WWE Elimination Chamber 2014 Results and Review: Daniel Bryan’s Dreams Are Shattered

EC 1
Even on Black History Month, nobody gives Mark Henry his respect.


We are so close to WrestleMania. You can almost taste it. 2014 has been the year so far of building up ideas. The WWE Network comes tomorrow. WrestleMania XXX is in April. Everything is being set up to look forward which is why tonight was all about making sure that the future for individual wrestlers was bright.

Inside the Elimination Chamber, only one man of six would leave the victor. The other five would have to find some other way to get to WrestleMania. Meanwhile, Batista would get warmed against Alberto Del Rio, an opponent who could very well cripple Batista before he ever got onto the Road to WrestleMania. These were to be the two men to main event WrestleMania.

Elsewhere though, wrestlers were just trying to solidify their positioning for a WrestleMania spot. The Shield and Wyatt Family were battling for supremacy and looking for group solidarity knowing that 2014 could only truly be the year of the winner. Championships were on the line, and young men were tested.

The Road to WrestleMania was to be built upon the back of WWE Elimination Chamber for better or for worse.

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