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WWE Elimination Chamber 2013 Results and Review: Who’s Going to WrestleMania?

EC 10

SPOILER ALERT: The Shield are all kinds of awesome.

Despite all the build WWE has done so far, the WWE still had no matches named to the card at WrestleMania until Sunday. Sure, John Cena was guaranteed a match there, but that was not even one guaranteed match yet as the WWE Championship still had some clearing up needed.

Tonight, WWE took its first two steps at least in making definitive statements on how WrestleMania will shape up. The World Heavyweight Championship and WWE Championship matches would be declared to some extent.

That’s why tonight was special. It was the last PPV before WrestleMania, and it was the last time that WWE can really create some shock and awe. What WWE did here laid the foundations for WrestleMania XXIX.

So who punched their ticket to WrestleMania and who was left out in the dust? Well, that can be answered one slide at a time.

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Inside the Chamber

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  • Brett Chandler

    I thought it was a pretty good pay-per-view. Got me pumped up for WrestleMania, at least. I’d give it a solid B.

    Monsters of Funk vs. Rhodes Scholars was alright. It wasn’t five stars, but it was entertaining. I like the Brodus/Tensai pairing at least.

    Show/Del Rio was another okay match. It was obviously worst than their Rumble match, but I didn’t feel underwhelmed by the end of the match besides the botched enzuigiri.

    Miz vs. Cesaro was quite good. Cesaro’s shoulderbreaker was awesome. The ending wasn’t the best thing that they could have gone with, but it worked for me and it was at least well executed. Miz’s low blow to Cesaro post-match was badass.

    Elimination Chamber match was an all-out war. Fantastic, fantastic math. Totally marked out for Swagger’s win and his new totally awesome theme song. I know that ADR vs. Swagger is probably going to open WrestleMania, but I don’t care at all. Should be an awesome bout.

    Shield winning was shocking. Another very good match. “Shut up, Sheamus!” and “YOU AIN’T DOIN’ NOTHING, FOOL.” for lines of the night.

    Ziggler is the GOAT. Moving on…

    Kaitlyn vs. Tamina wasn’t painful to sit through and it was a fun filler match. Still wishing for AJ vs. Kaitlyn at WM29.

    Rock vs. Punk II was pretty good. It wasn’t the best match ever and I still think they have little to no chemistry in-ring, but it was okay. The result was obvious. It was a matter of HOW they were going to get to Rock retaining. I know people hate Cena vs. Rock II, but I don’t care. I’m excited for that match and just overall excited for WrestleMania.

    Great review, Kevin.

  • JacobStachowiak

    Poor Cody :( I don’t give one fuck about Sandow but poor Cody.

    Hit the nail on the head with the Show/Del Rio match. They don’t have the chemistry for a normal wrestling match. Besides, how the fuck do they go from TWO last man standing matches to a normal, pussy ass match? That’s retarded. It felt way off to me. Should have been a Texas Death Match..

    Subtle namedrop for Christian. Not fucking happening. Oh and Miz is totally the new dirtiest player in the game now…

    “to become racist..” haha fucking great, Kevin. Match was pretty dang good and I was pleasantly surprised with Swagger winning. Just all around great.

    Great 6 man tag match with a shocking winner in which nothing positive will come out of anyway but it made for a good moment for internet fans. Yippee. Should have been in the chamber but still really good.


    Kaitlyn is Kaitlyn, we can all be thankful for that. Oh yeah and the match didn’t totally suck, so there’s that.

    That mainevent SUCKED. Just Mehtastical. And don’t think its because I like neither guy, I thought their RR match was good. This?…no…and those two overrated bastards couldn’t even break the table on two occasions..

    I’ll give it a B- because fuck it.

  • Paul McIntyre

    Question: why, at the age of 41, is Big Show wrestling better matches than he has for the entirety of his career? I guess it helps that WWE are actually using him well. Fourteen years too late, but oh well. Thought this was decent, without being at the standard of their very enjoyable Last Man Standing matches. Don’t understand why Big Show tapped to the cross armbreaker when ADR didn’t once work on his arm prior to that; this again makes me think Del Rio needs a new finisher. Oh, and that botched enzuigiri had me cringing for the rest of the PPV. Nonetheless, ADR is still a boss.

    WWE road agent logic when booking: let Cesaro work on Miz’s arm all match, so it can play absolutely no part in the ending. I hate when that happens; completely pointless storytelling. Even more annoying than Del Rio making Big Show tap after doing nothing to the arm all match. The ending of Cesaro/Miz was poor anyway in this instance, but not using Miz’s arm in the ending felt pointless. Shame, because these two work well together and had another decent showing.

    Jack f*n’ Swagger; that’ll do lad, that’ll do. Was surprised and delighted that he won. Not sure how to feel about him being railroaded right back into the World Title scene so suddenly, but he’s excelling so far, and the Zeb Coulter character has been a big help in masking his limitations. Fine by me, because Swagger is a major talent, and he and Del Rio should mesh well.

    Didn’t really enjoy the 6-man tag, frankly. Don’t get me wrong, you’re right about The Shield; they were terrific. The opposing team didn’t keep up their end though, or they weren’t booked to, at least. The match lasted fifteen minutes, and they must have made three tags, one for each man. That’s poor. Good ending though, when things spiralled out of control. Could have really used the chamber though, this.

    Skipped Kingston/Ziggler; seen it 10,000,000 times, and new Ziggler would win, clean (scoffs) or otherwise.

    There was a Divas match? Either it wasn’t on my downloaded version of EC or I blinked at the wrong moment.

    Add Rock/Punk II to the list of average one-on-one’s The Great One has had since returning; it wasn’t remotely interesting until the final few minutes. Simply put, he’s too jacked up to move well and do anything more than go through the motions. Someone needs to tell him to lay off the weights (or steroids) for a while, although I guess having that much muscle may be a requirement for his films.

    At least the booking was better than for their first match, with Punk actually looking somewhat strong in this one and Rock not needing a restart to win.

    Overall: C+

    • Kevin Berge

      Something about these big men is that they seem to get better as they are older. I guess they are made to be more durable, so, as time winds down, they just pick it up to live a better impression in the long run. Show’s arsenal is so much faster and more diverse than even a few years ago.

      The two have chemistry, but their story is actually seemingly keeping them down. Just forcing them to plod along when they could be telling a much better story with their natural ability.

      I hope this first time ever match between Swagger and ADR goes well. Has a lot of potential.

      I understand the sentiment, but I guess I didn’t mind that the three heroes worked more in blocks, not tagging back and forth much. It still felt pretty balanced to me. The ending heightened the match to me.

      This Rock match to me was much more average than his other singles matches. I feel that Rock succeeds when he pulls in the crowd. Even though he needs to stop working 20-30 minute matches and try working more with a 15-20 minute window. That would give his matches less time to get too tiring for him. There’s obviously some issue with how he’s built up right now, but it is fine when he’s working the right kind of match with the right crowd. This night had neither.

  • SiD

    Grade: B+ in my opinion. Only because of Jack Swagger.

    • Kevin Berge

      Such a mark.

      • SiD

        Actually, get that to an A because of the Rock.