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WWE News: Divas Division to Be Revamped in 2013?

According to, WWE officials have began conducting focus groups on the Divas division with topics such as their current thoughts on it, their past thoughts, their favorite divas, in what role they prefer seeing divas in and more.

Apparently, WWE officials have realized that the Divas division is no longer what it used to be with the likes of Sable, Trish Stratus, Lita, Mickie James and others and there is talks of revamping it starting in 2013.

In 2012, Divas such as Kelly Kelly, Maxine, Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Kharma (a/k/a Awesome Kong) and Beth Phoenix have all left WWE, leaving the company with a somewhat lackluster Divas division. The current division consists of: AJ Lee, Aksana, Alicia Fox, Eve Torres, Kaitlyn, Layla, Natalya and a returning Tamina Snuka.

I for one would love to see some of the NXT Divas, such as Paige and Audrey Marie, get called up. Of course, one thing that needs to be done to the Divas division is to cut out the two minute matches and to implement some actual feuds and storylines.

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  • brad

    mickie james needs to come back!

  • Michael Sparks

    Remember like a month and a half ago when a properly booked Divas match got “this is awesome” chants on Raw? WWE doesn’t. They already reduced the division back to toilet breaks.
    It’s a shame too, because even with Beth and Kharma gone this is one of the most talented Diva rosters they’ve had in years (not counting Aksana, who is terribad) AND Sara Del Rey as the Diva trainer..

  • Billy Weber

    I feel like this is the true test to see if wwe is going to do this. They have been getting rid of the bad divas such as the Bellas, and Kelly Kelly. I feel that getting in these new divas will help wwe in the long run. Now we just have to hope that Vince lets the divas actually wrestle and no more two minute matches and roll up finishers

  • Kevin Berge

    Rumors this vague really don’t hold much weight to me. Of course they are trying to salvage the Divas division. If they weren’t, there wouldn’t be one. I want the Divas division to survive because they have unique talents in the division. The problem is that the women need competent storylines and time to deliver. That’s all. Plus reinforcing the shallow depth of the division is a must.

    • Brett Chandler

      I agree on all the points you made. WWE needs to do that.

  • Sean Linhares

    Honest to god, the Divas could disappear and I wouldn’t be all that mad about it. Sure, they can be a nice thing if done right, but recently all their matches are just embarrassing. It’ll be interesting to see what WWE does with the division in 2013, although I doubt it will be much.

    • Brett Chandler

      I’d care a little bit. It would be somewhat noticeable since they’d have a ton of women employed with nothing to do (except for AJ and Rosa since they’re involved in storylines).

  • Marc Still Rules

    These Diva rumors should all begin with “stop me if you’ve heard this one before”. I can’t buy into an idea of revamping the division when nobody seems to care about them.

    • Brett Chandler


  • Eric

    1. That’s an awesome picture/featured image

    2. Ehh I’ll see it when I believe it. I’m in the minority in that I actually enjoy the divas, but a boost wouldn’t hurt. Bring up some NXT divas like Paige, Audrey Marie, etc and utilize the ones they have now. Alicia Fox does nothing same as Natalya. Do something with them.

    • Brett Chandler

      1. Thanks.

      2. I enjoy the divas, as long as they have an actual thing going for them. Alicia Fox has improved since the last time she got a push (as the undisputed Divas Champion or whatever the hell she botched in that promo) and Natalya has been figuratively dead since her farting gimmick.

      • Eric

        Fox’s mic skills I’ve always kind of liked, but her inring kills me.She seems so athletic at times, but then she’ll do something sloppy and just ruin it for me.

        Thing with Natalya, at least to me, is she has the charisma of a 2×4. If she could get someone to hang around with her or get something going for her then she’d do good I think

        • Brett Chandler

          Just have Natalya be quiet and not say shit because she sucks at taunting and talking trash. I agree with you on Fox.

  • Charlie G

    I feel like this is said every 6 months….

    • Brett Chandler

      Probably, but hopefully it actually happens this time.

  • Punk’s Hurt LULZ

    Exactly, Brett. Longer matches with GOOD wrestlers and have them FEUD. YOU HAVE A GOD DAMN THREE HOUR SHOW THE LEAST YOU COULD FUCKING DO IS USE YOUR FEMALE WRESTLERS DURING THAT TIME PROPERLY GOD DAMN. The reason why TNA’s KO division isn’t doing so hot is because they don’t get as much time as they used to (because of all the stupid angles going on that take up most of the two hours). But with WWE, there’s no excuse anymore for time constrictions. Make it happen.

    What I’d like to see is the division to be circled around Paige. She debuts, faces Alicia Fox, wins…then beats the crap out of Fox thus making the ref reverse the decision. Then Paige goes on a rampage just like that until maybe she gets a following (like a stable) and becomes the head heel diva with or without the title. This could work out great as most of the divas who are heel now can work as a face anyways. Will it happen? FUCK NO IT WON’T.

    • Brett Chandler

      I believe you mean she goes on a ramPAIGE. I know, I’m funny………..

      I hope it happens, though. The Divas division can mean something if WWE Creative cares about it.

    • Marc Still Rules

      even with TNA having their issues the KO’s still get some time pretty much every week. I can’t even remember the last Divas match I saw on TV that mattered.