WWE NXT Takeover 5/29/14 Recap and Review: Do We Have a New Champion?


NXT Wrestling #222

May 29, 2014

Then, Now Forever intro. Tonight is the night, it’s NXT Takeover!!!

Adam Rose vs Camacho

The leader of the Rosebuds and the Exotic Express heads through the crowd for his entrance! It’s Adam Rose! The big bad Barrio Bro, Camacho, heads to the ring next and his eyes are all on Rose. Camacho is all business as he keeps going after Rose. Rose is all fun and games, on the otherhand, as he toys with Camacho a bit. That playfulness costs Rose when Camacho takes control with some power moves. The crowd is nothing, but supportive for Rose with “party time” chants to try and get him going. Nothing stops the big, bad homie from Mexico however. Rose starts “Rosing Up” for his comeback and has control now! Fists followed by a beautiful spinebuster and a running bronco buster to end it! Rose hits the Party Foul for the win!

What I Liked: Really fun match. Camacho looked very strong in the end so it wasn’t a squash. Rose’s offense is good and aggressive which I love to see. As always, it’s great to see the crowd so behind Rose.

What I Disliked: I can’t really say anything. Predictable match for sure, but decent in the amount of time they had. I hope Camacho moves onto something better now.

The Ascension vs Kalisto and El Local for the NXT Tag Team Championships

The “Gatekeepers of the NXT Tag Team Division”, the Ascension, head to the ring first. Next, to the chants of “LUCHA! LUCHA! LUCHA!” are the high-flying El Local and Kalisto!  The bruisers, Ascension, start the match by assaulting their opponents first. Ascension is sent to the outside while Local and Kalisto get ready in the ring. They go for tope suicidas, but Ascension counter with shots right to their heads!

Viktor and Kalisto start it off with Viktor in control first. Tag to Konnor for a double team maneuver of whipping Kalisto against the corner. “YAH! YAH! YAH!” chants ring out as the match occurs. Tag to Viktor and the match is fully in the Ascension’s corner. The Ascension try to use some double team tactics to keep control, but Kalisto fights back with some agile moves. It’s all for naught as Ascension keep him pinned down until a reverse hurricanrana from the top rope allows Kalisto to tag in Local!

Local comes in from the hot tag and takes it straight to Viktor. The match switches to Kalisto/Local’s favor as they take out Konnor and keep Viktor down. Surprise STO from Viktor takes down Local, tag to Konnor, and the Fall of Man for the win!!!

What I Liked: Really fun and good match between these two themes. Ascension retaining their titles made sense considering they’ve been champions for so long and are so dominant while Kalisto/Local have had one prior match together. If this was built up more, I would say that Ascension should’ve lost.

What I Disliked: I wish Kalisto had more offense in this one. No offense to Local, but Kalisto is the one who I think will break out with his moves so the lack of them was disappointing. I hope WWE doesn’t drop this feud now that Kalisto/Local lost since Ascension still need a feud.

Sami Zayn vs Tyler Breeze for #1 Contendership to the NXT Championship

The InZayn superstar and the Ole Kid, Sami Zayn with new theme, makes his way to the ring. Followed by him is Prince Pretty, the Gorgeous One, and with a new theme as well, Tyler Breeze! Lock-up between both men who seem to be at odds in the middle of the ring. Breeze takes control after Zayn slips up. Notably, Breeze was happy with taking a countout victory, but that’s stopped after Zayn rolls into the ring.

The match is all Breeze who focuses on the face of Zayn with knee shots. Zayn is able to recover and give himself some breathing room by tossing Breeze across the ring. Zayn tricks Breeze and dumps him outside of the ring and uses the ropes to hit a springboard reverse DDT on the outside!!! Beautiful crossbody by Zayn for a 2 count as well. Zayn ups things up by hitting the Blue Thunder Bomb for another 2 count!! Breeze, however, takes both of them down with a DDT!

The toll has taken each other in this match: both men are tired and worn down. Zayn tries to hang onto the bottom ropes, but Breeze lifts him up and slams him down with a powerbomb! 1! 2! No! Kickout! Zayn works his way back with an exploder suplex into the corner! The move takes its toll on both of the battle-tested men and they’re down as the ref counts.

Both men make it to their feet for a test of fists and both trade blows until Zayn takes over. A beautiful sequence between both men with counters and reversals that I cannot do justice in words that ends with a superkick from Breeze! 1! 2! Another kickout!! Cradle Orange Crush from Zayn!!!! Only for a 2 count as well!!! Massive suicide dive from Zayn puts him in the driver’s seat as he heads into the ring with a downed Breeze.

Zayn goes for the Helluva Kick, but misses!! As he missed, Breeze’s hands went up and caught Zayn with a low blow!! Beauty Shot from Breeze for the win!!!

What I Liked: Amazing match. Just a phenomenal bout that made both men look spectacular. The finish didn’t make either men look weak. A MUST-SEE match that should be watched. No doubt about it.

What I Disliked: Nothing. Just nothing.

Alexander Rusev w/ Lana vs Mojo Rawley: Impromptu, unsanctioned brawl

The Ravishing Russian enters first and brings out her Bulgarian Brute, Rusev, next. The two cut a promo and put over Vladimir Putin and Russia and the usual. Mojo Rawley interrupts to defend America from the evil Russians. Mojo rushes to the ring and gets dropped with a hard kick. Some beating from Rusev followed by the Accolade until Lana breaks the hold.

What I Liked: Surprisingly, I sort of enjoyed that. Mojo really sold the beatdown well so kudos for that.

What I Disliked: Pretty pointless filler.

Before the match starts, the first ever and former NXT Women’s Champion as well as current Divas Champion, Paige, heads to the ring! Paige grabs a mic and wants to talk to the crowd. She thanks every member of the crowd. Paige reminds us that she was the first NXT Women’s Champion and tonight, they crown another. Paige puts over what being the NXT Women’s Champion means and mentions that holding that title can lead to the Divas Title.

Charlotte w/ Ric Flair vs Natalya w/ Bret Hart for the NXT Women’s Championship 

Out first is the Dirtiest Diva in the Game with a new theme and accompanied by her father, Charlotte!! After her is the Queen of Harts and accompanied by her uncle, it’s Natalya!! Introductions are done, the title is raised, and the match begins! Collar and elbow tie-up between both women until Natalya gets the upper hand. Both break free and lock-up once more which lets Charlotte get control briefly. Evenly balanced match between both women until it’s Charlotte’s time.

Some mat wrestling and counters by both women until Natalya takes down Charlotte by tripping up and focusing on the leg. Really even match here with lack of interference from both Ric and Bret. Some taunting from Natalya lets Charlotte work her leg after that mistake. Display of athleticism from both women with leapfrogs and strength showing. Some hard slaps from both women as a show of who’s tougher. Some teasing of a conflict between Bret and Ric while the women duke it out.

Natalya with a waist lock followed by a standing rear naked choke until Charlotte drops her with a backpack stunner! The match is now firmly in Charlotte’s favor who busts out her signature figure-four headlock. Natalya breaks free and locks on her signature abdominal stretch. Charlotte breaks free of it and drops Natalya with a quick dropkick. Natalya mounts her own comeback with clotheslines, a snapmare, and her patented “stepping on her opponent’s head followed by a dropkick”. Pin and a 2 count.

Charlotte gets tossed to the corner and does her father’s signature flip to the ring apron! It’s all for naught as Natalya drops her to the outside. Natalya gives chase, but Charlotte catches her leg and whips it which sends Natalya to the outside. Charlotte makes a mistake by heading to the top rope and goes for a moonsault, but misses!

In the middle of the ring now, Natalya locks on the Sharpshooter!! Charlotte is in pain, but rolls through to lock on the Figure Four!!! Natalya rolls closer to the ropes and the two start to slap each other. Natalya rolls over again and the two slap again. More rolling and slapping! Both women roll closer to the ring apron and the figure four is still locked on both women!!! Both women on the outside now and they are both hurt badly.

Charlotte tosses Natalya into the middle of the ring…looks at Bret…and locks on a Sharpshooter!!! Natalya is visibly in pain and rolls through to attempt to lock on a Figure Four. Charlotte kicks her away and hits her finisher for the win to become the NEW NXT Women’s Champion!!!

Both women are crying and emotions are running wild. Charlotte hugs her father, Bret shakes Ric’s hand, both women embrace as a show of respect, and Charlotte stands tall.

What I Liked: …Fantastic match. I’ve given both women grief over their booking and this story, but the talent is what shined tonight. Both women were given a long amount of time and delivered for a technically sound and emotional match. The use of the Figure Four and Sharpshooter helped add to the emotion each time it was used. If there was any doubt from anyone about Charlotte before this match, then this killed all of it. She delivered and I can’t take anything away from Natalya who shined as well.

What I Disliked: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Tyson Kidd vs Adrian Neville for the NXT Championship

Out first is the challenger with some rocking new gear, Tyson Kidd. Out last is the NXT Champion, Adrian Neville. The hype is ready for this match. Both men lock-up to start it off until the ref breaks it up. Small show of respect with a handshake before the two break away. Evenly balanced match to start it off with Kidd showing some unseen aggression- I like this. Neville matches him and even taunts him.

The tension between these two is high and it’s plainly obvious. The two trade arm drags and it’s certainly a sight to see. Cheap shot from Kidd drops Neville straight to the mat and he’s stunned. The match is all in favor of the very aggressive Kidd who dropkicks Neville straight in the face. Fast paced offense from both men until they take each other down with a simultaneous crossbody. Neville tries to mount his comeback, but Kidd quickly puts a stop to it. Kidd gets caught in the ropes, but is able to counter Neville to take control.

Kidd heads to the top rope, but gets rocked by Neville after taking too much time. Kidd goes for a sunset flip powerbombaway, but Neville back-flips in midair to land on his feet!! That was a sight to see! Lift-up seated powerbomb by Neville for the 2 count!! Neville tries to go for a move on the second rope, but Kidd reaches him to hit a falling back second rope Russian leg sweep!!

Kidd goes for a Sharpshooter, I believe, but Neville rolls him up for a 2. Kidd’s turn for offense now with hard kicks including a dropkick to the head. Kidd goes for a suplex, but Neville counters by suplexing both men to the outside!!! Both men make it at the count of 9!! Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter and transitions to the Dungeon Lock!!!

Neville is able to get his hand to the bottom rope to break it. Kidd continues his flurry of offense by hitting a diving backflip legdrop to a second rope hung Neville! Pin and a 2 count. Kidd goes to the top rope, Neville gives chase, but Kidd fights him off. Again, Neville gets fought off. Finally, Neville hits a big hurricanrana!! Neville goes up top for the Red Arrow for the win!!!

After the match, Neville motions to shake Kidd’s hand, but Kidd brushes him off and heads backstage.

What I Liked:  Fantastic, solid match between both men. It started off slow, but the action was never dull for a moment. Even if it wasn’t high-paced and flashy, both men told a story through their emotion and frustration.

What I Disliked: Nothing. Another A+ match from NXT.

Fantastic show tonight. NXT Arrival had all the hype, but NXT Takeover arguably was the better show. The first two matches were decent to good. The final three matches were spectacular to phenomenal. Zayn/Breeze was my personal match of the night, but that’s not to take away from the other two which delivered and broke past all expectations. Another A+ showing from NXT which was a definite must-see.

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