WWE News: Details Behind The American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards’ Deal

Rob Feinstein, the original owner of Ring of Honor Wrestling and head of RF Video, who produced and distributed ECW’s DVD’s in the 1990’s followed by Ring of Honor and several other independent promotions in the 2000s, has revealed the details behind Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards‘ deal going forward with the WWE.

In a Facebook post, Feinstein revealed that The Wolves aren’t signed to a contract but will be working in NXT. After a few months WWE will give them a chance on Smackdown, and, if they get over, they’ll receive contracts from the company. If they don’t, then they’ll presumably return to Ring of Honor and the indies having gained mainstream WWE exposure.

Feinstein wrote on Triple H‘s stance toward The American Wolves:

HHH feels that guys from ROH and PWG are hard to transform because they have their set ways and its harder for them to break them down and remold which I understand. So the deal with them is that they are not under contract.

So in essence, The American Wolves will be a WWE experiment to see if a well known independent tag team can get over on the main roster television off their own laurels. If the Wolves were to succeed, it could begin to open up a whole new mind-set in the company on how they scout potential tag teams with many top independent tag teams such as The Young Bucks stating previously their main fear if signed by the company is that they’d break them up and change their attitudes.

The American Wolves are still scheduled to work for Ring of Honor’s Final Battle event on December 14th where they’re expected to face Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal in what could be built as a “farewell match” of sorts.

The duo made an appearance on last night’s NXT taping in Orlando, billed as The American Pitbulls.