WWE News: The Rock Set to Appear at Elimination Chamber 2013

As revealed on WWE.com, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is set to appear at the 2013 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in New Orleans.

This marks The Rock’s second advertised pay-per-view event for 2013, the first one being the Royal Rumble in which he is set to take on whoever the WWE Champion is at the time. Certainly, it seems like the coveted title will not be moving from the waist of the current champion, CM Punk, who turned his back on the WWE Universe by attacking The Rock at Raw’s monumental 1000th episode.

Adding to these news, it was also reported today on LordsOfPain.net and other websites that word going around is that the seven-time WWE Champion will be wrestling at the fourth annual Elimination Chamber event, maybe even inside the Elimination Chamber for the very first time.

With The Rock’s appearance at Elimination Chamber pretty much confirmed (keep in mind that the card is subject to change), it appears that “The Brahma Bull” will be capturing the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. Since wrestling fans, both online and offline, have complained that The Rock becoming WWE Champion and not competing until WrestleMania for it will be a problem or isn’t fair, these news are sure to please a lot of people.

This is a good move for WWE business wise and for entertainment purposes. It has been confirmed that The Rock equals pay-per-view buys nowadays, so I don’t see how this could harm anyone. I’m guessing people will complain about the stars from the past overshadowing the present stars, but the Elimination Chamber match has six guys in it so unless Rock just pins everyone in one second, he’s not going to bury everyone in there like some people might fear.

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