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WWE: Who Can The Undertaker Face At Wrestlemania 30?

When you think of Wrestlemania, you think of the biggest and best stage for the world’s best wrestling talent to shine on. You think of those 5 star matches, and those Wrestlemania moments that will never die. And you think of The Undertaker.

The deadman is 21-0 at the grandest stage of them all, and has put away such massive names as Ric Flair, Triple H, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, Edge, Batista, and the list goes on. The Undertaker defending his streak has become almost synonymous with Wrestlemania, and for the last few years, it’s consistently been the best match on the card. So it’s inconceivable then, that The Undertaker won’t be wrestling at the 30th anniversary of the showcase of the immortals. The only issue then, is who he should fight?

Ryback seems to be the obvious choice as far as building for the future is concerned, he certainly has the look of a man capable of giving the phenom a beatdown, but does he have the ring skills? Ryback’s main event push came far to early for the big guy, and despite being extremely over with the live audiences as a top face, he went almost a year without a pay-per-view victory. And not only were the results bad, the match quality hasn’t been great either. Even against main event stars like CM Punk, Chris Jericho and John Cena, Ryback still has yet to produce a standout match in my opinion. So Ryback may have the look, but he lacks three major components: Microphone skills, Credibilty, and match quality.

What about Chris Jericho then? The man has had countless classic matches in his career, and he’s one of WWE’s best ever talkers. I would actually be all for this match, as long as Jericho was a heel. In my opinion, Chris Jericho’s best work has been whilst he was a heel. On the microphone, Jericho is one of the all time best at picking up good heat fast in any arena he goes to. And to see the overenthusiastic rockstar that is Y2J fight the deadman at the show of shows, would be a massive injustice. If Jericho’s fighting The Undertaker, we need to see heel Jericho make an appearance, because when Chris Jericho puts on his suit and struts out to the ring with a frown on his face, he truly is the best in the world at what he does.

Another man who could challenge The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 is the viper, Randy Orton. He’s one of the most natural athletes in the WWE, and his in-ring work is always on point. It doesn’t matter if he’s punting Vince McMahon, or defending the WWE championship against Daniel Bryan, he always gets the reaction he wants out of the crowd. The Undertaker may have already defended his title against Orton in his legend killer days, but the viper has grown up a lot since then, and would be more than a match for the phenom at Wrestlemania 30. The only downside to this match as far as I can see is that we have already seen it once, but that was in a very different era, and I doubt this match would bear any resemblence to the match we saw at Wrestlemania 21.

So who do I think will be the perfect opponent for the demon of Death Valley at what could be his final Wrestlemania? As odd as it might seem, none of these men would my first choice. The only person that could make this match feel as big as it should feel, is the 11 time WWE champion, John Cena. Cena is one of the best big match performers in history, and I think that the only way he could significantly add to his list of accomplishments is by ending one of the greatest careers in wrestling history. If I was booking, we’d be watching Cena vs Taker at Wrestlemania 30.

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  • Kevin Berge

    The only opponent I still want to see Taker have with the Streak on the line is Cena. Any other match feels like a formality. Even though vs. CM Punk, that even fell into that category. Now it really feels like no one besides Cena can legitimately challenge the Streak. While I wouldn’t want to see it happen, the potential for Cena ending the Streak would add a needed suspense that just isn’t there anymore.

    As far as having good matches though, there are certainly some good options as you said. Chris Jericho would have had a stellar Streak match a few years ago. Now it would be a bit late. Randy Orton and Taker could have a fun match now that Orton’s heel again though it would be a retread with less of the suspense from a WM 21 match I really enjoyed. Ryback challenging Taker would be great for the future as Taker could do work to put Ryback over and give him a definitive match, but Ryback is just not credible enough for a Streak match.

    Overall, I expect they’ll go with Brock Lesnar this year if Taker can go, but they better let Taker vs. Cena happen at Mania before Undertaker retires.

  • JacobStachowiak

    Ryback is a strong candidate and I agree that it would do well for his career to face Taker. He’d lose and the match wouldn’t be very good but the prominence he’ll receive is a lot better than where he is at now.

    Somehow, Someway, Jobricho would be the least likely person in the history of WM to end Taker’s streak.

    I’d definitely be cool with Orton getting it ONLY if WWE books it like Taker is screwed and Orton is really going to end the streak and Taker has to overcome the odds to win the match and does. The streak shouldn’t end but for once, the challenger should have a dominant edge over Taker before going into it.

    Cena vs. Taker would be unbelievable. Their match at Vengeance 2003 is my favorite match for both men and I’d love to see a rematch 10 years later with their different personas. If there was ever a guy who could believably end the streak, it would be Cena. But the streak doesn’t have to end, the loss can just help give Cena some more character development (maybe a heel turn, haha) and it’ll be the best way Taker could go out.

    Really good choices, Sam.

  • Logan Randall

    I hope that Cena faces Taker at Mania. That is one of the very few true “money matches” that WWE can do, and I think it would be, by far, the most perfect opportunity to John Cena heel.
    I don’t think we will see it though. I think that, unless Sting jumps ship, we are going to get Lesnar vs. Taker. And I’m very ok with that match as well. I’m actually surprised that you didn’t mention Lesnar at all in this article.