WWE NXT 7/4/13 Recap and Review: The Ascension Rises, an NXT Championship Match, and More!


NXT Wrestling #49

July 4, 2013

Eric Martinez normally would be the man to review NXT, however he is off raiding a lost ark, so I’ll be stepping in for him this week. Have no fear though, the same basic format will be followed, albeit with no awesome GIF’s. The struggle is real my friends.

Then, Now, Forever Intro.

Backstage Bo Dallas Interview Segment

Bo Dallas

The show kicks off with Renee Young backstage chatting with new NXT Champion Bo Dallas. The always bubbly Bo discusses that it doesn’t matter if Leo Kruger, Corey Graves, or Mickey Keegen that challenges him, the BOlievers will always stand by him. He goes on to state that he wants to be the best there was, the best there is, and the best there ever will be, just like his close friend Bret Hart. Dallas continues by stating that he saw Bret at WrestleMania, where he had a match, but Renee corrects him by saying he had a match at WrestleMania Axxess.Bo finishes up by stating that he’d be happy to defend his title against Leo Kruger, but first Kruger is going to have to earn it.

Just after Bo is done explaining that Kruger will have to earn a title shot, Antonio Cesaro enters the discussion by stating that he has earned everything in his career, while Bo has been the one who has had everything handed to him. He goes on saying that later tonight in the name of “We The People”, he will win the NXT Championship and insure that there will be no more Bo.

Bo finishes the segment by reminding Cesaro that he could be the most insignificant U.S Champion in WWE history, leaving an infuriated Cesaro by himself.

What I Liked: This was a good segment. It set up the match between Cesaro and Dallas relativly well, and I felt like Cesaro played his role especially well in it. Also, there were slight hints at a Bo Dallas heel turn, which Dallas desperatly needs, as the NXT crowd has really been responding poorly to him in recent weeks.

What I Disliked: Basically everything Dallas did. I can’t tell if his gimmick is to be this bubbly youngster that is just happy to be in WWE, or if he is just like that. Either way, nothing he says comes across as real, instead every word out of his mouth felt forced.

Alicia Fox vs Paige in the Second Round of the NXT Women’s Title Tournament

Paige_NXT_06142012ej_1102 (1)

Alicia Fox comes out first to pretty solid cheers, but nothing compared to Paige, who enters next. As always, the Anti-Diva comes out to huge cheers, which is hardly surprising.

The bout starts pretty slowly, with some back and forth mat based wrestling before Fox escapes to the outside to some boo’s. Once she gets back into the ring, she takes advantage of Paige’s over-aggressivenss by sending her head first into the turnbuckle. Fox would remain in control of the match for several minutes, including a close 2 count off of a beautiful bridge.

Paige eventually gets back into the match by feeding off of the NXT Universe and furiously takes it to the first African American Divas Champion with a serious of throws and knee’s.

Alicia Fox manages to regain some momentum by a well executed drop kick, but the move could only garner a 2 count.

Paige quickly regained any lost momentum with the always impressive Paige Turner and gains a pinfall victory from it. With the victory, Paige gets one step closer to her eventual goal of winning the NXT Women’s Championship, needing just one more win against either Summer Rae or Emma to gain the title.

What I Liked: A really good back-and-forth contest hear, with both women getting in plenty of offense. The crowd was also very invested in the match, which in turn helped me get more into the bout. Just a really well done match.

What I Disliked: Not much, although it was a bit predictable. I mean, who really thought Alicia Fox was going to win this thing?

Andy Baker vs Conor O’Brian w/ Rick Victor

the ascension

The debuting superstar Andy Baker is already in the ring. I’ve never heard of Baker, so it should be interesting to see how he holds up in the match. Conor O’Brian makes his return next to absolutely huge cheers, and it seems like he has gained a partner in the form of Rick Victor. It’s good to see The Ascension again, to say the least.

O’Brian comes out of the gates quickly, hitting Baker with several big time shoulder blocks and throws before locking in a chin lock that actually looks quite painful, which is something Willaim Regal touches on. Baker attempts to fight back, but a flapjack followed by a running leg drop from O’Brian quickly ends any hope of an uprising the debuting star, as The Ascension picks up the pinfall victory.

What I Liked: For a squash match, this was quite entertaining. O’Brian’s all out intensity makes even the most minuet of moves, such as a chin lock, look vicious, and the crowds obvious love for him made this one of the most fun squash’s in recent memory. It should be quite interesting to see what The Ascension will be up to now that they’re back in NXT.

What I Disliked: Once again, not much. For a squash, this was quite good.

Renee Young stands backstage with Adrian Neville and Corey Graves and gives an update on Kassius Ohno, who will not be able to compete tonight. She then asks the two how they will fill such a vital hole in their war against the Wyatt’s and the two respond with two words, and it isn’t stay down.

William Regal!

Scott Dawson w/ Sylvester Lafforte vs Xavier Woods

Xaviar woods

Lafforte cuts a promo that I honestly couldn’t understand a word of before introducing his protege, Scott Dawson. The redneck comes out do pretty good heat, but the NXT Universe basically is in agreement that they just don’t care much about him. Xavier Woods, meanwhile, is someone who they certainly care about, as he comes out to big cheers.

Some good, quick back and forth action early, with neither man able to gain control of the bout. That changes after a couple minutes though, as a Hurrikanrana from Woods gives him control. Sadly, he couldn’t maintain it, with his high risk style backfiring when Dawson sent him flying to the outside.

Following the counter, it would be almost all Dawson, with the redneck throwing Xavier’s skull down onto the mat from the top rope and dropping several legs onto Woods before looking in a chin lock to keep the high flyer down.

Woods gets back into the bout by countering the chin lock into a stunner and then reminding everyone that it was indeed “Morphin Time”, as he flys out of the corner and delivers a huge clothesline to Dawson follwod by a Lost in the Woods, which allows him to pick up the pinfall victory!

The fun loving Woods dances in the ring following his victory, proving ponce again he is one of the most entertaining wrestlers in NXT.

What I Liked: Another very good back and forth contest here. Woods, as always, was quite impressive, as his unique wrestling style makes for quite an entertaining match. Once again, the crowd played a pivotal role, as their harassing of Dawson and support of Woods was fun to listen to.

What I DislikedNothing, nothing at all.

A Wyatt promo airs, with Bray Wyatt claiming that he is a wolf in sheep clothing before reminding everyone that the end is coming. Well ok then Mr. Wyatt, that isn’t very happy now is it?

Colin Cassady and Enzo Amore vs Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan

Mason Ryan stands in the ring as Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady, neither of which I’ve ever heard of before, make their way to the ring. Amore states that he is a certified G and a bonified stud, and that you can’t teach that, as well as saying that his buddy, Colin Cassady, is 7 feet tall, and you can’t teach that either. Amore finishes his promo by reminding Mason Ryan that he is S A W F T, SAWFT.

The bell rings, Amore turns around, get’s knocked out by a punch from Ryan, and stays down for the 3 count. That was fast.

Amore quickly hops back onto the mic and states that he won’t get that lucky twice before sending in the 7 footer Colin Cassady in to face off against the monster.

Much like his buddy though, Cassady doesn’t last long against Mason Ryan, as Ryan quickly picks the big man up, throws him down, and picks up another pinfal victory.

What I Liked: For someone I’ve never seen or heard before, Enzo Amore was quite entertaining to me. I wouldn’t mind seeing him come out, cut an entertaining promo, and then quickly lose every now and then, as it would just be plain fun to me. Also, for back to back squashes, this segment was really not bad at all. It wasn’t too long to the point of it getting boring, so I’m more than ok with it.

What I Disliked: Not much to be honest.

Antonio Cesaro vs Bo Dallas For the NXT Championship


Cesaro enters first with a Don’t Tread On Me flag to a modest reaction, followed quickly bythe champion, Bo Dallas. The crowd absolutly eats Bo up, as “No more Bo” chants start up and the place just erupts in boo’s. You almost feel bad for him…almost.

We The People chants ring throughout the arena as the bout kicks off. As Cesaro takes control of the match, the crowd continues to show their displeasure for Bo, as “No more Bo” chants continue to drown out any “Let’s go Bo” chants. As the chants continue to go, Cesaro forces a fired up Bo Dallas to the outside and continues to keep pressure on the champion as we head to commercial break.

As we get back from the break, the prospective champion, Leo Kruger, is looking on at the match, but Cesaro remains in charge of Dallas. That trend ends though once Bo Dallas hits a running clothesling on Cesaro, following by a bulldog. Dallas maintains his momentum with a series of 2 counts, but Cesaro gets his way back towards the top of the match with a well placed counter, sending Bo Dallas into some awkward positing on the ropes and then hitting the magnificant European uppercut.

Somehow though, Bo manages to kick out of the elbow, as well as the gutwrencher and a fall away slam. Cesaro heads to the top rope, claiming that the match is soon to be over, but Dallas once again shows his resilience by quickly hopping to hit feet and throwing Cesaro off of his perch above the ring.

As both men make their way to their feet, Leo Kruger randomly climbs up to the ring apron, but is met with an elbow courtesy of Antonio Cesaro. The wild miss from Cesaro costs him the match however, as Dallas capitalizes with the powerslam and a pinfall  victory.

Dallas celebrates his victory in the ring, but the celebration is quikly interrupted by Kruger, who rather than simply stalking Dallas like last week, full on attacks the champion, destroying him in the process.

NXT ends in total chaos, as Kruger and Cesaro take it to Dallas, but Sammi Zayn comes down to make the save. The show comes to a close with Zayn and Dallas standing tall in the ring, as Kruger and Cesaro retreat.

What I Liked: Just a magnificent main event. While I may not like Bo Dallas, his resiliance can make for some really exciting matches, especially when he’s paired with someone who’s such a great worker, such as Cesaro. The implications from the post match brawl could be quite interesting, especially if Kruger and Cesaro decide to team up on NXT, which seems possible.

What I Disliked: While the post match brawl sets up plenty of possibilities, it seemed a bit overbooked. Couldn’t Kruger have just destroyed Bo and that been it?

After last weeks lackluster show, this weeks got NXT back on track. A plethora of entertaining matches, plus plenty of questions following the excellent main event. Next weeks show should continue the momentum, as the Women’s Championship tournament roll’s on!