Friday , 31 October 2014
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WWE Raw Before Wrestlemania: My Experience Attending the Show

For those of you who do not know, I attended Monday Night’s edition of Raw in the Verizon Center, located in Washington, DC. I went with my brother and father as an Easter present, and I was looking forward to it the whole week previous.

This article will look at my entire day heading into the event, from the travel to, to the event, to leaving and everything in between. I hope you enjoy hearing about my experience with it.

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  • Kevin Berge

    Glad you liked the show. You did well keeping good notes here.

    • Austin Robinson

      Thanks man.

  • Sean Linhares

    What Jaykub said.

  • Jacob Stachowiak

    Wow, you’re one of the scumbags at the end. Way to go.

    Oh look at the methhead pouring ashes of a dead wrestling legend (while fake, still) all over his body, which is awesome TV, but let’s cheer him as if he’s so great for doing such a heelish thing and bury the entire purpose which was to give Punk heel heat. Wow, we are a terrible crowd and horrible people”

    • Mizzy del Junco

      I feel like the last time they were in DC, they barely got a reaction out of the crowd. Now this time the fans gave the WWE a hard time by not playing along.

      Just can’t win with DC.