WWE News October 5, 2012: Curt Hawkins Injured, Immediate Surgery Needed

Rarely seen and often used jobber, Curt Hawkins has been MIA lately. Now since he’s rarely seen, as I stated, I doubt many really gave a second thought. Well it turns out that Mr. Hawkins is injured.

From Hawkins’ twitter:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/TheCurtHawkins/status/254063646462857216″] [blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/TheCurtHawkins/status/254064107030999040″]

A meniscus tear is fairly common for athletes, and it shouldn’t leave any noticeable lasting effects on Hawkins’ athletic ability. A PCL tear is a bit more rare and surgery on it is sometimes avoided unless you have other tears coupled with the PCL tear as Hawkins does. The surgery is said to be a bit controversial and many times avoided.

While both the PCL and meniscus tears are bad for Hawkins, needing surgery on both guarantees that he will be out for a few months. Many sites say that a meniscus tear will leave elite athletes out for one to two weeks. However, a PCL tear is more severe said to keep many out for long stretches of physical therapy anywhere from six months to a year.

Well, this is sad for Hawkins, and I hope he can get better. This might come across as mean to some, but Hawkins’ injury really doesn’t affect WWE TV at all. The man was rarely used to begin with and with his tag partner Tyler Reks gone, he faded away even more.

Now the second tweet interests me more though since he said that when he returns there “will be a whole new look & attitude” for himself. With this injury, could we see a new face Hawkins? *Side Note: I say face because I’m not sure what he really is now*

A face Hawkins could be a nice thing to see in the waning midcard when he returns. With so many heels leading the midcard right now as champions in Cesaro and Miz and a lack of challengers, Hawkins could fit right into the division as a face midcarder when he does recover.

Luckily, Hawkins is young (27) and has very few injuries in his career history so far. He may be out for a while, but this time off may be more beneficial to him than anything. It gives him time to reevaluate where he is the company and maybe come up with ways with creative to get more involved with his lack of direction at the moment.