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WWE News: Raquel Diaz (Shaul Guerrero) is Granted Her Release from the Company

As reported by and confirmed by the removal of her profile on NXT’s official site, Raquel Diaz, also known as the oldest daughter of Vickie and Eddie Guerrero Shaul Guerrero, asked for her release and has been granted it.

The release comes as a bit of a surprise as many in the company were said to be high on the Diva. Natalya, for example, had said just one month ago that she was most excited to see Diaz come up to the main roster of any Diva in development. Others had touted her as the best talker of the division.

During her time in FCW, Diaz was the longest reigning FCW Divas Champion in the company’s history while also being given the crown of Queen of FCW once. At the time of FCW’s move to NXT, Diaz was considered possibly the biggest star in the division despite some concerns about her in ring ability.

The release may have something to do with recent reports that the women in WWE are looking for their release from the company. Most notably, Beth Phoenix plans to leave the company in the next few weeks due to feelings that the women in WWE are being poorly booked.

While I had never been a huge fan of Diaz, it is a shame to see her choose to leave the company. Her gimmick she had going in NXT of the Exfoliating Ugliness Tour was interesting and gave shape to a division that still lacks definition in NXT.

While she wasn’t an outstanding wrestler, her mic skills more than made up for that. As we have seen more and more in WWE, women get pushed further for mic ability than in ring abilty proven by the success of AJ Lee and Eve Torres, the top two female mic workers in the company right now.

The question coming out of all this though is whether WWE may have a serious issue on their hands with the Divas division. With numerous reports stating that the women in WWE feel cheated and misused, it may be time for WWE to reevaluate how it markets and treats its Divas division.

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  • Ryan lauro

    Raquel, Phoenix, left and are leaving. Nova is in a clinic. I hope Natayla sticks around and starts getting promoted.

  • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

    She’s Eddie Guerrero’s daughter, only marketable trait she has. Being a parody of Nicky Minaj/Lady Gaga was never going to work, where’s the appeal? All she had over other Divas is speaking ability, her in-ring work was sloppy as your average women’s wrestler, if she wasn’t Eddie and Vickie’s daughter chances are she wouldn’t have got a chance anyway, cold but hard to debate against.

  • SiD

    I honestly don’t get it anymore. Why do the best divas quit/ get fired? Beth is leaving, and now Vickie and Eddie’s daughter is leaving. I hope IMPACT picks her up, because she is extremely talented, and when used to her full potential, can be extremely entertaining.

  • Judas Thundersteel

    The funny thing is I read a report that “big” things are being planned for the Divas division, yet this piece of news comes after that. I don’t know what the truth is with that, the Divas Division is generally this thing that’s one step at a time. A step forward is good, but then there are steps back, and sadly the latter dominates, but then there’s a step forward. Then another step back. I think the term “start and stop,” applies to the division generally. With Eve as divas champion, Kaitlyn and her working a storyline now about who was the blonde that laid waste to Kaitlyn, it’s seemingly “start.” Then there’s that fact of Beth leaving and Raquel dropping out seemingly, and who knows who will follow suit. Rather than predict the future, I am rather interested at tomorrow’s SD featuring Beth vs. Natalya for the very first time. Hmmm.

    Now on the topic of Raquel in particular, I figured that she got the Guerrero male wrestling genetics, but then I read of her in ring work, and actually seeing it, though not much, I would have to take people’s word for it. Most definitely, she shined on the mic, which as mentioned, is good enough these days with AJ and Eve being over with the crowd, AJ especially. Also that Raquel’s a female, mother’s Vickie, someone who knows how to get over within the drop of a dime, with two words, it’s fair to assume that Raquel would become a steady name in the divas division given that quality alone. But nope. Shame. Though, she asked for her release, and she must have her reasons, I prefer reading that, than say WWE firing her. Something about that is more pleasant, strange it may be.