WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results and Review: Who’s Going to WrestleMania?

EC 10
SPOILER ALERT: The Shield are all kinds of awesome.

Despite all the build WWE has done so far, the WWE still had no matches named to the card at WrestleMania until Sunday. Sure, John Cena was guaranteed a match there, but that was not even one guaranteed match yet as the WWE Championship still had some clearing up needed.

Tonight, WWE took its first two steps at least in making definitive statements on how WrestleMania will shape up. The World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship matches would be declared to some extent.

That’s why tonight was special. It was the last PPV before WrestleMania, and it was the last time that WWE can really create some shock and awe. What WWE did here laid the foundations for WrestleMania XXIX.

So who punched their ticket to WrestleMania and who was left out in the dust? Well, that can be answered one slide at a time.

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Inside the Chamber