WWE News Friday, November 30, 2012: NXT Star Kenneth Cameron Arrested and Released

According to Examiner.com, Ringside Xcess and various other websites, Kenneth Cameron (a/k/a Thomas Latimer) of NXT Wrestling was arrested on 11/22 for disorderly intoxication and battering on a law enforcement officer. This is Cameron’s second arrest in two years, having been arrested in January of last year for driving under the influence.

Late last night, Cameron’s profile was removed from the official NXT Wrestling website and WWE’s official NXT homepage, sparking rumors of a release. Today, renown wrestling website PWInsider.com reported that the macabre Englishman had indeed been released:

Thomas Latimer, who worked in WWE developmental as Kenneth Cameron of the Ascension tag team, has been released from the company after being charged with battery of a law enforcement officer and disorderly intoxication in St. Petersburg, FL on 11/22.

Before his untimely release, Cameron, along with his Ascension comrade Conor O’Brian, was a solidified act in FCW and then NXT. As a longtime viewer of FCW and NXT, I must say that Kenneth’s release is quite untimely and a shame, since the Ascension act was really picking up in developmental and could have easily been the “Shawn Michaels” of the tag team due to his superior in-ring skills.

Where this leaves Conor O’Brian is unknown, but I suspect that he will continue to be a mainstay on NXT or be repackaged, hopefully not under his previous rat gimmick. However, I presume that we will know of O’Brian’s future after the next set of NXT Wrestling tapings concludes.

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