WWE Rey Mysterio: Breaking News About Possible Release With Mysterio; Background & Solutions

Rey Mysterio

According to Dave Meltzer on the March 17th edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, the WWE have had talks with Rey Mysterio about a possible release due to his deteriorating health and age.

Meltzer reports:

“The deal with [Rey Mysterio]…the official company line is that [he] will be back, hopefully, in June after rehabbing the knee. But…he may not be back at all. And it’s not retirement, but there’s something going on… There was stuff going on where they were working on perhaps a release, but they want to maintain merchandising rights. Nothing has been fully explained, but officially he’s not released and expected back in June, hopefully.”

Meltzer went on to explain that the WWE are in panic mode, essentially, about creating a big Latin-American star with their latest project — a babyface Alberto Del Rio — not fully connecting with the WWE Universe.

Triple H had personally picked Mistico — now known as Sin Cara — to be the next masked luchador to put the WWE fans in awe.

However, due to his personal issues resulting in a Wellness Policy violation and suspension back in 2011, following his participation in the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, as well as a knee injury after a match at Survivor Series that same year, the company has pretty much pulled the rug out from under the Mexican star.

Alberto Del Rio had been positioned as a heel for the majority of his WWE career before switching over to a good guy role late last year. It was a thoughtful decision to make — especially when rumored that it was done due to the UFC’s success on creating their new Mexican star in Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez — but the actual turn was botched to say the least.

Del Rio planted the seeds for the turn by saving Ricardo Rodriguez from 3MB during the 2012 TLC Pay-Per-View, but would later go on to run over Santa Claus during the pre-taped RAW Christmas special afterwards. It wouldn’t be until his program with Big Show this year that he would solidify his position as a hero and wound up as the new World Heavyweight Champion in the process.

It’s still too early to tell if Del Rio will have long-term success as a babyface, but right now it’s turning out to be a lethargic acceptance by the WWE audience.

As for where this leaves Rey Mysterio, it is obvious to many within the company and outside as fans that Rey Mysterio is nearing the end of his wrestling career. I do not doubt his ability to perhaps put on solid to excellent matches even in this state of health, however these constant knee injuries are bad for the company, Mysterio and the fans.

The company cannot push Mysterio as the main-event star he used to be due to them not knowing how healthy Mysterio will be at any given moment. The fans have seen so little of “The Biggest Little Man” lately that any news of retirement would probably not come as a surprise.

At 38 years of age, Rey Mysterio needs to realize that his time as a wrestler is nearing its end. He has good intentions about putting over young talent like Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk. He had been teaming up with Sin Cara to help the younger wrestler learn the American wrestling style of the WWE. However, at this point in time, he’s better off calling it a career and hanging up his boots for good.

If the WWE wants to do Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara for perhaps SummerSlam this year as Mysterio’s final match, I would be one-hundred percent for it. It’s a great pairing that can draw in lucha-libre and Mysterio fans alike. Sin Cara could get the rub and Mysterio can get a proper send off after having a hopefully great bout on his final big WWE event.

Readers: Any thoughts on the WWE offering Mysterio a release? Would you like to see him stay in the WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

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