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WWE Raw WE REVIEW July 2, 2012: The New Summer Angle On The Horizon

I’m back with another WE Raw Review, and I am sorry about missing a few weeks. I will also be missing the next couple and will be looking for a replacement to take me place, so I had to get this one done at least.

Raw has been consistently the hype show, more about promos and stories than wrestling, and I’m fine with that since I get a lot of wrestling as it is from all the other shows. That said, tonight was a bit lacking even more than usual as the first hour and a half was almost devoid of wrestling.

That was probably the worst part of what was otherwise an enjoyable Money in the Bank hype show. Also, there may finally be a clue as to what the big summer angle is, but I’ll get into that in a few thousand words. First, we begin at the beginning as usual.

Catchphrases All Around

Overview: John Cena arrives on the scene to hype up his match at Money in the Bank, Daniel Bryan comes out to interrupt with a barrage of “yes”es, Punk adds more “yes”es to the fray, Jericho appeared to add a bunch of other catchphrases, Kane and Big Show come out to cause absolute chaos.

I have always found Cena’s humor very hit or miss. While he cut a good promo early on by himself, his humor never really hit it off here. Again, this was a time to be serious rather than use comedy as a safety net.

Daniel Bryan elevated things mainly because it teased for just a second a possible Bryan/Cena feud which honestly is something I am dying to see some day. Honestly, I would love to see Cena/Bryan for the WWE Title at Summerslam over Punk/Cena because it’s fresh, but it won’t happen.

I also had a crazy idea I just want to get out there here since I ramble in these a lot, and that is that WWE could go full circle here if Bryan wins if they also have Big Show win. Show could cash in on Bryan that night and cause him to have the shortest reign in WWE Championship history as payback. Could be a final straw that turns Bryan face. Just a thought.

Back to the task at hand, as each person was added into the fray, the whole segment got a bit crowded but surprisingly entertaining. Bryan and Jericho fighting over catchphrases was just fun to watch, and Jericho was in top comedic form throughout the night.

When Kane came out followed by Big Show, it was obvious things were breaking down, and it was all to put over Show further as the unstoppable force which WWE has done well, more or less erasing his one loss rather quickly. Overall, it was well done to put everyone over and set up good matches for later in the night.

Midcard Action Boiled Up Into One Match

Overview: Kofi Kingston and R-Truth and Christian and Santino Marella def. The Prime Time Players and David Otunga and Cody Rhodes, Santino hits the Cobra after everyone deserts Otunga and he gets thrown back in the ring by Brodus Clay. After, everyone takes turns taking out Otunga for formerly being Laurinaitis’ stooge.

I have to give credit to WWE for really handing a spotlight to the midcard for once with a very solid match here that got good time. It continued several rivalries and made most everyone look strong, well, except Otunga. Santino Marella is slowly recovering from recent folly in booking with solid wins and wrestling.

While I am glad for R-Truth being back, his lack of time in this match probably tells the story here. He is back to have the tag team match at Money in the Bank and lose most likely. Is he fully ready to compete yet? I don’t know.

The ending was a bit convoluted. Is it really necessary to completely bury Otunga? Apparently, nobody likes him at all anymore even though he supposedly turned his back on John Laurinaitis at the end. Couldn’t he just move on in peace, just feuding with Brodus Clay, not taking three different finishers?

A Message or Just Another Write Off?

Overview: Alberto Del Rio assaults Sin Cara, possibly writing him off again, AJ bites the head off a rose after seeing through Bryan’s attempts to woo her and saying Punk is her soul mate.

Finally, Alberto Del Rio is facing Sheamus. I really think this match has potential to sneak up on people. Both men being great in ring workers with some time to develop chemistry they get one chance to shine on a card already filled with possible great matches.

As far as Del Rio’s attack on Sin Cara, unless they are writing off Cara again, this was a bad move. Cara was finally getting back credibility, and now he’s been taken down again before having one full match.

As far as AJ biting off that rose head, AJ and Daniel Bryan have natural chemistry together. They always seem to shine in scenes together. I loved this backstage segment, and AJ only kept up the positives throughout the night.

The Exit Strategy

Overview: Paul Heyman speaks on behalf of Brock Lesnar, notes that Triple H will never win, calling the match Triple H’s exit strategy as he can go out fighting, retire as the hero, in simplest terms – Heyman sells the feud better than either man in the match could have… again.

I’m not sure what happened to Brock Lesnar.We haven’t seen him in so long that he’s becoming a myth of a man, but honestly no one could have done this segment better than Paul Heyman. No one could pull off that subtlety and poise. That pure attention to detail in his every word and expression. It was impeccable.

“Because if Brock Lesnar accepts this match at Summerslam, it won’t be a match. It will be a mercy killing” – Paul Heyman

I know the feud doesn’t interest a lot of people, but I find it engrossing how they are doing this. It takes patience and poise. They have time to build at a level most matches never get, and that means they can only keep getting better.

When Lesnar finally comes down that ramp again, he better not mess up what Heyman has done with his mic work. Because I have no doubt the match will be great, a dream match finally realized if HHH can still keep up with a great story built in. I do hope beyond hope that Lesnar wins this match though. He needs something to make him look dominant.

An Amalgamation of Partial Feuds

Overview: AJ and Sheamus def. Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler, short match with Sheamus taking out Ziggler and AJ taking out Vickie with a Shining Wizard, CM Punk basically tells AJ he was ignoring her backstage.

My one problem with having a match like this is that Sheamus and Ziggler’s feud for what little it was given is over. Does he really need to be embarrassed by Sheamus again? Also, AJ and Vickie’s little feud has felt rather pointless really, so this very quick match just ended up being little use.

If AJ had to have a match so that Punk could ignore it, couldn’t they have her beat someone who can actually sell a Shining Wizard properly? The Punk scene by the way was also interesting. The two just don’t seem to click talking, but I still love AJ’s expressions selling Punk’s rejection.

What WWE is really doing is trying to tighten the gap between the two men, make some reason for the fans to feel that AJ might not screw Bryan. They are developing that though I think they are more just creating an amazing character in AJ.

It’s Jobbing Time… Or Not?

Overview: Heath Slater def. Doink, a quick match sees Slater beat Doink easily, DDP then comes out to celebrate with Slater only to hit him with the Diamond Cutter.

First, let me just say that the Heath Slater promo video before was hilarious. It put over Slater’s journey to beat the legends and failure in such consistently to hokie country music.

Beyond that, I was glad that Slater could have some measure of credibility given to him by beating Doink the Clown before getting Diamond Cuttered. I just love these Slater segments. They are far too enjoyable for their own good, and all the legends just seem to be having a great time mauling Slater.

Monsters Brawl

Overview: Big Show def. Kane, after hitting a Spear with a steel chair and a chokeslam onto the chair. Backstage, Eve and AJ have an interesting interaction.

This match was far too short honestly. The pace these guys set especially for their size was really well done, seeing a lot of big moves quickly. It really put over Show who still looks amazingly impressive hitting a Superkick.

My main problem was that it was so short that it made Kane look bad. It was a No DQ match between two giants that could’ve gone ten minutes on pay-per-view at least but got four minutes here. How can I take Kane seriously now when he gets squashed like that with barely a knockdown on the giant?

Still, the Big Show push is really full force lately and well done. So far, he has shown that he can use a splash, a chokeslam, a spear, and obviously the WMD to finish matches which makes him just an unstoppable monster. Cena will probably hurt his move up again, but I really like this Big Show.

AJ and Eve backstage was interesting as the two are easily the two biggest women in WWE (sorry entire Divas division including the Divas champion). These two are the only women in years who can legitimately get the crowd riled up, so the parallels in their runs so far were interesting to explore.

The Underdog Triumphs

Overview: Tyson Kidd def. Tensai, a ten second match ends in a quick roll up by Kidd after the first real move of the match, Tensai then beats down Sakamoto again. Jericho/Bryan exchange gimmick advice while Punk tells Cena what to do. Tensai attacks Kidd after the commercial break.

This match needed to at least go a few minutes. The win for Kidd was fine, but winning after one move just undercut how little WWE wanted to show wrestling tonight. Kidd could get over even better if you let him just go in the ring.

Still, Kidd may be gaining a push as he beat Tensai, or he might just be being used to further Tensai’s development as a monster who hates losing and will beat up poor Sakamoto every time he does. Yet the guys keeps coming back, like an abused wife.

I’m also not sure if that beatdown on Kidd was supposed to take Kidd out of the Money in the Bank match because honestly if he’s gone who’s going to be the spot monkey (I use that term here with endearment)? I guess they could use his spot to have Barrett sneak in if he’s ready or a disgruntled Rhodes.

Also, I just want to mention how hilarious that Bryan/Jericho segment was. They seemed to continue bashing each other’s gimmicks, and it just ended up getting into a catchphrase shouting contest, and I just loved it. I know I’m a mark for both men, but I loved it. The Cena/Punk segment had some underscored tension which was interesting.

Just Crazy

Overview: John Cena and CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho goes to a no contest, a great tag team match ending with AJ threatening to throw herself through a table only to be stopped by Punk and Bryan who she throws through the table.

Seriously, I really feel like the moment the main event began that it was a completely different show. The crowd woke up, and we saw real wrestling where everyone was featured well. I just wonder where all this was the rest of the night.

Besides one bad miscommunication botch between Jericho and Cena, this was just a plainly great match though honestly it was overshadowed by the ending. As AJ Lee came out and stole the show in a way that just cannot be denied anymore.

I have a theory now that spawned the moment AJ said she was going to do something to get everyone’s attention. What if AJ is the summer angle? What if this amazing character is actually going to continue to be pushed? When is the last time a woman has been the only person standing in the ring at the end of Raw?

AJ makes this WWE Title match captivating. When she threatening to cause herself self injury, that was quite simply her breakout moment. All she needs is for this story to play out with her at the helm, and she could very well remain the greatest character in the company right now.

The possibilities of her aligning with other stars possibly even a debuting Dean Ambrose could be exactly what this summer needs. AJ could end up being one of the most influential female characters of all time. She just needs to keep playing with people’s minds.

I mean she was able to convince Punk and Bryan, one guy who was distant from her and one who flat out is in opposition with her, to fall for her trick and try to save her. If she keeps this up, this is it. This is the summer angle WWE has been sneaking onto us this whole time.


What wrestling there was was decent. The main event was great. The first match was good, and the Kane/Show match just needed more time. The real star of this show was hype. Promos and stories are building toward Money in the Bank that I can get behind with matches all set so far that should all be great.

I am pumped for Money in the Bank more than ever with Summerslam around the corner seeming just as promising. I am excited for wrestling in general right now. This show helped further solidify my confidence in this coming summer for wrestling.

It wasn’t perfect. It needed much more wrestling. But what it delivered, I really liked.

Grade: C+

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  • Louie_Babcock

    The only thing that would have made the Jerich/Bryan segmant better would have been the following interaction:

    Bryan: YES
    Jericho: ARMBAR
    Bryan: YES
    Jericho: ARMBAR
    Bryan: YES
    Jericho: ARMBAR
    Bryan: YES
    Jericho: ARMBAR

  • Louie_Babcock

    When I saw that Sin Cara beatdown, the first thing that came to mind was that it would not surprise me if it comes out in the next few days that he failed a wellness test. WWE likes to write guys off this way when they fail so time will tell.

  • SiD

    I’ll watch the Raw in 5 minutes vid and get back to commenting here. Haha. But seriously, I will. 

  • Charlie G

    AJ & Heath Slater have been the most entertaining people on RAW lately, in my opinion

  • Charlie G

    I watched the first couple minutes live and had to DVR from Heyman’s segment ’til the end of the show… Just throwing that out there.

    The opening segment got stupid after Kane came out, IMO. It got worse when the brawl broke out & they sold little punches and kicks like gun shot wounds. Seriously, I think D-Bryan was hit once yet he was knocked out for such a long time.

    The 4 on 4 was stupid and short, IMO. I’m fine with everyone walking out on Otunga, but Brouds’ involvement was a bit much… Good to see R-Truth back, though.

    I forgot Sin Cara even came back after his injury. If it’s another way of writing him off, then wow. Just label him a failure & allow him to return to Mexico with some sort of pride…. He’s flopped more times than Brodus Clay’s legs whenever he dances in the ring.


    Sheamus is #1 in my WWE Fave Five and I like how he gives Ziggler a Brogue Kick once a week…. AJ had a nice Shining Wizard there, too.

    Doink jobbed to the Legend Jobber…. That surprised me, haha. Diamond Cutter was awesome…

    Big Show vs. Kane was fairly enjoyable. Bad spot where Big Show speared the chair & semi-injured his shoulder. I like Big Show & if he went down, the MITB would be short one World’s Largest Athlete, basically making it a Triple Threat between Jericho, Cena & Kane.

    Kidd winning was a shock. Tensai beating Kidd & Sakamoto down wasn’t really…

    Main event was good, especially the action between CM Punk and ‘dat boy D-Bryan’. AJ continues to single handedly carry the feud between the two… The world’s largest sports entertainment (Wrestling is a no-no word) weighs on the shoulders of 90 lb AJ, haha

  • Judas Thundersteel

    1.) Your idea of Big Show and Daniel Bryan is very interesting. For the purpose of turning Bryan face, I see what you’re saying. Oh CM Punk, he had to ONCE AGAIN rip off someone, and take Daniel Bryan’s Yes schtick. Even Jerry Lawler said “Yes.” Bryan was angry, and say he wants someone with an original thought. He’s so right. CM Punk then got interrupted by Jericho. Punk’s still a wannabe, and Jericho told Bryan to think of other catchphrases. Jericho busted out some catchphrases of himself. That’s hilarious. Back when everyone had a catchphrase, from the jobbers to The Rock (Attitude Era). He got serious with saying he will win the match he created. Kane interrupted, Show interrupted. Everyone got to fighting everyone, Big Show ended up standing tall. I wished Bryan stood tall, but ah well. Now I get the feeling commentary oversells Big Show’s dominance, especially since he lost in a steel cage match at No Way Out. I guess you’re right in them trying to erase his loss to Cena in a cage. Everyone actually did a good job, Bryan and Jericho doing the best. I’m being honest man, I actually think Cena did a better job than Punk. I’m sorry, I admit to overreacting to Punk using the “Yes.” Guess what? It wasn’t over! Errr….

    2.) Why did Cody Rhodes enter to Primetime Player’s theme? That’s not right. The faces were decked with championship titles, and R-Truth’s in the match. Everyone bailed on David Otunga, and the ring was surrounded by the faces in the match and Brodus Clay. All for Santino to get the Cobra. Christian got the Killswitch, Clay splashed Otunga, superstars and children are dancing. How come none of the kids have a Christian shirt? Christian’s dancing was the best. It was fine, and Clay got a boost after jobbing to Show last week.

    3.) “Most popular lucha libres?” Uhm, Cole said that. It should be “most popular luchadores.” Or something like that. Del Rio destroyed Sin Cara, the bell never rang. The fans chanted something in Spanish, probably an insult to ‘Berto. I didn’t mind the squash of Sin Cara, as I saw it more as a boost for Del Rio. Daniel Bryan came with a flower he picked from behind AJ, and offered it to AJ. That’s hilarious. AJ didn’t buy those sweet words, and then bit off the flower. Ew.

    4.) Heyman is live via satellite? Talk about bait and switch, I swear they said Lesnar was going to respond this week. Apparently have to wait until RAW 1000. Heyman was talking, and I think they muted the fans, because they were starting to say “what.” Heyman closed with the match at SummerSlam being a mercy killing, nice. He sounded more calm, but still had those crazy faces. I’m with you on this feud being interesting, but I pinpoint it to Paul Heyman doing the work on the mic, and look to HHH and Lesnar delivering in the fighting.

    5.) Queen Diva Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus and AJ. I don’t think Vickie ever got hit in the face like she did here. A Shining Wizard. What a trooper. What’s up with this “Yes” thing being ripped off by everybody? WWE loves to take something that’s NOT invented by them, and use it to their desire. Errr. I might be overreacting to this, but it just screams WWE taking an idea to their liking. Bryan brought “Yes” to WWE. He was asked to do some over-celebratory thing, Bryan came up with “Yes.” Sure, based off of MMA fighter Diego Sanchez, but Bryan took it another step further. So bottom line, that catcphrase if Bryan’s, used only by him and the fans. I don’t like the overuse of it by other entities such as Punk and AJ, no matter how much I respect them. Sheamus and Ziggler started the match, it was OK. AJ interrupted Punk, who was on the phone with his sister. AJ was depressed from Punk not watching her match? HMMM! Interesting.

    6.) Slater then got the promo, and said he’s not a clown. The reaction gets weaker each passing week to these old stars. Vader got the best, Sid was nice, Doink got little reaction. At least Slater actually won a match. Suddenly DDP interrupted! That’s better than Doink, Diamond Cutter! I needed that, it’s been over a month since there’s been a cutter in WWE (Randall’s suspension). That was super cool.

    7.) Well a No DQ match isn’t going to make Show and Kane must-see. Not long, the chair was the only No DQ element used. Show didn’t mind spearing the chair, still being able to do a chokeslam, on the chair. Blah. Yeah more time would’ve worked better. Eve returns backstage, Teddy gave her a nametag, that she tore up. Eve claimed that AJ ripped her off, mind games. AJ talking to Eve about getting attention and brown nosing. That sounded creepy. AJ > Eve by the way.

    8.) WHAT?! Tyson Kidd rolled up Tensai just seconds into the match happening. I don’t believe it! Anything can happen in the WWE. Shock and awe, I’m serious too. Tensai then beat on his butt slave, Sakamoto. Tensai got a little cut in between the eyebrows. Daniel Bryan and Chris Jericho bickering about jackets. Bryan then got to “Yes” annoying Jericho. Catchphrase battle, that was funny. CM Punk and Cena weren’t, but Punk said for Cena to follow his lead. Tensai beat on Tyson Kidd in the locker room. Awww damn. Now that’s not surprising.

    9.) I think Cena botched the fisherman suplex, or it was supposed to be Jericho blocking it. It looked awkward though. A very hot crowd, an exciting main event that broke down to Jericho and Cena brawling out of the ring, leaving Bryan and Punk alone. Punk and Bryan actually got the closing segment! Some great back and forth action between them, and it was a kick for kick exchange, as AJ came out and pranced around. Well that’s standard now, only Punk and Bryan didn’t pay attention. So she gets a damn table for attention, teases jumping into it, only for Punk and Bryan to tell her no. Punk was on the ropes with her, as she kissed him, and pushed him off, onto Bryan. Both men went through the table. Yeah anything can happen in WWE. I actually thought she was going to jump, that would’ve been dangerous. So a satisfying tag team match, Cena got dominated and Punk got the hot tag. Excellent storyline progression, and man, this makes me wish more and more that these 2 guys and 1 girl, close the MITB PPV. AJ’s the Summer Angle? Are you freaking crazy, Berge? You are crazy. Wait a minute. Are you a woman? If so, then I dig you. No you’re a man, I don’t dig you…maybe ;). In all seriousness, that’s interesting. What I got from what you’re driving is that AJ is going to be a storyline cow. As in, they will milk her, because she’s churning out delicious milk. That’s what I think, because certainly she’s really broken out of the pack. JR made a comment that AJ’s the breakout star of 2010 so far. JR knows best man. A Dean Ambrose pairing? That would be interesting, and if only she was a former GM, imagine her running RAW and SD. What if she influences the rumored Cena vs. Punk match at SummerSlam? What if she tries to screw Cena? You know, after making advances to him, since the Punk attempt isn’t working. They got something in this small woman.

    Berge excited? That’s good for business. I agree that the hype here really helped the little wrestling here, everything was at least tolerable and the closing segment was really over the top and successful. Extra note…

    You know the head villain of No Holds Barred is Homer Simpson? Yet on actual movies, he’s just one of those “that guy” actors. They appear, and rarely ever have a main role, yet they are in so many movies. Homer’s one of them, James Cromwell is another.

    Also, I took a nice little screenshot of a certain man gasping…


  • MarcMattaliano

    Couldn’t agree more on the AJ point you made at the end there, Berge.  AJ Lee has become a definite focal point for WWE Divas.  Add to that the fact that she can actually wrestle, she oozes layers of personality, and not only that…the mystery of “who she’d pick to support” at No Way Out seems to be bleeding into Money in the Bank, which is fantastic writing on their part.  WWE has done a fantastic job with AJ.

    Furthermore, and I know I’ve said this before, but…when I first saw her on NXT Season 3, I really didn’t think her marketability was in how sexy she can be.  She absolutely proved me wrong in spades.  She has everything a superstar Diva should have.  All she really needs is the Divas Title and she’ll officially be the champion of the Divas Division instead of just a prominent figure.

    Right now, on the main shows, we’ve seen AJ and Layla, and last night, we saw Eve return in a backstage segment.  Very soon, we could be seeing even more Divas return in various ways.  For one, I’m actually looking forward to Naomi to step up…not break away from the Funkasaurus, mind you, but just become more prominent and have matches instead of JUST being a dancer for Brodus.

    More tag teams, more interesting Divas, more interesting storylines, better characters, Punk changing the face of the WWE Championship.  Maybe not every Raw can be an absolute gem, but just looking at how much has improved in WWE this past year is really great.

    They need to keep it up.

  • JacobStachowiak

    You will just not let this abused wife Sakamoto thing go, will ya, Kevin? haha

  • JacobStachowiak

    That Slater promo was so fantastic and it shows that Creative is really getting behind him now, they even let him win a match! Oh and DDP was freaking awesome as always. These segments really make me look forward to Raw every week. 

    • MarcMattaliano

      All I thought of when I saw Slater beat Doink was, “man…I wonder if Jacob hates this now that Slater actually won a match, and the whole consistency of the angle is now kaput since he won instead of lost.”  Guess this answers my question.

      Oh, and in case you haven’t read it, check this link out:

      Apparently, very soon, like episode 1000, there’s going to be some kind of payoff for the Slater/Legends angle.

      I wonder if that means he’s actually going to beat somebody credible?  Doink was kind of the Santino of his day, after all.  Hot Rod is a Hall of Famer, and DDP and Vader are both multi-time world champs.  So…maybe they’ll have a legend come out, people will think Heath doesn’t stand a chance and he pulls out the upset?

    • Charlie G

      Haha, Heath Slater & AJ have produced the best moments on RAW for a few weeks now…

      • JacobStachowiak

        Yup, completely agreed. 

  • Wigsf3

    Not sure if you could hear me last night but I yelled out the worlds loudest WHOOPPEE! when Doink came out. The great thing about Doink is that the WWE can put anybody in the costume. I was disappointed when Heath Slater won the match.

    Otherwise the AJ show err Raw was well very AJ-centric. She competed in one match, interfered in another and was in a couple backstage segments. We don’t need this much AJ.

    And putting Brock on ep. 1000 is overkill. Spread the ratings around. Book him for the week before or after.

    • MarcMattaliano

      They only have so many Brock appearances to work with.  I mean, they’ve introduced him in a big way, he lost to Cena in his first match back, and now Heyman’s driving the storyline.  My guess is that Brock appearances will be few and far between, but as time goes on, they’ll get closer and closer together.

      As for AJ Lee being on the show a lot, great work on their part.  AJ is a great character, she has great pure wrestling skill, and she’s involved in high profile angles.  They couldn’t ask for better exposure for her.  They even had her interact with Eve to reintroduce Eve back to TV, so…all in all, by the end of the year, we could be seeing a wider variety of Divas on the show.

      Hey, it’s a hope, :-)

      • Wigsf3

        Re. Brock: Which is why I’d put Brock on a non-1000 Raw. Raw 1000 will get higher ratings because it’s #1000. Build up another episode to get two weeks in a row of higher than normal ratings. In my opinion.

        Re. AJ: The work has been apt. Just thinking it’s over-use of one character. We might get tired of AJ soon. By the way, Kane’s winning MITB and AJ is gonna help him cash it in that night.

        • MarcMattaliano

          I agree that utilizing a big star/ratings draw on other occasions than a clearly high profile night makes better sense, but like I said, they only have so many appearances to use, and if Brock doesn’t end up drawing better ratings on those nights (because the fact is, he’s not a guaranteed draw, he’s just an assumed draw), better to use him in an important segment on a HUGE night, where it’s more likely what he has to contribute will be HUGE as well than to risk wasting an appearance here or there on random episodes.
          As for AJ helping Kane win MITB and cashing in that night…okay…and what happens to the assumed Cena/Punk 3 match at Summerslam? Sure, Cena and Kane had a feud leading up to this year’s Royal Rumble, but honestly, it was a farce of a feud. Besides which, they’re already teasing that if Cena wins the case, he’ll likely take on Punk, and that just writes itself as a Summerslam sized matchup. Cena/Kane at Summerslam? No. Cena/Bryan at Summerslam? No.

          Cena/Punk 3 at Summerslam for the WWE Championship? That makes sense. Not sure if you heard that somewhere or you’re just speculating, but very very doubtful. Very very very doubtful.