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WWE Raw Ratings: Viewership Takes a Hit During Final Raw Before WrestleMania 29

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With WrestleMania 29 on Sunday, WWE officials would certainly hope to see that fans and viewers are digger into the already set storylines heading into the showcase of the immortals. Unfortunately, the numbers indicate otherwise.

The early viewership numbers for the April 1 go home Raw shows that viewership had decreased nearly seven percent from last week’s show. That seven percent amounts to about 300,000 people not watching the show. Losing that many viewers on one of the most important Raws of the year could be a sign that fans aren’t as interested in the WrestleMania build as the WWE had hoped.

Viewership by the Hour:
First Hour: 4.03 Million
Second Hour: 4.48 million
Third Hour: 4.40 million

While the numbers still appear to be in good standing, it amounts to a 3.1 rating, which is a respectable number when you really think about it.

However, due to this being the final Raw before the biggest event of the year for the WWE, WrestleMania, the 3.1 rating should be higher.

This number is also troubling considering the lack of other sporting events on television on Mondays right now. The NCAA Tournament is on break until Saturday and Monday Night Football is on break until September. Yes, baseball did return on Monday, so that could be taken into account, but the viewership numbers for baseball games are significantly lower than those for WWE programming.

Heading into WrestleMania, seeing a lower rating for Raw than the previous week can be a troubling sign for WWE officials. It probably won’t affect buyrates for the pay-per-view because, let’s face it, it’s WrestleMania, but the number is dramatically low. It’s troubling, but not detrimental to WrestleMania.

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Author: Nathan Giese (30 Articles)

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  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/647623-kevin-berge Kevin Berge

    I have said it too many times. I wouldn’t overanalyze ratings. People probably didn’t come in expecting anything new. They know at this point what they’ll get from WrestleMania and didn’t stick around. It won’t affect the buy rate just as last year’s go-home show didn’t affect the buyrate.