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WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Results and Review: Blood, Carnage, and Betrayal


So… bets on how long this guy lasts in WWE before getting suspended?

Money in the Bank is a time for new beginnings, a crowning night where the best in the business are joined by new names who have been given one shot and took hold of it. Opportunity like this doesn’t often come to everyone especially not to so many people. Thirteen men wrestle, and only two come out with guaranteed title shots.

That was the feeling coming into Money in the Bank. It was one of the best built shows this year so far. The card looked stellar, and the air was of unpredictability. WWE had done a brilliant job making this show feel special, and it only needed to do one more thing: make it such.

Rob Van Dam was coming to town. Philadelphia was promising to be a loud crowd. The talent was ready to do more than they ever had before. Stories were building, and explosions were promised for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

There was no doubt this would be a good show but would it be great? Every other Money in the Bank PPV had been near the top show of the year, and this needed to live up to that legacy.

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  • Revenger

    Yaaay ,the captions are back please bring them back for your raw review as well ,great article by the way :D

  • jacobstachowiak

    Don’t you mean “just the tip of the iceBERGE”? Yeah…

    Anyways, really good PPV. The WHC match was the best of the night and was just absolutely fantastic. I didn’t really like the Raw one at all, hated Axel randomly getting involved. At least they could have foreshadowed it instead of just making it so random.

    Besides that, I really have no complaints….oh wait, I forgot about the ending to Ziggler/Del Rio. FUCK YOU WWE STOP TRYING TO RUIN A GOOD THING

    P.S. told you fuckers Sandow would win oh and also excellente review. Captions were very funny this week.

  • Brett Chandler

    Alright, so this was a good show, with some great parts. The four main matches were all very good, but the undercard matches more or less disappointed. I can’t comment on The Usos vs. The Shield since I didn’t get to watch the entire match, but maybe I’ll go back and watch it since I’ve seen a few positive reviews about it…

    You pretty much described the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank ladder match perfectly as a beautiful trainwreck. This was just great. There weren’t many botches (none, I think) and it wasn’t an all-out spot fest. The fans in attendance and at home could digest the big spots, but the match wasn’t slow at any point. Ambrose and the Real Americans really shined. They had some great spots, especially with Ambrose skinning the cat onto the ladder and then Cesaro and Swagger tossing him to the outside. This proved to me that Cesaro and Swagger can be a good, if not great, tag team. Fandango was also pretty good here; the sunset flip powerbomb off the ladder got a big reaction from the crowd and I am interested in seeing where he’ll go from here.

    Team Rhodes Scholars was an essential part of this match. They had built up the tension between them somewhat well and it all came together in this match. Rhodes might have put on the best performance of his life here. He was all around the place and stole the show. Sandow worked well as the sneaky heel who betrayed his best friend to get a title opportunity, so if they feud for a few months, I won’t mind it at all. Great moment to turn Cody face. I hope Sandow doesn’t cash in too soon because they still need to rebuild him a bit and make him a more legitimate force.

    Axel vs. Miz was alright. The Brad Maddox promo that was before the match was okay too, but I’m a part of the BM Universe, so it is what it is. I like Axel’s new hangman facebuster finisher and proving that he could win a match without Heyman was a step in the right direction for his character. I agree with your point about Miz showing that he can be a lovable deceiving babyface, so I hope that goes somewhere, but I really doubt it.

    Like you said, I’m not sure where they go from here on the Kaitlyn vs. AJ feud. I guess Kaitlyn could move onto a feud with Layla or something, but I wouldn’t really look forward to that. This was an okay match, but you could consider it good based on past Divas matches. Kaitlyn’s elbow injury came out of nowhere really, so I didn’t enjoy that too much even though I think Cole explained it on commentary. AJ and Kaitlyn have great chemistry, though.

    I really liked Jericho vs. Ryback and I’m glad the crowd didn’t completely shit on it just because of Ryback. He put on one of his best matches to date and had some impressive spots. His new character works for me and the monster being a crybaby is something I think could get over nicely. Ryback getting the roll-up victory was a shocker to me, but it was a clean win and that’s what counts. I’m guessing this feud will continue for at least this next week since I assume Jericho’s being written out of storylines to go on a tour with Fozzy.

    The crowd was great for Ziggler vs. Del Rio and gave it a big match feeling. These two have fantastic chemistry with each other and work off each other very well. I’m glad Ziggler got more offense in on Del Rio here and they didn’t go with the concussion angle all the way through. They still had Del Rio target the head and such, but it wasn’t overkill. I initially liked the ending and I still do, but on second thought, it makes AJ look like a chump. She didn’t really have a reason to strike ADR with the Divas Title and get Ziggler disqualified, so I’m hoping they have a decent explanation for that.

    I was impressed with Cena vs. Henry and I’m glad the crowd didn’t shit on that too. They had great reactions for Henry’s offense and it was pretty much what you’d expect for Philly and Cena. Henry again showed why he’s one of the best heels today. His trashtalking, offense and mannerisms fit his character to a tee and it’s just so fun to watch. Cena winning so decisively by submission took me by surprise a little, so I have to wonder if this is the end for Henry’s WWE Championship hopes.

    Money in the Bank All-Stars was all I expected it to be. It was a very good match, but it wasn’t going to be as good as the SmackDown one. Still, I was looking forward to it more since it had been built pretty well and I was not disappointed. For new viewers who had never seen RVD, this was a great match for him. It fit his style and he showcased his signature offense in front of a hot Philly crowd. Sheamus took some stiff bumps during that match, especially when his leg fell down on top of the ladder and then when he went shoulder-first through another one on he outside. I knew Christian wasn’t going to have any big involvement in the match, but he helped keep the match together and the crowd came alive for one or two of his spears. Bryan was absolutely ELECTRIC during the end of that match and, man, it was just great to see. He was fired up and wiped out everybody.

    Although I’m not really looking forward to an Axel vs. Bryan feud, I do think they’d put on some great matches, so there is that. Punk GTSing Axel and then Heyman turning on him was a great shocker since I didn’t expect it to happen at MITB. Punk was cut open the hard way in that spot, but he’s okay. The RKO to RVD was really well done and Orton winning was fun. It wasn’t a complete shocker to me, but he has been funner to watch over the past few months and his 2013 has been way better than his 2012 so far.

    I’d give MITB a B. It was a great effort by WWE and all of its performers and I’d go back and watch all of the four main matches as I said before.