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WWE News: The Undertaker Returns

This is the proof!

This is the proof!

Tonight at a WWE Live event in Waco, Texas, The Undertaker returned! He wrestled in a tag team match with Sheamus versus Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett. Regardless, The Undertaker has returned and he has wrestled in a match tonight in Waco, Texas.

Remember, RAW is in Dallas this week, so we should expect an appearance there. Either way, the Deadman is back!

I am super-excited about this. Unless The Undertaker just randomly felt like appearing at a house show, this pretty much clarifies that he will be wrestling at WrestleMania. And for the fans, that is only a good thing.

It looks like a certain somebody might learn a little something about respect.

Thank you Undertaker!

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  • Brett Chandler

    Holy shit. Motherfucking awesome. Glad to see ‘Taker back.

  • Kevin Berge

    I wouldn’t be completely confident that he’s coming back. I will wait until Raw to make a definitive statement on whether Taker is back for this year. The expectation is that he faces Punk though I would love even more if he could face Lesnar so that there is no chance of Lesnar/HHH. Also it would allow for Cena/Rock/Punk which is a more exciting prospect as a complete picture than Rock/Cena, Punk/Taker, and Lesnar/HHH. I also wouldn’t be entirely surprised if they had Taker come back to challenge the Shield as the guy who finally helps to bring them down a bit.

    Whatever he does should lead to a good match at least plus Taker adds a level of excitement to the event, and he will continue to do so for next year which should be his last match against Cena (me being really hopeful as a fantasy booker).

  • Jeff Awesome

    YES! The Taker is back. 21-0 sounds great! Lesnar/Taker and Rock/Cena/Punk would be two blockbuster WM main events. Punk/Taker just would not be as believable unless The Shield gets involved since Punk isn’t BITW anymore (that title goes to Rock). Lesnar would be a believable choice to end THE STREAK.

  • SiD

    Never been a BIG fan of Taker like you, Randy, but I enjoy his work, and it’ll be exciting to see who he faces at WrestleMania. I hope it’s NOT CM Punk.

    • Randy

      why don’t you want it to be CM Punk?

      • SiD

        Because I wanna see CM Punk face Cena and Rock for the title. Also, I don’t want Twice in a Lifetime.

      • Eric

        Because the IWC wants it and it should’t happen just to piss the IWC off.

  • Magic Sean

    Poor young guy is really having a hard time getting over. Hopefully he can, hard working dude. Talented too. Gimmick is a bit iffy, but who knows.

    • Randy

      Yeah, glad they have a tryout, I wish he would have gotten time in developmental though.

      • Magic Sean

        He desperatly needs needs it. Reminds me of Seth Rollins, but obviously with less potential.