WWE News: Paul Bearer Cause of Death Released Today

By now we have all heard of the passing of Bill Moody, better known as Paul Bearer to the wrestling world. Today we have learned that Moody’s cause of death is listed as a heart attack as a result of a condition known as SVT. I will go on to explain what that is and how it led to Moody’s heart stopping.

SVT is known as Supraventricular Tachycardia. This is a heart rate that can hit 300 beats per minute.


A normal heart rhythm looks like the picture below.

normal sinus

Allowing the heart to go on beating so fast and not getting treatment for it will lead to what is called cardiomyopathy.

Cardiomyopathy is change in the heart muscle brought on by the untreated rapid heart rate. After a while the heart cannot keep up anymore and begins to shut down leading to congestive heart failure.




All of this could have been avoided if Moody sought out treatment for the SVT.

Moody will go down in history as one of the greatest gimmick managers of all time and will no doubt be a future hall of famer. Personally, I think if he was never a manager in WWE the characters of Kane and Undertaker would not have been as interesting in the late 90’s. His presence helped guide both men’s stories and drew the fans in to become more invested in the characters. That’s what great managers do.

He will be missed.

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Louie has over seven years experience as a paramedic and is studying biology and health science at the University of Minnesota