WWE Hornswoggle: Why The Little Man Is Actually A Talented Wrestler

I lost a bet…

“I think Hornswoggle was an entertaining character for a while. When pairing with Finlay, well, it made a lot of sense for him to be around, but since Finlay is not an active wrestler anymore, I don’t know how could they justify his presence.”

“This is one of their most pathetic comedy attempts to date. Hornswoggle needs to hit the unemployment line already.”

“Hornswoggle is the worst to happen to WWE. -___-”

“Only the devil knows why he [Hornswoggle] is still active at the ‘E’.”

“Hornswoggle is a TURD….”
–Quotes brought to you by the brains of the IWC

Hornswoggle: a name that strikes rage into the hearts of all wrestling fans. If you were to ask people to name one person they want released right now, many if not all would say Hornswoggle.

Now, I’m here today to do the unthinkable. Not to bash Hornswoggle not to defend Hornswoggle’s reason for being employed. No, I am here to tell everyone that Hornswoggle or really the man behind the character, Dylan Postl, is actually a good wrestler.

Blaspheme, I know, but hear me out and pay attention to the caveats as well.

When people ask what makes a wrestler great, they have many different criteria. Moveset, versatility, in ring psychology, storytelling prowess, charisma, mic skills, and pure presence. Rarely do they talk about believability but, in Dylan Postl’s case, believability is exactly what breaks him.

Hornswoggle is a midget wrestler, standing at only 4’4″. Instantly you know, looking at a guy like this, that he can’t fight. When you see him work at all, he is instantly seen as comedic because he’s small. Never once does anyone think for a second that this guy could be a star, be a champion.

Underneath all that though is a talented competitor. There is a guy with good mic skills, innate charisma, a will to succeed. To say all this seems insane. He’s just an annoying little guy who barely talks. He ruins all the scenes he is in with horrible, corny humor.

Again, though, this is on the surface. WWE has given Hornswoggle two characters to work with in his career. First, Hornswoggle was the little gremlin under the ring who Finlay used a tool, and second he was the annoying leprechaun who didn’t even talk English until last year.

This is a man plagued with the worst gimmicks in recent memory and already handicapped by his obvious lack of size. If anything, Postl should be commended for sticking with the company so long with the way he is used.

Now, let me use an example. Most will say that Hornswoggle isn’t a good wrestler by noting his wretched performances in matches. Here above I present one of the best performances of Hornswoggle’s career.

Hornswoggle gets limited time in the ring as it is a tag team match, but he also shows off an impeccable understanding of timing as he fires off athletic moves that many larger stars couldn’t do successfully. He also perfectly sells tough shots by his opponents.

It is hard to say he was phenomenal here as it was weird to see big guys like Miz and Morrison sell the moves from someone that small, but the technique and fluidity of how Hornswoggle works is better than many stars who have much better assets on their side.

Beyond this match, Hornswoggle has shown repeatedly that he is willing to take big risks and shots. It is hard to forget when Mr. Kennedy hit Hornswoggle with the Green Bay Plunge off the top of the ladder at WrestleMania 23. He also hit senton bombs and frog splashes on multiple occasions.

Moreover, Hornswoggle continues to be popular with the crowd with a lot of untapped charisma and has shown he actually has good mic skills when given the chance (which were few since he hasn’t been allowed to talk for most of his career).

On the surface, if I were not to name how tall he was or his gimmick but list off his abilities in the ring, he would sound like a top talent. Instead all we know Hornswoggle as is an annoying midget who is only the WWE comedy guy, burying people into oblivion due to booking.

Take WWE out of the equation and let Hornswoggle show his full talent. That will show most people what this man can do. Watching what little footage there is of what Dylan Postl did on the independents, it is further proven that he is a talented wrestler.

He has done 450 spalshes, springboard dropkicks, and actually shows ways he can more credibly work with bigger guys. It is scary to see Postl in this environment in comparison as sometimes you forget he’s the same guy.

What is my point in the end? I’m not advocating for a radical change of direction for the star. I’m not even saying he’s a great star. What I’m asking is simply for people to look at Hornswoggle in a different way.

Sometimes, all we see is the surface work. We see some annoying little guy stealing the spotlight, but we rarely take the time to think of why he’s there or how he got there.

Hornswoggle is a talented wrestler lacking believability and a good character. While he may be annoying and insufferable on TV, just remember that he’s there for a reason. Know that if WWE wished for him to be a more serious attraction they could make him as such.

Whether as a manager or a commentator or even in a more athletic and physical role with a better character, Hornswoggle could be a more positive force in the company. Don’t blame Dylan Postl for what he is in the company. That falls on WWE and their creative choices.