WWE News: Former WWE Developmental Talent Claims Bill DeMott Made Them Train Nude

Hello, my name is John Cavanagh.  I’ve been a long time writer here on Wrestle Enigma, and have officially become a prominent news writer.  My first bit of news features former wrestler, and trainer for WWE’s “Tough Enough”, Bill DeMott.

Reports have surfaced that DeMott forced developmental talents to train nude.  The former talent that broke the news was Kevin Matthews.  He posted it on his Twitter, even tagging a graphic picture in the post.

An example of one of Matthews’s tweets;

“Apparently @billdemott way of preparing ppl for TV is by having naked dudes sit on their face. I mean it makes perfect sense, no?”

While this seems like strong evidence, no assumptions can be made.

Why did it take Matthews six years to come out  with this story?  Who knows.  Was it a form of hazing?

Matthews promises to “reveal DeMott for who he really is”, according to his twitter.  His twitter account handle is @2CockyKM.

If these reports are true, things could get bad for DeMott.  Not only would he most likely get fired, but sexual harassment charges could become a part of the equation.

Any further details regrading this story will be broken here.  DeMott has not commented or tweeted on the situation.