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WWE NXT 07/11/2012 Report and Review

Welcome back to yet another NXT review. I apologize deeply for not being able to get this out on WE last night, but I was out all day and was only able to get on my computer for about an hour or so. Our main event will feature two of the top tag teams in WWE and two tag team mainstays through NXT Redemption.

NXT Season Six Week Four

July 13, 2012
Full Sail University

On commentary this week are Byron Saxton and William Regal. No Jim Ross this week yet. As some might know, WWE tapes three editions of NXT in one night. The first three episodes were filmed during the first taping and this episode was the first one of the second taping. Advertised in advance for this edition of NXT is the debut of Bray Wyatt (formerly Husky Harris).

To kick off week four of the rebranded NXT, Tyson Kidd hits the ring, ready for action. Camacho (who now has his own graphics and titantron) will be his opponent. As always, Hunico is accompanying Camacho to the ring. Hunico and Camacho met back in the “barrio” when Hunico got into a brawl with some thugs and got stabbed. Then, Camacho came to his aid and bit the guy who stabbed Hunico’s nose off.

At least that’s what William Regal stated last week. This week, he claims that Camacho bit the thug’s eyeball off instead.

Tyson Kidd vs. Camacho (w/Hunico)

Collar-and-elbow tie-up begins this bout. Camacho, having the strength advantage, shoves Kidd down face-first to the mat. After some seconds with Camacho taunting the crowd, Kidd is able to get a side headlock on the big man. Camacho pushes Kidd off and misses two clotheslines. Kidd slides under an attempted big boot from Camacho and goes for a kick of his own. Camacho catches Kidd’s foot, but Kidd backflips out of Camacho’s grasp and connects with a nice dropkick.

Camacho backs off into the ropes where Hunico offers him some words of advice. Hunico distracts Kidd for a brief moment, but when Camacho tries to take advantage, Kidd catches him with a roll-up for a two count. Kidd goes for another collar-and-elbow, but Camacho kicks his opponent in the gut. Big right hand knocks Kidd down. Camacho whips Kidd into the ropes and goes for a back body drop, but Kidd lands on his feet. Camacho catches Kidd’s foot when he goes for a kick, but Kidd manages to roll through and get a hold of Camacho’s ankle.

Camacho throws Kidd off, but Kidd kips up and catches Camacho with a nice drop-toe-hold. Kidd manages to get Camacho in a backslide-esque pinning position for a two count. Kidd locks in an armbar, but Camacho makes it to a vertical base and uses his power to shove Kidd into the corner. Camacho with a knee strike in the corner and then a club to the back. Camacho grabs Kidd and tries to toss him over the top rope. However, Kidd hangs on to the top rope and hits a skin-the-cat headscissors takedown on Camacho to toss him over the top rope.

Kidd skins the cat successfully and pumps up the crowd. Kidd goes for a baseball slide, but Camacho moves out of the way and Kidd is caught between Camacho and Hunico. Instead of trying to fend them off, Kidd gets away from them and rolls into the ring. As Camacho talks to Hunico outside the ring, the referee decides that he’s seen enough of Hunico’s antics and sends him to the back. Hunico refuses to go to the back, but is knocked down when Kidd jumps over the ropes and performs a somersault plancha on Hunico & Camacho. [CB]

Back from the break, Kidd has some sort of armbar on Camacho’s arm. Camacho forces Kidd into the ropes. Camacho goes for a back body drop, but Kidd telegraphs it. Kidd with a wheelbarrow roll-through and a sharpshooter attempt, but Camacho makes the ropes and forces Kidd to break the hold. Camacho slides out of the ring. Seeing an opportunity, Kidd jumps out to the apron and goes for a kick on Camacho off the apron, but Camacho catches his foot and knocks him down on the apron. The apron is the hardest part of the ring.

Camacho stomps on Kidd outside the ring and then shoves him into the apron. Camacho does this again and then rolls Kidd into the ring. Hook of the leg gets Camacho a one count. Camacho with a backbreaker. Camacho stomps on Kidd’s sternum twice. Kidd tries to make a comeback, but Camacho pushes him into the corner and works on him with some offense to the midsection. Camacho covers for a two count. Camacho gets Kidd up in a suplex position and then drops him on the top rope. Camacho drives the bottom rope into Kidd’s throat and then taunts the Canadian superstar.

Another cover from Camacho and another two count. Camacho applies a stretch on Kidd which looks rather painful. Kidd makes it to a standing position and punches away at Camacho but is taken down with a headbutt. Delayed back suplex from Camacho followed by a big leg drop gets Camacho a nearfall. Camacho whips Kidd into the ropes and misses a punch. Kidd goes for a wheelbarrow roll-up or something similar, but Camacho catches him with a facebuster. Camacho covers and once again gets a two count.

Camacho jumps up to the second rope and goes for a leg drop, but Kidd is able to roll out of the way! Camacho swings and misses, allowing Kidd to score with some hard kicks to Camacho’s leg. Spinning heel kick catches Camacho in the jaw, followed by a spinning back kick to the gut. Dropkick to the head by Kidd for a two count. Kidd places Camacho’s head on the bottom rope and executes a slingshot leg drop. Kidd to the top rope, but Camacho crotches him.

Camacho to the second rope and he lands a very nice butterfly suplex on Kidd. Camacho crawls over, covers and only gets a two count. “This is awesome” chants break out in the crowd. Camacho goes for another back suplex, but Kidd lands on his feet. As Kidd tries to regroup on the ropes, Camacho charges at him but gets caught with a kick. Using this momentum, Kidd backflips himself onto the apron. Huge enzuigiri-like kick from Kidd knocks Camacho down and possibly out. Kidd to the top rope and he connects with the Blockbuster!

Kidd covers. One, two, but Camacho gets his foot on the rope! Kidd drags Camacho to the center of the ring and attempts to lock in the sharpshooter, but a man in jeans runs to the ring. It’s Michael McGillicutty! McGillicutty distracts Kidd long enough for Kidd to turn around into a snap DDT from Camacho. Camacho covers and he gets the win!

Chandler’s $0.02: Very good match. I’m a big fan of Camacho & Hunico, so I was glad to see Camacho get the win here. Kidd made Camacho look much better than he was in the ring and I’m glad that Michael McGillicutty and Tyson Kidd’s feud is continuing. I’m sure it will lead to some awesome matches. Meanwhile, it looks like Camacho and Hunico will be mainstays in this season of NXT which I’m glad about. Pretty good match.

We get another Bray Wyatt vignette. I think Luke Harper (formerly Brodie Lee) might have been featured in the promo. Wyatt makes his debut next.

Chandler’s $0.02: With Wyatt out with a pectoral injury suffered a few weeks ago, Wyatt managing Luke Harper/Brodie Lee would be an interesting option.

Before Wyatt’s debut, we go backstage with NXT “correspondent” Matt Striker (I guess he isn’t the host anymore) who is interviewing Justin Gabriel. Striker welcomes Gabriel back to NXT and mentions his elbow injury. Striker then asks Gabriel what’s next for him. Gabriel said that while he was out, he got to go to his home in South Africa and think about how to make an impact in WWE. He says that the way to make an impact in WWE is by becoming a champion. Next week, Heath Slater will face Justin Gabriel. Gabriel begins to say something, but is interrupted by Slater.

Slater makes fun of Gabriel’s hair and then says that he’s the one making statements around here. Slater brings up that he’s on Raw week after week embarrassing legends. Gabriel says that the legends are embarrassing Slater, but that next week, he will be embarrassed by him.

After that brief backstage promo, Aiden English makes his entrance. Aiden is a classically trained actor and artist. His opponent will be Bray Wyatt, who has a microphone as he makes his entrance. Wyatt says that people don’t understand him, but in time they will. In time, they’ll understand who he is and what he’s capable of. For now, though, he’s the angel in the dark. Bray Wyatt delivers his “time is on my side” line and then rolls into the ring.

Aiden English vs. Bray Wyatt

Wyatt is competing in white pants and a black top. “Let’s Go Wyatt” chants from the audible males in the crowd, even though he plays a heel. The bell rings and Wyatt goes right after Aiden with a big kick to the gut. Club to the back from Wyatt. Wyatt follows this up by slamming Aiden’s head twice into his knee. Wyatt tosses Aiden out of the ring as Mr. Regal tells a story about Wyatt laughing about a priest being bitten by a rattlesnake and dying.

Wyatt rolls to the outside and slams Aiden into the apron and then into the security barrier several times. More chants in favor of Wyatt break out. The 300-pound Wyatt rolls Aiden English back into the ring and lands a toss. Wyatt, a third generation wrestler, rolls around the ring with a big demented smile on his face. Wyatt with a huge body avalanche into the corner. Wyatt begins dancing with English and delivers the Kiss of Death swinging reverse STO for the pinfall victory.

Chandler’s $0.02: Basic squash match putting over Wyatt’s demented character. The crowd reacted well for him, but they are treating him as a face. If the fans, who were males at the beginning but then a lot more people through the match, continue to chant for Wyatt and cheer him like this, they might have to turn him face eventually which wouldn’t be a bad thing. Also, Wyatt isn’t a rip-off of CM Punk circa S.E.S. days since Wyatt is a crazy preacher, basically preaching to people who don’t actually exist.

We get a pretty cool Seth Rollins vignette, putting over his Blackout finisher.

We go to the back with Briley Pierce, who is standing with Richie Steamboat. Richie says that there’s such an opportunity in NXT and that he can’t wait to show the NXT Universe how good he really is. Leo Kruger interrupts Steamboat’s interview and says that he has already proven he’s better than Steamboat. Kruger runs through his various nicknames, while shoving Steamboat. Both men exchange shoves and Steamboat takes Kruger down with a double leg takedown. Both men brawl on the floor until officials pulls them away from each other.

We get a Raquel Diaz vignette. It has several tweets of hers in it. She seems to be playing a Beautiful People-like character, but it has potential. She also has a Lady Gaga kind of look. The “Exfoliating Ugliness Tour” begins next week.

The Usos vs. The Primetime Players

Jim Ross has joined us for the main event. “You suck!” chants for the PTPs before the match even gets underway. Jey Uso and Darren Young will be kicking things off. The bell rings.

Both men lock up and Jey forces Darren Young into the corner. Jey messes up Young’s hair which he and O’Neil had combed pre-match. Young pushes Jey and Jey responds with a big slap. O’Neil consoles Young in the PTP corner, but once Young gets back into the action, he is met with some big chops from Jey Uso. Tag to Jimmy Uso. The Usos with a double elbow drop on Young. Splash in the corner from Jimmy followed by some backhand chops.

Jimmy telegraphs a whip from Young, but Young manages to force Jimmy into the PTP corner anyways. Tag to Titus O’Neil. O’Neil slams Jimmy’s head against the turnbuckle, but he no-sells it. Titus goes for a headbutt but runs into that hard Samoan skull of Jimmy Uso. Jimmy with a big headbutt of his own. Jimmy drags Titus to his corner and tags in his brother. Big splash in the corner from Jey on Titus.

Jey covers and gets a one count. Titus catches Jey with a big knee to the abdomen and tags in Darren Young. Young runs into the ring and is caught with a big snap powerslam (not snap slam, Cole) from Jey Uso. Young rolls out of the ring and tries to regroup. The Usos make fun of the PTPs in-ring, grabbing Young’s comb. Young rushes into the ring, but is knocked over the top rope courtesy of a Jey Uso clothesline. Jimmy with a big somersault plancha over the top rope knocks down the Primetime Players. [CB]

Back from the break, one of the Uso brothers telegraphs a Titus O’Neil back body drop. Jimmy knocks Darren Young off the apron but is caught with a kick by Titus O’Neil. Titus stomps on Uso’s leg and then tags in Young. Darren Young smashes Jimmy Uso’s leg against the apron several times and tags in Titus O’Neil again. Titus with an elbow on the leg and then a submission. Jimmy breaks the hold, but O’Neil prevents him from making the tag to his brother.

Tag to Darren Young. Young locks in a submission, but Jimmy pushes him off into the outside of the ring. Uso goes to make the hot tag to his brother, but Young pulls Jey off the apron right as he’s about to make the tag. Young charges at Jimmy Uso inside the ring, but he avoids it and rolls Young up for a two count. Young with a big dropkick to the patella for a nearfall. Step-over toe hold from Young. Frustrated that Jimmy doesn’t tap, Young slams his knee against the mat.

Young locks in another submission on the leg of Jimmy. Tag to O’Neil in the middle of the submission. Titus and Young go for that gourdbuster splash, but Jimmy gets his feet up. Jimmy tries to make the hot tag to his brother, but Titus jumps right on him and prevents him from making the tag. After a clunky attempt, Titus locks in a submission on the leg of Jimmy. Jimmy breaks the hold with some kicks to the head, but Titus is right back on the attack. Titus goes for a boot in the corner, but Jimmy moves and then hits a back body drop on big Titus O’Neil.

Titus makes the tag to Young… and Jimmy makes the tag to Jey! Jey comes in like a house of fire with clotheslines on Young. Big shoulder block from Jey on Young. Jey then knocks Titus off the apron and kicks Young in the mid-section. As Titus climbs back up, Jey throws Young into him and then hits a Samoan Drop on Young. Samoan Wrecking Ball by Jey in the corner. Jey covers, but O’Neil interrupts the count at two. O’Neil tries to attack Jey, but Jey hits him with a throat thrust and then Jimmy drags him out of the ring.

Titus kicks Jimmy on his bad leg outside the ring and then jumps Jey in the ring from behind as the referee is distracted. Backbreaker/elbow drop combination from the PTPs and then Titus rolls out of the ring. Darren covers and that’s all she wrote! That will end the show.

Chandler’s $0.02: The only place that features long tag team wrestling matches is NXT. I love what they’re doing here. It’s been two weeks in a row that they’ve ended the show with a tag team match. It’s also been two weeks in a row that heels have ended the program standing tall. I wish they’d do more with The Usos, since I believe that they’ve lost every time that they have been on NXT season six.

Overall, this was a much better show than last week and I think it’s actually been my favorite so far. Go out of your way to watch it since the whole show was very good. It was surely better than Raw this week, and in my opinion, better than Impact Wrestling too. Let’s see if it can top SmackDown.

As always, I love to hear your opinions, so please voice them below in the comments section. Let me know what you thought about the show. Now go contribute to the Save the Donkey Association.

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  • Moxley

    I was skeptical on Bray Wyatt and didn’t enjoy it at first, but I’m sold. He’s great, he’s found his niche. They could make this even better by giving him some brainwashed followers like the SES, just as long as the group doesn’t get buried like the SES. 

    I’m quite fond of Richie Steamboat. He has all of the makings of his legendary father. I can’t say I’ve seen much of his mic work so I’ll refrain from judging until I do so. 

    I’m thrilled by the prospect of a feud between Kruger and Steamboat and I’d like to see Kruger mix it up with fellow South African, Justin Gabriel, sometime soon.

    Tyson Kidd is slowly climbing into my top five in ring performers list. He doesn’t have a bad match in him. 

    I didn’t enjoy the main event as I’ve seen that particular match a little too much if I must say so myself. I’d rather them showcase Kassius more instead of already established talents from the main roster.

    The Seth Rollins promo was his best yet. I’m still skeptical on the name “blackout” and the finisher itself as it seems like a move you’d use to set up your true finisher. 

    Not the best show this week but at least they’re establishing some feuds.

  • Eric

    Oh, Camacho’s finisher is that DDT? Kind of weak for a big man, in my opinion. Give him a powerbomb or a spinning slide slam.

  • Judas Thundersteel

    1.) You paid attention to that Hunico/Camacho backstory? The basics is that Hunico saved Camacho’s life in the barrio, but the details as described here, are strange. Biting an eyeball off? EWWWWW! Damn, I was hoping Tyson Kidd vs. Hunico! At first I thought this would be the Tyson Kidd showcase, but Camacho really stepped up. I came off pretty impressed with Camacho. Kidd of course did a lot of pretty moves, and the right times as well. Camacho did a double underhook suplex from the middle rope. That was damn impressive, and from what I gather, Camacho is a power favored wrestler. Michael McGuillicutty had to interfere, but the match had a good amount of time so nothing was hurt. Great match.

    2.) I think they replayed the Bray Wyatt promo video from last week. No complaints there. Gah, the injury to Wyatt made me sad, but it seems he will stay on air, which is good. Should be good especially for Luke Harper, if that idea of your’s comes to fruition.

    3.) Justin Gabriel interviewed by Matt Striker. Gabriel wants to be a champion, and he’s going to wrestle Heath Slater next week? Sweet, Slater’s interruption was fun. Yeah he’s embarrassing legends!

    4.) Bray Wyatt had a very interesting way of talking with a microphone, selling a lot of mannerisms as well as tone and delivery. In the ring, he was also interesting, unique. The dancing into a kiss goodnight, unorthodox. Entertaining though. He also has some loose movement in the ring, if that makes sense. So a great debut, essentially a squash, but the delivery made it worthwhile.

    5.) Welcome to the blackout? Sounds nice. Seth Rollins’ video that is. Richie steamboat, sounded decent, interrupted by Leo Kruger for some reason. Raquel Diaz initiating an Exfoliating Ugliness Tour? Sounds strange. Pretty colorful woman, what did Eddie feed her ;)?

    6.) The tag team match was pretty good, but the negative I have with it, all links to Titus O’Neil. I didn’t really find Titus to be smooth in a lot of his execution of moves. This goes back to me thinking he’s uncoordinated. The Usos were fluid and did a fine job. When picking apart an Uso, that was done by Darren, well. Titus picked up the scraps, and when he tried to mirror Young’s lock, it came off pretty awkward in execution. Needing to stepover right away because he realized he was off position. I’m focusing on one thing of the match, but, trying to prove that O’Neil’s the weak link of the Primetime Players.

    This was an especially good episode of NXT, even though it wasn’t the best in getting NXT stars on the show. Promos by some, Bray Wyatt having a match, but dominated in the end, by current WWE main roster guys. At least the action presented was good.

  • MarcMattaliano

    Wow, interesting that Dashing Luke posted that Justin Gabriel article this morning and wondered what to do with him.  Seems we know where Gabriel is headed.

    Fine by me, as long as he’s getting ring time, I’m okay with it.

    Need to remember to bookmark this and watch it later, :-)

  • SiD

    Bray Wyatt is awesome. TIME IS ON MY SIDE!

  • SiD

    Liked (clicked the like button) the article. Good job, Brett-ski.

  • JacobStachowiak

    The mainevent was #Meh to me. Kidd and Cammacho was great. That Hunico/Cammacho background was awesome from last week and Regal botched it this week. Wyatt was great but I still fucking hate squash matches. Hopefully, he doesn’t manage a squash match guy, though, I know he will. The fuck is the Donkey Association? 

    • Brett Chandler

      It’s a William fucking Regal reference.

      • JacobStachowiak

        Hey, fuck you. 

    • MarcMattaliano

      I hate squash matches, too.  I really thought Darren Darsow had Zema Ion last night on Impact.  He was soooooooooooooo close!

      • JacobStachowiak

        It had competitive action. English didn’t even get in any offense. Darsow was kicking his ass. Ziggler vs. Sheamus: Long competitive match but you knew who was gonna win. Sheamus and he did .Was that a squash? Fuck no. It’s when you destroy a guy and he doesn’t get in any offense. I assure you, Darsow and Ziggler got in a bit of offense. 

        • MarcMattaliano

          Get in ANY offense, or significant offense? Even Ryback’s victims get in ANY offense.

          And truthfully, Sheamus has been both upset and cheated before. It wasn’t guaranteed that Ziggler would lose. Meanwhile, there was no chance Zema Ion was losing last night. That’s the difference I see.

          • JacobStachowiak


            Zema has lost matches too you know. He ain’t an unbeatable thing. Darsow could have gone over to set up a feud with going into Hardcore Justice. But thanks for giving Zema huge props by insuinating that he’s booked stronger than Sheamus. 

          • MarcMattaliano

            That’s why I made the distinction between ANY offense and SIGNIFICANT offense! Throwing a punch is one thing, throwing punches that actually do damage is entirely another.

            Zema probably has lost matches, though he probably won’t for a while, at least not till Sorensen comes back. And no, he wouldn’t be getting into a feud with Darsow. And you’re welcome.

          • Eric

            Ugh, can you two email each other or something? None of this is relevant to Brett’s article.

          • Blair Lucas

            It’s really sad to see the hard work Brett put into this article getting muddled by your guys’ petty squabbling. 

          • MarcMattaliano

            I know how much work he put into it, I’m editing it right now, :-)

            And sorry, I’ll stop…

          • JacobStachowiak

            Arlight, just email me so I can ignore it better. 

  • Eric

    I started watching NXT after the new rebranding and all that and it’s been great so far. To see all this new talent many of whom I’ve never really seen before is great. The Kidd/Camacho match had to be my highlight of this episode. Great competition between a strong, big man and the agile technician.  Hopefully WWE keeps Bray Wyatt on TV.

    • Brett Chandler


      Thanks for commenting, man.