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WWE News: How Can John Cena Return So Soon?

Tonight on Raw, it was announced that John Cena will be back in action at the Hell in a Cell PPV against Alberto Del Rio.

How the fuck is this possible?

Cena went down two months ago with a torn triceps. He had surgery on it, and the timeline was that he would be back around the Royal Rumble. Recovery time would have been about 6 months which is perfectly normal for this type of surgery, but now we are to believe that in only 8 weeks he is back to 100%? From a medical perspective I have no real clue as to how this is even possible. I have some theories, but I will go into them later.

Normal Triceps Tear Surgery

The triceps can tear in three locations. First, it can tear at the area of the bone known as the proximal humerus (top of long bone in arm). Second, it can tear from the distal humerus (bottom of the bone). Third it can tear in the middle of the muscle.

Based on how the elbow of John Cena looked, it would appear that the triceps tore from the proximal humerus. I say this because if it tore there, then the muscle would have made its way down the arm, and settled at the elbow. This would cause a large mass of fluid to invade the elbow. The fluid is normally released by the body when something does not belong where it is, and the triceps did not belong there.

So with the triceps torn off the bone, it would need to be reattached. To do this an incision in the arm is made, the triceps is cut a little bit shorter so that the frayed edges of the muscle that appeared after the rip would be gone. This makes the muscle shorter and gives the surgeon a good piece of muscle to attach back to the bone.

The surgeon uses a special type of suture that attaches muscle to bone. These sutures need anywhere between 6-10 weeks to fully adhere and make the surgeon comfortable that the muscle is anchored down and set.

With the muscle shorter, it would need to be stretched out. This happens in rehab. Depending on many factors this process can take 4-12 weeks.

After the stretching is done, weight lifting can begin. Once the person is able to do everything they were able to do prior to injury, with no pain, they will be cleared to do anything.

So conservatively, the soonest Cena should have been able to come back would have been 10-12 weeks. That is very conservative and everything would have had to go absolutely right, which never happens. At most, Cena should have been gone for at least 24 weeks. Tonight we learn he has come back in 1/3 of that timeframe. And I have to ask how?

How is this possible?

First off, medicine and surgical procedures are changing very rapidly. What worked last year could all ready be outdated this year. The surgeon that worked on Cana was Dr. James Andrews. He is regarded as the best surgeon in the world when it comes to professional athletes. It is not out of the question that he has procedures that he uses that the public is not aware of yet.

What procedures could have been done?

Stem cell research is far more advanced than normal people even know. In fact, I would bet that when people here stem cell they think of the cells that are taken from a fetus or even the umbilical cord. This was true 5 years ago, and that was the only way you could harvest them. Now, you can take a persons own blood, centrifuge it, locate the proteins, and rearrange the genetic code of those proteins and convert them to stem cells. A stem cell is a cell that can be turned into any cell in your body. We know that we are full of cells buy many are specialized. Liver cells work in the liver and heart cells work in the heart. If stem cells were needed to treat a liver with cirrhosis, a stem cell would have to be programed to become a liver cell.

In the case of Cena, stem cells could have been turned into bone cells. The stem cells would have been injected into Cenas bone while he was under anesthesia and these cells would have rapidly rebuilt bone over the sutures. This would have drastically increased the amount of time needed to anchor the triceps to the bone. Also, I would not be surprised if Cena was given Human Growth Hormone during this process. Now before you get your vaginas all yeast infected remember that HGH has a distinct medical purpose and in prescription form, can be given by a Dr. to a patient. I am in no way implying Cena is using a banned substance. I am saying that for Cena to make it back so quickly, HGH had to be part of the equation.

Without seeing the actual surgical report, no one will be able to know for sure what was done down in Alabama, but one thing is for sure, a normal torn triceps repair procedure was not done. There is no way it could have and get Cena to the point where he can compete in such a short time. Some new medical technology and procedure had to be used. Just wait, in 5 years when medical 3-D printing is the norm, surgeries on athletes will never be the same again. Time frames for recovery will never be the same.

One Last Theory

We could easily have been lied to about John Cena’s injury. It may not have been a triceps tear at all. It could just as easily been some bone chips and fluid build up. If that was the case then this time frame of 8 weeks is exactly how long he should have been out. One question remains though. Why would the WWE lie about his injury? Did they do it because they knew how long a triceps tear would take to recover from? Is the portrayal of John Cena as Superman that important that they intentionally lie so that when he comes back that it seems miraculous? Are they that desperate?

I truely hope, that somehow, he is full recovered. I truely hope that the WWE is not rushing him back at less than 100% just for some ratings. If in fact Cena is not fully healed, he risks the chance of not only re-tearing the triceps, but causing other injuries to his arm or other parts of the body if he is favoring his arm. It is not only his body on the line, but the body of his opponent. If he is not fully healed an accident could happen leading to an injury of another wrestler. Because of Cena’s main event status, his opponents will be main event talents so if they go down with an injury it will not be good for the product as a whole.

Will the WWE ever be the same when Cena comes back? Will the spotlight still be on Daniel Bryan? Will the Bella twins be at the sides of their men in the inevitable Bryan/Cena feud? Time will tell.

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  • Steve

    Really? It was obvious from the beginning that they were lying about his injury. He would not have been allowed to continue wrestling if his tricep was torn off the bone. That’s not an option. When tendons are torn off bones, they have to be re-attached immediately. If they’re not, they shrivel up and die. Re-attachment is no longer an option at that point.

    As for why they “lied”(did they ever actually say what his injury was? I don’t recall that happening, but I’ll take your word for it)…IT’S FAKE! It’s a scripted TV show. They lie about injuries all the time. They make up injuries that don’t exist, they exaggerate injuries that do exist, and sometimes they don’t acknowledge injures at all. This has nothing to do with trying to make Cena look good or whatever cockamamie idea you people come up with. Funny, I don’t remember people saying stuff like that when they exaggerated CM Punk’s injuries.

    With that aside, you said that one could conceivably return in 10-12 weeks from a torn tricep. By the time Hell In A Cell rolls around, it will have been…you guessed it, 10 weeks since his surgery. And John Cena has shown himself to be a quick healer in the past, just look at how fast he returned from his torn pectoral and his neck surgery. Both were much faster than one would expect.

    In short, it’s entirely possible he wasn’t hurt as bad as we thought, and it certainly wouldn’t be the first(or last) time they didn’t tell the truth…and furthermore, even if they did tell the truth, it is definitely not out of the question that he could return this fast.

  • Mizzy del Junco

    It honestly came off to me like they’re rushing Cena’s return by skipping rehab to pop a buyrate and make good on Night of Champions not having a decisive finish. Him facing Del Rio was an easy match to fill because Rob Van Dam is pretty much gone and there wouldn’t be a better opponent to give Del Rio to wrestle for the World Title (despite it not exactly being a hot commodity anymore).

    Dr. Andrews wouldn’t publicly lie about the severity of the injury or the time-table of Cena’s return, so they’re probably going to quote him in some new article noting that Cena is recovering in a first-rate miracle.

    It’s really really stupid for anyone to rush back from rehabbing injuries because of the idea that you could worsen what you carried into the match (or game, etc.) Heck, Cena’s last few matches a couple of months ago had him wrestle with a wrapped up elbow because of the build-up of fluid that had started to balloon there. Obviously, if he feels like he can do it, then the WWE aren’t going to exactly say no unless under the most extreme of circumstances.

    Booking-wise, there’s nothing more to gain from this than a short-term boost in ratings or PPV buys (which is in jeopardy as it is coming off both NoC and Battleground). Cena hasn’t been gone long enough for us to miss him. If he came back at the Rumble, at least that would have been enough for us to be ready to welcome him back after working with no breaks for so long. When Vickie made the announcement, all the women and children cheered while the men booed. Nothing has changed meaning opinions of Cena remain largely the same, which one could argue that he may not even mean anything at all in terms of business.

  • Billy Weber (@TheBillyWeber99)

    Going by the timeline you gave it has been 6 weeks since Cena got the surgery which would be the minimum of what you gave. If he was able to get clearance form Dr James Andrews by the time hell in a cell is it would be 10 weeks from the surgery. We know Cena doesn’t like to sit on his ass and actually take a break and get healed so Cena probably said that he is able to go.

    Also maybe WWE is scheduling Cena but if he can’t go they have Ricardo there as a back up

    Or Cena is a robot

  • Kevin Berge

    I think it’s clear that Dr. James Andrews is actually from the future. He’s come back to heal our athletes while making adjustments to make them even better. John Cena is his perfect model. This guys is incredibly resilient that he actually made even Andrews surprised at how fast he healed up. Adrian Peterson and RG3 were just the latest test subjects. Cena has become truly superhuman.

  • Eric jens stePhen

    I think it’s awesome Cenas returning early the WWE sucks without him