WWE News: WWE Sign Two Promising Irish Wrestlers

omen-23 (1)

Sheamus and Dave Finlay will soon be joined by two others from my homeland of Ireland as  WWE have recently signed two veterans of the Irish professional wrestling scene in the form of Omen (real name Joe Cabray) and Rachelle St. Claire (real name Rachel Walker.)

Cabray, who wrestles under a unique, demon inspired mask and co-founded Irish promotion No Limit Wrestling will head to the United States next week while Rachelle St Claire will make her move later this year when she recovers from a knee injury.

Both will undergo training under the guidance of Sara Del Rey, Norman Smiley and Joey Mercury, and will possibly see their characters repackaged at Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s development territory before appearing on WWE’s NXT Wrestling show.

Cabray, who is 30-years-old is delighted at the opportunity stating to the Irish media, “It’s means a great deal to me, I’ve trained hard for the past 8 years and made a lot of sacrifices, I’ve travelled everywhere from Tokyo to New York to Berlin with wrestling and finally made it to WWE.”

This is great for Irish professional wrestling which in the past year or two has began picking up speed with several promotions scattered throughout the country and several training schools, which have seen veterans of the WWE including Scotty 2 Hotty and Terry Taylor visit, to teach and advise the young talent as they pursue their dreams.

Alongside Sheamus, Finlay and New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Prince Devitt these two have managed to break into a degree of spotlight within the wrestling community, now fans get to watch as they attempt to capitalize on this opportunity and achieve their dreams.