WWE Royal Rumble News: 2 Return Entrants Confirmed

The Royal Rumble is in two days and people seem to be very,very excited for it. I mean, what’s not to be excited for? Rock vs Punk for the WWE Title, Del Rio vs Big Show for the World Title, and finally the Royal Rumble. Now, we all know that the Rumble always features a surprise entrant or maybe two. Last year we had Mick Foley, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Kharma, and the Road Dogg all come out to our surprise. Well PWInsider.com is reporting that:

PWInsider reports that former WWE Intercontinental Champions Shelton Benjamin and Carlito are confirmed to make their returns at Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view in the 30-man main event. Both talents are currently in Phoenix, Arizona and are scheduled for the Rumble.

Lately, Shelton Benjamin’s name has been brought up for a return at the Rumble. Benjamin had recently been released from his ROH contract feuling reumors of a WWE return. Now it seems to be true. One half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team, the Gold Standard, Shelton Benjamin appears to be heading back to the WWE. This is exciting me a bit, to be honest. Benjamin is known for being an athletic guy who’s great in the ring. Put him in the midcard and he could help out a lot.

Carlito’s return was, admittedly, a surprise to me. As of late, Carlito has on twitter appeared a bit critical of the WWE product. Making little jokes about “body guys” which Vince is known to love, Carlito seemed a bit of a wild card, in my opinion. In any case, I do enjoy to see him back. Carlito’s “cool” gimmick was one I enjoyed back when he was in WWE and he seemed to have the skills to become an upper midcard guy. Maybe with his return, he’ll team up with his brother Primo and his cousin Epico.

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