I’m not holding my breath.

          The biggest problem I have with the Park/Ray thing is really the end payoff. Even if Park beats Ray tonight, with or without Abyss’ help, I don’t see this ending in a place that’s really different and interesting. Either Park is really Abyss (which would be lame, since it’s the same guy playing both characters) or they do a sitcom style switcheroo to allow Park and Abyss to switch out. I mean, Undertaker could kinda teleport when the lights cut out, but it was still Taker. In the Impact Zone, the lights aren’t cutting out to reveal the same guy across the ring in a different outfit. And I’d like to think fans are smart enough to know the real difference between Park and Abyss. Come to think of it…expect them both in the ring at the same time tonight. Maybe, ;-)

          You’re right that with injuries, things might have lows in 10 years, but after most of the matches at Destination X were matches NOT involving top level stars in the company, I think they can fill things out if there are injuries. Believe it or not, I hold TNA to a high enough standard that if people are injured, they can get fill ins.

          You’re right that WWE has more teams but not a lot of substance, but considering their division has been in the toilet the past couple years, it’s a start. TNA HAD a flourishing division, and it’s all gone. I’m disappointed by that.

          • Charlie G

            Immortal could’ve been cool but, like you said, some of their booking hurt. The amount of members was one thing not to mention Jeff Hardy basically getting himself removed from the group after Victory Road…

            Damien Sandow? I rarely understand what he says (Big words) but I like him. People criticize his in-ring work but I don’t really have a problem with it. Haha, a Damien Sandow Smackdown Special LIVE on a Tuesday night. That’d be something. The martini glass-mic hold is great. Miz was also good but WWE buried him beyond belief before sending him out to film The Marine 3. I’ve also heard a lot of people say he should return as a face which is interesting. Ehhh, I only really liked Bryan for his celebrations. Those are funny. I just never really know about him being heel. I mean, he gets a huge reaction with those “YES!” chants. Haha, I don’t think Roode is getting married to any Knockouts….

            I feel bad for Crimson, too. Once undefeated, now rarely on TV. A WWE TV title would be cool especially considering the switch to 3 hours. I wouldn’t count on it, really…. Based on the fact that Santino is still carrying the US title for some reason.

            Ehhh, I’d love to see Abyss & Park in the same ring at the same time…. Sadly that didn’t happen. Though, interestingly enough, after tonights match Park channeled his “Inner-Abyss” and nailed a Black Hole Slam! That was interesting and Bully Ray, afterward, was taken by shock too. Interested to see where this goes.

            You want fill-ins? Let’s bring in Kenny King, Sonjay Dutt, Rashad Cameron, Rubix and a crop of other talented X Division guys! YES! I’m so glad Dakota Darsow was on IMPACT tonight because it shows the possibilities of the others being signed. Darsow lost in both his matches (IMPACT & PPV) and it kinda hints at everyone getting a contract from the tournament. They were fighting for the title, not a contract which is interesting to me. Signing them all might not be in the budget or the plan, but I think we’ll see some more of these guys in the not-so distant future. (Darsow, King, Dutt, Andrews, etc)

            It’s disappointing to think about both. Like, WWE has all the tools, they’re just not using it. TNA had all of the tools, but lost ‘em. Now they’re at least making an attempt, but there’s only 1 real team right now (That being Daniels & Kazarian)

  • DashingLuke

    I agree. Just look at WWE. Horny as GM, Cena vs Laurinaitis and Cole is kind of a wrestler right now. Shall I mention Lawler calling Vickie fat or anything involving Khali, and the thinkable happened, WWE rigged the votes.

    And now look at TNA. You’ve got a heel on top of the company since November, solid characters, women actually wrestling, Christopher Daniels in action and much more.

    Saying WWE is better than TNA is like saying Khali is the best wrestler in the world, Raw is a good show and Cena is cheered by men.

    Please Marc, don’t bash me this time!

    • MarcMattaliano

      Seriously, knock it off and grow up.  I didn’t bash you.  See?  Disagreeing.  Not bashing.

    • Charlie G

      Haha…. You mean Khali ISN’T the best in the world?!

      • DashingLuke

        No. Khali sucks.

  • JacobStachowiak

    According to interviews with Styles and Daniels, the angle is barely halfway over and we have much more to see coming. 

    • Graham Mirmina

      Damn. Their two of the best workers in TNA today and always put on good matches, but I think their Destination X match was the perfect blow-off.

      • JacobStachowiak

        I freaking loved that match but apparently it’s not over (according to those interviews) but you never know. Maybe they’ll throw in some more faces in there or go bigger on the match scale. We’ll see. 

  • Newky

    As usual your overview of WWE AND TNA is spot on . The only criticism that I can add is the fact that TNA is also overlooking the womens division . That is all .

    • Graham Mirmina

      Not as much. TNA at least features their women on television and gives them time for their matches. WWE doesn’t even have the Divas on TV at all anymore. Nonetheless, thanks for reading!

  • JacobStachowiak

    Watch, Marc will say this article is bullshit because CM Punk, Flashy lights, and Vince McMahon has more money. 

    • MarcMattaliano

      Just like you say blindly that every heel in TNA is fantastic because they cliche crap and because the wrestling is so good?  Meanwhile, in every match in TNA, no one sells a move for more than 10 seconds before there’s a counter.  There’s no pacing, it’s all action action action, counter counter counter, then someone pretty random wins, unless they’re in the BFG series, in which case it’s really just a points issue.  Then, when they get to the end of the series and a No.1 contender is named, it’s pretty much a coin flip and then a decision to see who’s more over.

      Aries winning the belt now was idiotic.  They should’ve saved that for next year, finish the Storm/Roode situation, Storm holds the belt for four months, drops it to some heel, Aries trades in his title at Destination X 2013 (after losing it to Zema Ion and then winning it back along the way), Aries wins the world title, and they go from there.  But no.  If they do Roode/Storm for the title at BFG, it won’t be nearly what it could’ve been.  If they do Aries vs. someone else, it won’t be nearly big enough to marquis their biggest PPV of the year…

      Now shut he hell up and let me read this article…

      • DashingLuke

        For 1 minute I actually thought you were replying to me.

        • MarcMattaliano

          I usually reply to everyone I can, even when they ignorantly think I’m bashing them when I’m not.

          Happens a lot around here.

          • JacobStachowiak

            Calm down, it was a joke. 

          • MarcMattaliano

            From you, I’d take it as a joke, but that’s because you and I fight all the time. I’ll have to hear more from Luke, and so far on this page, he’s claimed I’ve bashed him three times when I haven’t. A running joke perhaps?

      • JacobStachowiak

        Oh I’m sorry, clearly the wrestling on Monday was far superior. 

        • Charlie G

          Did you or Louie happen to get a time on the in-ring action this Monday? I bet it was at an all-time low.

          • JacobStachowiak

            That would have involved somehow stopping our projectile vomiting induced by the show. 

          • Charlie G

            Well, Louie’s a doctor so…….. I was gonna say he should’ve had medicine, but nothing can cure any sickness from that show. I understand.

          • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

            Not trying to bash, but this is a well known fact…

            The least amount of wrestling in the history of two hour wrestling shows, which has had RAW, Smackdown, Nitro and Thunder were both two hours at points, with the least amount of wrestling is Impact.

            12 minutes of wrestling on one episode. Also, RAW featured 23:52 seconds of wrestling. Tag match was sixteen minutes long.

          • JacobStachowiak

            and that episode happened recently? I could have sworn ‘right now’ was in the title of Graham’s article. But meh, whatever. 

        • MarcMattaliano

          Never said it was, clearly it wasn’t.  However, when BFG series matches happen, and the most I hear from TNA fans are, “well, the right guy won there,” it’s FANS admitting that based on a lousy numerical value, they can justify being satisfied with the outcome of a match.  That’s sad.  I don’t want a fabricated points system to affect my ability to appreciate a good match.  Either the match is good, compelling, suspenseful, etc., or it’s not.

          Besides, 2 fatal flaws with the points…1) people can win points on a show that doesn’t even air in the US!!  I’ll hear Tenay on Impact say, “so-and-so got a few points on Xplosion.”  Won’t say how people can see it, won’t direct people to the YouTube page or official page where they can see the matches, they just tell people the points changed, so average US markets, that should be BEST for TNA’s ratings, can’t even follow certain points changes.  2) You’ve already got guys cheating to earn points.  So a potentially new fan tuning in for the first time can’t even look at the rankings and say, “ah, okay…this guy’s better than that guy, I see.”  Because in SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, you can cheat to win.

          In WWE, either you like a guy or you don’t.  In WWE, either you like a match or you don’t.  In WWE, a guy gets booed or they get cheered.  If they get both, then even I will admit that it’s pretty unacceptable.  Cena and Bryan are really the exceptions.  Bryan is cheered wildly in some areas, booed wildly other areas.  Cena’s pretty regional too, though unless established heels are on screen, Cena can’t get a solid cheer of his name to save his life even at home in Massachusetts.

          I liked a lot of guys that appeared on Raw this week, and while the wrestling absolutely SUCKED, it heavily involved an incredible Diva wrestling talent in a high profile storyline to both start and end the show.  I’m sorry, but to me, that screams progress for them.

          I won’t forgive the crummy wrestling, but it was a go-home show before the 1000th episode.  It’s not an excuse, it’s just not bound to be good.  I didn’t go in having any higher expectations than I usually do for a Raw episode.

      • Chris Langford

        Roode and Storm might be better recieved if it was something like a Last Man Standing match whilst Aries could have great matches with Joe or Angle at BFG

        • MarcMattaliano

          I’m not saying Aries can’t have exciting matches with Angle and Joe, he probably can. In fact, I’ve barely seen Aries wrestle and I’m willing to take peoples’ word that he’s great. So I’m not doubting that. What I’m doubting is how much of a quality feud it can be between now and then, and that’s IF they keep the title on Aries. If they put it back on Roode, the whole angle where Aries gave up his belt will have been for absolutely nothing, and make Aries look like a jerk for throwing his X-Division Championship away.

          As for Roode and Storm, as far as I know, the majority of their beef has been about the title. They both wanted to be world champ. Roode won the series last year, went to BFG, failed to take out Angle. Storm got the chance on Impact, won the title. Next week, Roode won it and kept it till now. Their entire feud has hinged upon the world title. If neither of them have it at BFG, it just looks like two guys who weren’t good enough feuding over who can claim the title of 2nd best. To me, that’ll make it look like last minute add-on, which believe me, won’t make it bad necessarily.

          It’ll just mean the epic final confrontation between Roode and Storm could’ve been WAAAAAAAAAAY huger than just a random Last Man Standing match.

    • DashingLuke

      Totally agree. He bashed me for saying Punk is vanilla and for saying TNA is better than WWE on 2 occasions.

      • MarcMattaliano

        I didn’t BASH you, I DISAGREED.  I have a right to disagree.