WWE Extreme Rules 2013 Results and Review: The Monsters Make Impacts and Justice is Golden

Extreme Rules 1
Anyone expecting another John Cena taking time off tease? I think we need those like once a month nowadays, right?

It’s often said that WrestleMania is the end of the WWE season while the Raw after WrestleMania is the new beginning, but that keeps out an important step. The pay-per-view after WrestleMania whether it is called Backlash or Extreme Rules is the fresh slate for WWE to show off their plans.

We all know that WWE sets their entire sights on WrestleMania for months, but, when it is all over, it takes some time to recover. If there was a minor quality dip in recent Raws, it was because of WWE had to rest. Having to deal with writing for WrestleMania and then dealing with the packed international tour is quite a bit of work.

However, professional wrestling is not a patient sport. People don’t get off seasons, so we come to Extreme Rules where there are no more excuses any more. Ratings are dropping a bit lately. The Rock and Undertaker are gone with Brock Lesnar coming in and out as he pleases. These are the times when WWE has no safety nets anymore.

This was the night for WWE to make a statement which isn’t easy centered around a PPV that has been more ridiculed than it probably deserves. WWE could crown the Shield. They could even crown Ryback. They could make some serious revisions to a company that needs some forward momentum.

Tonight was the night that WWE had to put or shut up. It wasn’t about having a great show but memorable moments, something to kick start the company again, though a great show also helps.

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And the Game Begins Again