WWE News: Mick Foley To Be Inducted in the Hall of Fame by Terry Funk

The night before WrestleMania is special for each and every superstar of the WWE. The night before WrestleMania, brings to us the WWE Hall of Fame: an event hosted every year to award the superstars for their hardwork and dedication to the WWE, which made it a global enterprise. On April 6th, the Hall of Fame ceremony will be taking place, in New York/New Jersey, and it will start with a bang.

This year, many big names will be inducted in the Hall of Fame, including Trish Stratus, and the longest reigning WWE Champion, Bruno Sammartino.

But, there is one special man who is also being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

One man who played four characters throughout his stint in the WWE, and played them to perfection. One man who goes out every night, and does his job to please the crowd. That man, readers, is none other, than Mrs Foley’s baby boy, Mick Foley.

Yet, Mick Foley revealed on Twitter that he will be announcing the name of the lucky professional who would be inducting him, and presenting him this honor. Mick Foley has delivered, and the news is shocking! The person who would be inducting Mick Foley into the Hall of Fame (class of 2013), is none other than…

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/realMickFoley/status/316638127030685696″]

Terry Funk!

Al Snow? Ha, obviously not! I agree with Foley’s decision of choosing Terry Funk, since Funk was his mentor, guide and coach. While Foley could’ve gone with the Rock, Terry Funk was the more appropriate choice, and I’m glad to see that Foley made the right decision.

I honestly cannot wait till WrestleMania, to witness this ceremony. Anyone attending this ceremony should feel honored and proud, since they would be seeing stars get rewarded for their efforts. Mick Foley and Terry Funk were the perfect combination for success in the WWE, and the Hall of Fame ceremony is going to be fantastic.

What did you think of this news? Did you like Foley’s decision of choosing him as the inductor for Foley’s induction to the Hall of Fame? Or would some other candidate be better for the job? Sound off in the comments section below, and do not forget to follow the author of this news piece on Twitter, @NextBigThingSiD. Thank you.