WWE News: Beth Phoenix Officially Finished With WWE

Beth Phoenix (real name Elizabeth Carolan) was written off WWE television last night after Raw Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero fired her as Phoenix had failed to originally defeat AJ Lee after the former Raw General Manager picked up the initial win with an inside cradle, after the match was restarted by Guerrero Phoenix would attack AJ from behind and hit the Glam Slam for the victory.

Phoenix’s working relationship with WWE spans eight years, originally being brought into Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2004 following a tryout as the manager of Chris Masters, before being officially signed in 2005, repackaged and placed alongside Aaron “The Idol” Stevens more commonly known now as Damien Sandow.

Phoenix debuted as an on-screen ally to Trish Stratus in her feud with the psychotic Mickie James in 2006 before suffering a fractured mandible and having to spend a year on the sidelines, even having a titanium plate and nine screws inserted into her jawline. She would return in the summer of 2007, promoted as the “Glamazon.”

During her run she would capture the WWE Women’s Championship three times, holding the WWE Divas Championship on a sole occasion. She feuded with the likes of Mickie James, Candice Michelle, Eve and even Trish Stratus. Her most recent push saw her and Natalya pushed as the “Divas of Doom” but eventually the team was nixed and Beth would resume a solo career.

One of Beth’s most memorable storylines will be her on-screen relationship with Santino Marella, which featured Marella routinely jumping into the arms of Phoenix when standing in the face of danger, on several occasions even relying on her to assist him in picking up a win or fending off opponents.

Her departure will be seen as a great loss to the division being one of the few veteran Divas on the roster and having been trained pre-WWE, as opposed to having been hired and then trained by WWE development due to her looks. Phoenix will also go down in record as being one of three women to have competed in a Royal Rumble match, after Chyna and before Kharma.

Reasoning for Phoenix’s departure is to tend to real life boyfriend Adam “Edge” Copeland who will be undergoing neck surgery next month.

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