WWE News: Cody Rhodes Injured at WWE Tapings

Cody Rhodes is one of WWE’s major up-and-coming superstars. He is currently teaming with Damien Sandow, and also one of the participants of Team Ziggler at Survivor Series. This news is a big shock to all Cody Rhodes fans, myself included, who wanted to see him compete at the second biggest event of the year.

ProWrestlingNet.com reports:

Cody Rhodes suffered an undisclosed injury at the WWE television tapings in Cleveland, Ohio on Tuesday. Rhodes landed awkwardly while taking a backdrop during the WWE Tag Title match, which was taped for Wednesday’s WWE Main Event television show.

PWTorch.com contributor Michael Cupach attended the taping and noted on his Twitter page that it appeared Rhodes suffered a shoulder injury and may have been concussed. Cody was noticeably absent when the rest of Team Ziggler appeared in a segment that was taped later in the evening for Smackdown.

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While this may be a shock to the fans, it’s also a big one to WWE. Rhodes was scheduled to compete at Survivor Series in a 5-on-5 elimination tag team match, but the chances of that taking place are extremely small. Due to this injury, Sandow finds himself battling Team Hell No alone, as Sandow and Rhodes were supposed to win the Tag Team Championships alone. Now, the only thing WWE can do is to pray for a very speedy recovery for Rhodes, or select another random heel for the tag team match at Survivor Series. Here are a few wrestlers who can take his spot at Survivor Series:

Jack Swagger and Michael McGillicutty seem to be the most likely choices out of all of them, and while I expect Team Foley to come out on top, it’s sad to see one of WWE’s future prospects to miss a huge event. While a fixed date hasn’t been revealed, I hope Cody Rhodes can return just in time for the Royal Rumble, or Elimination Chamber. I wish Cody Rhodes has a speedy recovery, and returns to the program better than ever.

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