WWE: Ryback to Cryback, Will He Ever Be the Monster WWE Want Him to Be?

On RAW we saw the continuation of the feud between Chris Jericho and Ryback through a match Ryback had against Miz where at the matches conclusion Ryback took a Codebreaker from Jericho. It was very simple stuff that furthered the hype for their match at Money in The Bank. Once that match ended, it left a bad taste in the mouth of some fans and even worse, it could’ve soured some fans towards Ryback permanently. It’s not as if Ryback critics didn’t exist before this all happened, but now they have another reason to state that he just won’t do as the top monster in WWE.

Shortly after Miz caught Ryback’s knee in this situation, Ryback quit.

Lets start with what he did last Monday, he did something I’ve never seen someone playing the “monster” character do when he quit a match. Now I don’t know about you but when I see someone who has been built up as an unstoppable monster quit a match against a guy like Miz it takes a lot away from him. Now, I mean no offense to Miz as I’m a Miz fan but there’s no reason Ryback should lose to a mid carder with no sense of character direction, let alone by forfeiture. Can you picture Mark Henry giving up a match halfway through for whatever reason? When someone quits on their team in other sports, nobody looks at them as a leader. For example, a few years back Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler was accused of giving up on his team in the playoffs, and nobody has really fully trusted him since. What I’m trying to say is if Ryback quits a match now, will he quit again?

Another place Ryback gives me pause is his booking on PPV. He has been involved in several PPV matches including a few WWE title opportunities, and he hasn’t won any of them. After awhile it becomes a little pathetic when your big bad monster can’t win when the slightest bit of pressure is on in a match. So lets say Ryback beats Chris Jericho at Money in The Bank and then gets a WWE title match at the next PPV, SummerSlam if I’m not mistaken. Will anyone seriously think he can beat John Cena just because he wins a lot on TV? I certainly won’t. After all, the last PPV match I remember him winning was when he won at last years Money in The Bank against Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. When your main event monster can’t win a match that’s worth a damn on a PPV you’re in trouble and so is he.

Will Ryback be able to recover from this incident? Is this even a major occurrence or just a one time thing that will soon be swept under the rug as just one moment in the eventually successful career of “Big Hungry”? For the WWE answer we only have to wait until RAW, but you can answer that question for yourself in the comments below.