WWE Money in the Bank 2013 Results and Review: Blood, Carnage, and Betrayal

So… bets on how long this guy lasts in WWE before getting suspended?

Money in the Bank is a time for new beginnings, a crowning night where the best in the business are joined by new names who have been given one shot and took hold of it. Opportunity like this doesn’t often come to everyone especially not to so many people. Thirteen men wrestle, and only two come out with guaranteed title shots.

That was the feeling coming into Money in the Bank. It was one of the best built shows this year so far. The card looked stellar, and the air was of unpredictability. WWE had done a brilliant job making this show feel special, and it only needed to do one more thing: make it such.

Rob Van Dam was coming to town. Philadelphia was promising to be a loud crowd. The talent was ready to do more than they ever had before. Stories were building, and explosions were promised for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

There was no doubt this would be a good show but would it be great? Every other Money in the Bank PPV had been near the top show of the year, and this needed to live up to that legacy.

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