WWE News: WWE Champion CM Punk Has Emergency Surgery and Will Miss TLC

UPDATE 2:  As officially declared on WWE.com by Vince McMahon himself, Punk will not be defending his title at TLC. Instead there will be a six man tag team match with Team Hell No teaming up with Ryback to challenge the Shield. Meanwhile, Ryback has been promised a title match against Punk which will probably have to be on Raw in between TLC and the Royal Rumble.

UPDATE 1: Most recently, news has emerged (from SEScoops.com) that the surgery was done to remove a piece of torn meniscus.

Rehabilitation from surgery on a torn meniscus can take one to two weeks for athletes (as per medicine.net) Which means that Punk may be able to make TLC though it is unlikely but will be cleared by the Royal Rumble.

According to a colleague of Dr. Andrews, the surgery went well and Punk is expected to make a full recovery.

ORIGINAL STORY: As reported by WWE.com, after Raw, Punk was rushed into surgery this afternoon to deal with a knee injury he may have suffered last night on Raw.

Punk clearly knew he was in bad shape last night as he chose to take a late flight to Florida to consult a private doctor, Dr. James Andrews. It was also reported (by SEScoops.com) that Punk was seen to not move over almost ten minutes after the attack from Ryback on the show, cancelling the dark match main event between Punk and Ryback for that night.

The beatdown last night on Punk was certainly a vicious assault from Ryback, but there was no indication in watching back that any of the moves were executed too stiffly or botched in a way that would have hurt Punk.

Given that Ryback’s attack was entirely to the chest and back of Punk, there seems to be no point where Ryback would have injured Punk’s knee. That said, Punk did seem to be having trouble walking in the attack which seemed like just good selling at the time but may have been caused by a less pronounced bad landing on the knee.

Today is the 380th day of CM Punk‘s WWE Title reign which means that Punk has nearly surpassed the milestone of Cena’s longest WWE championship reign. To see Punk have to drop the title due to injury would be a huge letdown for the pay off of the huge title reign.

That said, unless things go wrong in surgery or details come out that the surgery was serious, it is very likely Punk will be able to wrestle by the Royal Rumble. TLC is the bigger question mark as facing Ryback in a TLC match less than two weeks after a surgery could be too much.

Reports have been escalating for a while that Punk’s long title reign has been directly connected to the Rock‘s journey to regain the WWE Championship, and it is unlikely that WWE will ruin that set up unless Punk will need serious rehabilitation time.

I do hope that Punk has a fast and healthy recovery regardless of what the circumstances. It is always a shame to see talent injured.

This news will be updated as more details come in, so stay tuned to Wrestle Enigma.