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WWE Monday Night Raw Results and Review February 18, 2013: A New WWE Championship

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One picture and I’m already sold on Raw.

To say that WWE is good at building up PPVs beforehand nowadays would be a bit of a lie. Even last night on a stacked card, they still had an impromptu match and one that had no build.

That said, all of that thought should go out the window for WrestleMania. This is the one night where you do not skimp on the card. Every match must have some meaning or at least be marketable.

While WWE has seven weeks to build the remainder of the card, they need to start right now in convincing everyone that the matches on the card mean something. The less thrown together matches, the better.

Every week counts, so the WWE cannot and hopefully will not fail now.

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7 Weeks Is a Long Time

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  • Brett Chandler

    B+ seems about right for the show. Opening segment was really good and with them in Dallas, TX next week, we could see an Undertaker return in the Cena vs. Punk match, but probably not. I do like how they didn’t do it on this week’s Raw just to draw more ratings and saved it until next week to get people to tune in.

    I hope Henry isn’t facing Khali at ‘Mania, but there’s no way they could make this feud go for more than three weeks, so I’m still thinking Henry will face Orton at the Show of Shows.

    Street fight between Miz and Cesaro was rushed. They’ve done the same thing at live events lately and people have sent in great reviews. I don’t mind this continuing until WrestleMania.

    Del Rio vs. Ziggler was okay. It wasn’t great, but it was a solid match. Ziggler/Jericho build is confusing me right now. If they’re not going to go all the way with it, what is Ziggler going to do at WrestleMania?

    WE, THE PEOPLE. Another great segment from Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger who are officially in my fave five right now. They’re absolutely fantastic in their role right now and I am very much looking forward to Swagger’s showdown vs. Del Rio at WrestleMania. On a sidenote, Swagger got new graphics and stuff which is a big upgrade for him.

    I’m guessing that if ‘Taker doesn’t, then HHH will return next week.

    Shield match was pretty good. Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins continue to shine. After a first few lackluster weeks on the Road to WrestleMania, they are now once again heavily spotlighted which is great.

    Truth returning to kill Sandow was okay.

    I still want Kane vs. Bryan for BOTH tag titles at WrestleMania.

    The Rock’s party at the end was pretty good stuff. The crowd which sucked ass for the rest of the show came alive and it was nice to see The Rock unveil the new title belt. It looks good, but I have to admit that I will miss the spinner belt. Also, it was only fitting that the spinner’s last act was knocking out the very person who introduced it.

    Again, I am pumped for WrestleMania and this show only helped. B+

    • Kevin Berge

      Ziggler is a guy who seems kind of lost in the shuffle as is Jericho especially with their feud now fizzling out a bit. If WWE doesn’t continue it, I have no idea where either man goes. I almost feel like WWE meant to have Jericho/Ziggler at EC originally.

      I have heard the Kane/Bryan idea for the tag titles, but that just seems more like a joke than anything. Would hurt the belts more than help them.

      I’m pumped for WM too.

  • DJ Huk

    As I see from your editorial on the Wrestlemania Match, the WWE already has the graphic up for the Cena/Rock match — the two of them facing each other intensely and meaningfully (though Cena looks slightly anorexic). So why would they switch it all to a triple threat match, throwing in CM Punk? What are they going to do, photoshop Punk into the graphic? I thought Cena came off sort of mealy in the confrontation with Punk, saying he really felt that Punk was a nice guy deep down inside, gee, that really stirs up the blood. Heymann was at his sniggering best though. Yeah, that old cuss Zeb is a hoot, but it’s funny that he’s not being allowed to say “Mexican” (unless I missed something). Maybe they are saving that for the final insult thrown into Del Rio’s face. Speaking of Del Rio, that cross armbreaker is still working to a tee: he wasn’t using that finisher for awhile, but he’s got it back to high gear: good match between him and Ziggler, too. (Gratuitous AJ observation: I’m seeing rumors that she’s challenging Kaitlyn [or whatever] for the Divas Crown at Wrestlemania–that is, if the Divas Crown means that much anymore. But not one word about that on Raw last night, and once again, no Divas.) I switched off Raw this time after the Ziggler/Del Rio bout–I wasn’t too excited about The Shield facing Sheamus and Ryback again, but this time with the retro version of Jericho (he said last night that the WWE was the only wrestling company he ever belonged to, but I seem to remember a stint with WCW … hey, it was on the commercial for the WCW DVD package last night!) joining them instead of Cena … and the Rock is beginning to bore me: I wish Brock Lessner would interrupt him and face him nose to nose in the ring (heck, I wish that was the main bout at Wrestlemania). So, C- for this round.

    • Kevin Berge

      They can always update graphics. WWE can turn out graphics in no time. If they plan on a triple threat, there’s already a new graphic in wait most likely. I feel like the way Coulter says Mexican would be hilarious. I feel like you missed a lot if you drop the show before the biggest angles for the show.

  • Chris Langford

    Opening Segment: I thought it was perfect and I’m looking forward to it but my straight reaction is that The Undertaker returns next week and costs CM Punk his Wrestlemania main event spot that he craves so much.

    Henry/Cara: Filler match but decent and not a straight up squash match. Best part of the segment was Mark Henry’s dancing at the end.

    Miz/Cesaro: I thoroughly enjoyed it with fast-paced action made Cesaro and Miz look epic.

    Del Rio/Ziggler: Decent match-up 2nd weakest of the night and the cash-in tease was well done.

    Dead Man Down segment: Awesome trailer, rather pointless Sheamus moment unless we are getting a one-on-one match at ‘Mania

    Brodus Clay segment: I nearly turned RAW off at this point, I know Tensai weren’t doing well before hand but this was jut awful and pointless, It would fit right at home on Superstars though.

    Bryan/Swagger: Awesome promo for Swagger and Zeb Coulter. Big problem I have with Swagger is his lisp but other than that he has talent and I agree him and Bryan put on an epic technical match to top it off.

    Heyman/Vince: Unless this is setting up Lesnar/HHH 2 please keep this off TV.

    The Shield segment: It’s hard not to get giddy when I’m a fan of all 6 men involved in this match and for good reason because it was a PPV quality match on TV, It was awesome and it looked like Rollins hit The Blackout on Jericho but Michael Cole immediately put it down to a knee to the head. This is how you book a heel Stable though and Roman Reigns is really standing out as the muscle guy. I expect big things from all three of them.

    Kofi/Sandow/Truth: It’s obvious that we are going to get a Rhodes Scholars vs. Kofi & Truth match at Mania or at least I hope so because R-Truth’s return sucked. Didn’t see the point of it.

    Orton/Kane: Obviously setting up Bryan/Kane at Mania but Orton needs to get out of this limbo he appears to be in.

    New WWE Title: I like the belt design and I loved the entire segment. If Taker isn’t coming back then the triple threat is the best way to go.

    B+ graded show that if in a Wrestling state would have been an A grade show.

    • Kevin Berge

      If only this show was in a wrestling state, would have sounded and felt so much better.

  • SiD


  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    Good show, give it the same grade as you, Kevin. Great review as always.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    Randy Orton was funny, he can be funny, he can be charismatic. JUST LET HIM DAMMIT!!!

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    I really like how the belt looks, prestigious and new while kinda being a throwback to the old style belt and also a new generation for WWE. The old belt had to go, it just reeked of poor booking. Besides the stupid bulls on the side that will have to go away, it is a pretty darn good looking title to me. TNA’s World Heavyweight title (not Haryd’s butterfly one) is still the nicest looking mainstream wrestling title to me though.

    • Kevin Berge

      The WWE Title is growing on me over time, and hopefully the bulls are only there until Mania.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    I wish Orton would get some direction :/ i’m starting to like him again.

    • Kevin Berge

      Some day, WWE will wake up and remember that he exists. That will be the day that Orton becomes relevant again. Don’t expect it any time soon.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    Sandblow was pretty good last night and I really loved Killings’s ‘return’ and attack on him. One of my favorite parts of the night.

    • Kevin Berge

      It had R-Truth in it. I would expect no less from you than to be marking out even though WWE has failed on so many levels with him over the years.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    I have nothing bad to say about the 6 man tag match. Just perfect really.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    HOLY SHIT BRAD MADDOX WAS AWFUL ON THE MIC….that’s all I gotta say about that segment, fucking obvious and pointless. Just get it over with.

    • Brett Chandler

      Brad Maddox is the GOAT.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    I didn’t hear anything controversial about Zeb/Swagger’s speech. Just the usual gimmick stuff. That stuff is expected. Anyways, Swagger beating that Indy midget hobo was great :)

    • Kevin Berge

      Well, obviously you are overly sensitive or Fox News. Both are very good things.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    Shovels vs. Broomsticks at WM, Triple H is guest referee.

    • Kevin Berge

      You just booked the greatest WM pre-show match ever.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    Sheamus/Barrett segment. Awkward as fuck is the only way to describe that. AND WHERE THE FUCK WAS BO DALLAS?!

    • Kevin Berge

      I don’t know where Bo Dallas was, but he was missed. WWE is probably scared of his potential as a star and felt that having him out there would make them realize WWE has missed out not already making a Bo Dallas movie.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    I love how Ziggler is being booked right now, like a complete and utter loser. Oh wait, he’s never been booked otherwise.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    “How did the Miz win again?” Because Cesaro blows. Simple.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    Khali vs. Henry II: The Re-Squashing

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    I HATED the Cena/Punk segment. Not because of Punk but because of how dumb it was. Just one little thing. I am perfectly fine with Punk beating Cena somehow and making it a triple threat at the ppv. BUT it was booked as Cena giving Punk a pity bang of a match. Which again, is fine. BUT Cena made it on his terms and Punk’s like “Well I ain’t doing it here. Lalala I’m a faggot”. If Cena was a human fucking being, he would have said “Alright, fuck it. You don’t get the shot then if you don’t want to fight me now. Part of the deal was that you fight me now, dumbass”. BUT OF COURSE THAT DOESNT HAPPEN BECAUSE CENA’S BOOKED LIKE A RETARD

    • Kevin Berge

      Absolutely agree, I even kind of find Cena’s sudden need to prove the critics to also be a bit frustrating. He’s a guy who has constantly said that he cares only about people expressing their opinions and not how negative they are of him, and now he’s willing to give up WrestleMania just to try and prove a few people wrong.

  • Jaykub StalksAWitch

    I didn’t really like the Shield until the Elimination Chamber. I like Ambrose, of course, everybody knows that but i didn’t like the other two guys or the group as a whole. But over the last two victories, I’ve really been sold on the trio. That picture makes it even better…

    • Kevin Berge

      The Shield are basically the second best thing in the WWE right now for me. First is obviously Bo Dallas’ rise to super-stardom one smile at a time.