WWE News: Injury Update On Christian, Mark Henry & Other WWE Superstars

As has been apparent lately, WWE has seen its roster depth dwindle a bit. This is partly due to a plethora of injuries on the roster. Recently, PWPIX.net  reported an update on the injury status of several WWE Superstars:

Christian: The wily veteran has been off of WWE programming for what feels like an eternity to his fans. Earlier in his career, Christian hardly ever took time off due to injury but has frequently over the past year. As of right now, he’s been out due to a shoulder injury. He is set to return late this month or early December.

What’s Next For Him? As much as I’d like Christian to jump back into the world title picture where he was last year, he won’t be there. He probably won’t be there ever again. Earlier in the year, he returned from a different injury to win the Intercontinental Championship. He could very well do the same but for the United States Championship instead. Christian has a lot of options when he comes back, but none will be any higher than the mid-card. At the very least, we can all hope that he remains consistently on WWE TV.

Mark Henry: Another veteran who was downed by a shoulder injury, Mark Henry is set to return at the end of the year.  One could assume that Henry takes back the spot he had when he left for injury. You very well could assume that he’d be back as the monster heel of SmackDown and competing for the World Heavyweight Championship. Will that happen? No.

I’m not even sure what Henry will come back as. Hopefully, he will return as that monster heel and not the comedic relief baby-face he was a few years back. Regardless, he will not be back in the main event scene. 2011 was great to Mark Henry, but I highly doubt 2013 will be kind to the big ole veteran.

Evan Bourne: Did you miss the little guy? At the time of his injury, I didn’t really, but I miss the little pothead now. Bourne has been out with a foot injury and is due back next Spring.

What is WWE going to do with him? Obviously, Bourne will be a midcarder but in what fashion? He could be in a random tag team paring like he was before he was suspended then injured. I highly doubt he’s gonna get a push any higher than competing for the United States Championship. Evan’s blown his chances for anything bigger than that with the synthetic marijuana scandal.

Hunico: We end our injury update report on the one and only Hunico. The walking, talking, talented Latino stereotype has been recently taken off of WWE’s low-card programs due to an ACL tear. He’s set to return early next year.

Depending on the way you see it, Hunico’s got the bleakest looking return. He’s not all that missed right now considering he was only making casual appearances on NXT before his injury occurred. When he gets back, he will most likely go back to where he was. He’ll be back with his buddy Camacho, and they’ll ride their two man low rider bicycle into unfortunate obscurity.

With my depressing predictions aside, I’m very much looking forward to seeing all four men return to WWE. I hope all four are given a fair deal upon their return. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think WWE has in store for each wrestler.