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WWE and Be a Star: Why It Should Be Even More Promoted

Let me tell you about what happened very recently in France.

Last week, a 13-year-old boy committed suicide by hanging himself in his room.  Two days later, a 16-year-old high school student tried to kill himself in the middle of the school by setting himself on fire, but he was saved just in time by his comrades who threw water on him.

You read that right, these two events occurred in the same week, both for the same reason: bullying.

I can’t even begin to imagine how hard it must be for their families, and how hard it could have been for them to live under such pressure. I can’t imagine how at 13, you can think of committing suicide and actually do it in such a horrible way.

In France, bullying is somewhat a taboo subject. There were some campaigns against money extortion by older students, but the problem of bullying has never been addressed. I am not familiar with what is done in the US at a political level, or the extent of the issue in American schools, but these two horrifying events made me think about WWE and the Be A Star campaign.

I don’t care that it is mostly a communication and public relations move. I don’t care if it’s a political move to help Linda McMahon’s career. I don’t care how hypocritical it may sound from the WWE. Bullying is a problem that cannot be underestimated, and I strongly believe that what WWE is doing can really help its younger fans to put an end to bullying.

Seeing professional wrestlers talk about it can help bullied children to realize that they are not alone, that there is hope and that they are people to talk to. It can help bullies realize that what they are doing – even unconsciously and with no bad intentions – can truly hurt. The Be A Star campaign can prevent bullies from appearing, and bullied children from becoming bullies when they grow up.

I know that it may sound utopian, and I am aware that it won’t solve bullying and that bullying will always exist as it is our nature as human beings. However, if the Be A Star campaign has once somewhere saved one child from bullying and from maybe committing suicide, then it is already a great success, and I applaud WWE for their action and their massive support, and I encourage them to strengthen it even more. Bullying is such an important matter that we have to stop being marks, to stop overanalyzing everything and to truly think about it and look at how bad it can become for some children.

Don’t be a Bully, Be A Star!


Check out the Be A Star Alliance website for more information.

About Mathieu Nicod

I am 23, French professional writer and translator, also looking for a job in digital communication/marketing.Professional wresling has been my passion for a few years, I watch WWE and TNA, with WWE being my favorte company.
  • JacobStachowiak

    “Comrades”? Was the kid in Mother Russia?

  • SiD

    Meh, suicide is seriously for the weak. Be a Star should be promoted, but you shouldn’t just give up because of something that took place in your life. I have one rule: if you’re having a bad day, someone’s having a worse one, so chill out.

    • Mathieu Nicod

      I think you seriously underestimate the psychological pressure put on children by bullying. I am no specialist, far from it, but every child is not strong, and it is your right to be “weak”, it’s not your fault, especially if you come from a family that has some issues. Not everyone is capable of stepping back and thinking with a cool head about what’s happening to him. You can? Great, but the person you are mocking “just for fun” may not be able to.

      So, because you are weak or have problems in your life, it’s not my problem if you commit suicide, it’s your fault, deal with it? You feel so bad you don’t want to live anymore when you are only 13, and your advice is just “chill out”?

      Wow, that’s a great human society you’re promoting here.

      • SiD

        Okay…see, the thing is… Kids need to know that SUICIDE is not the answer for everything. I agree with mostly everything you said, and I understand and everyone’s not as strong as others are, but for those who aren’t strong, just think for one moment, “Will suicide really help them?” If you commit suicide, would you be known as the brave kid who committed suicide or that coward who gave up? I understand the pressure, but yet, I firmly believe that suicide isn’t the right thing to do, no matter what happens. I guess my first comment came off as rude or something, but I’m sorry for that. I’m just pissed at kids threatening to suicide so…umm..leave..

  • Chris Langford

    Meh, Suicide is for the weak, I have no sympathy because they lost the battle. I feel sorry for their parents because they failed too. My opinion may seem like an ass’ opinion but I don’t care nevertheless the B A Star promotion should have a lot more promotion to try and stop this happening so much.