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WWE News: Dean Ambrose Talks About The Shield, Working With Undertaker


Dean Ambrose is experiencing the high point of his career. As members of the successful Shield, he, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are three of the hottest commodities in wrestling at the moment.

With that, of course, comes publicity. Recently, the charismatic Ambrose sat down for an interview with Phil Strum of the Poughkeepsie Journal, in which he talked about the suddenness of The Shield’s success, how it came about, and how it felt to share a ring with a legend like The Undertaker.

What came across most of all was the amount of confidence Ambrose has in the ability of himself and his partners in crime:

“We know how good we are. We want to go out there and really try to grab the bull by the horns. The way we look it, it’s like this company is ours for the taking. The company wants young guys to step up and it’s like ‘I don’t care we’re taking over.’”

It’s been noted in the past that Vince McMahon loves this sort of attitude, and since he is the man who decides every facet of  a WWE stars career, it’s good that Ambrose and The Shield have adopted this approach. Treat every second in WWE as if it counts, because as many ex-guys could tell them, it only takes one moment for all your impetus to be lost.

“In our minds, we are the main event. Being fresh and being new, no one’s seen our faces before on TV. Maybe they knew me and Seth before we were on TV. Roman is a natural and he keeps getting better every day.”

This is also very true. Before actually appearing on RAW or SmackDown, Ambrose and Rollins had earned themselves a following through their time on the independent circuit. Roman Reigns, meanwhile, was more of an unknown entity; and yet, people have been very impressed with him also. None of these men are letting themselves down. They have all been stand-outs in their own way.

For those interested in how The Shield was developed and innovated, he gave some interesting insight about how it hasn’t really been a pre-planned concept, but more of an improvised one:

“I can tell you it’s been an ever-evolving process. I don’t think we knew where we wanted to go. Every week, it’s been a new idea. An on-the-fly idea. Coming out of the crowd was not a pre-planned, premeditated idea that someone came up with in a meeting room. Everything has kind of organically evolved.”

It sounds as though these three men have been entrusted with a certain amount of freedom, which is terrific because too much interference could easily stunt their growth. Ambrose choice of word, “organically”, is very appropriate. The Shield have been allowed to develop and build momentum at their own pace; it simply happens that said pace has been incredibly fast.

And working with The Undertaker certainly helped. Ambrose mentions having been a wrestling fan since he was a child, and nowhere does that come across more than when he acknowledges just how incredible it was working with the Deadman:

“Being across from The Undertaker is a very surreal experience. It felt like it must have been a dream. On the other other hand, this is a window that’s only open for who knows how long and how quickly it’s going to close. You better take advantage of it. At this level, it’s kind of like the fight or flight kind of thing. All of us are kind of put in a position where you don’t get intimidated by the magnitude or the pressure of it. You don’t feel it. You feel the aura of The Undertaker. He has a presence. This is the most legendary guy you’re standing across the ring from and as big of an opponent as you can get. It’s funny. The music’s playing. The pyro’s going off. It’s The Undertaker’s music. But once the bell rings and you make physical contact, it starts to work and the world shrinks down to a 20-by-20 ring and it’s any other match really and you have to stay on your game once the bell rings.”

It’s safe to say The Undertaker still has it, then. For us fans, I think this was when we knew just how seriously WWE was taking The Shield. Either they asked Undertaker to work with them, or The Undertaker himself asked to work with The Shield; either way, that’s huge.

If it was the latter (Undertaker asking to work with The Shield), you can bet that WWE are taking them 100% seriously as main event calibre talent already. Again, it’s encouraging to hear that The Shield are taking all of this in their stride, though. They refuse to let the magnitude of any match intimidate them, and this has come across in their phenomenal matches since debuting in November of 2012.

Take that into account. It’s been almost 8 months since The Shield debuted. And yet they feel so fresh they could have debuted yesterday. These three men have bright futures. And Dean Ambrose may have the brightest of all.

The rest of the interview, available here, was extremely interesting. Dean Ambrose is no doubt an articulate, compelling interviewee, and his answers are well worth reading in depth. Until next time, be sure to check out the rest of our great articles here on Wrestle Enigma. And on an unrelated note, enjoy TNA Slammiversary XI tonight!

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  • Kevin Berge

    Dean Ambrose seems like a guy who will have heavily touted interviews for years to come, similar to Chris Jericho. He has a lot of knowledge and interesting thoughts on wrestling and the business. That makes for some great thoughts to chew on. The idea that these guys are so free and accepted is great to hear as is the trust in their drive. Three future stars right are right now fighting as main eventers. The end goal would be for them to stay there, and I hope they do. Good work transcribing and adding your opinions to the script here.

    • Paul McIntyre

      Thanks Kevin. He does give some great answers. I imagine he’s a rewarding interviewee. One day we’ll know ourselves!

  • Sean Linhares

    Good fappin material for the IWC. One of the best 3 man groups ever, for sure. Probably one of the best groups ever when it’s all said and done IMO, but who knows. Awesome Interview which was written about by an awesome guy :)

    • Paul McIntyre

      Why thank you, Sean.

      I see them going until Survivor Series, personally. If they make it past that before WWE is done with them, then a big WrestleMania match followed by them slowly splitting up. Maybe The Undertaker…

  • Josh Rushinock

    If every Shield member is indeed taking the company by the balls and showing they want to each be Main-Eventers, then I predict all three will have very successful careers. And this makes me smile.

    • Paul McIntyre

      This could be the biggest star-making stable ever. Of The Four Horsemen, Flair was already a top guy and the others never really reached Main Event status afterwards; NWO, already main event guys; DX was the start for HHH, but Shawn was already a main event guy, as well.

      The Shield was literally three debutants, starting from the very bottom, all of whom could easily become main event guys. Incredible.

      • Josh Rushinock

        If they can beat Evolution and have every guy in the stable become a star, you’d be right. Evolution made two men’s careers.

        • Paul McIntyre

          And reinvigorated Flair’s. Quality stable. Was NOT a Four Horsemen rip-off as some say. Very clever idea that worked wonders for all four men.