WWE 2013 Summer Outlook: Who Will Win Money in the Bank?

Money in the Bank 2

Each year, around this time, the summer begins. For wrestling fans, that doesn’t just mean that it is warm outside, and school is out. It also means that WWE is going into overdrive. The famous “summer angles” each year are legendary and lead to a variety of big time stories that are talked about for years to come.

More specifically, nowadays the summer brings the pay-per-view Money in the Bank where two men are more or less crowned World Champions. The Money in the Bank briefcase is more or less an assured World Title reign, and it has worked that way ever since its inception. The only man to ever fail in cashing in is the current WWE Champion John Cena, so his failure didn’t exactly turn out badly for him.

This year, the options to become Mr. Money in the Bank are more numerous than ever as there are no real front runners heading into the event, but there are quite a few men hot enough to gain possession of the briefcase. Speculation at this point is all we can do, but there is a lot to speculate upon.

Before I break down the contenders for both briefcases, I first want to quickly say that the following men are excluded from contention because they are near locks to be challenging for the titles at the event: Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler. This is somewhat speculation, but both are very likely World Title matches unless something changes before July.

Other than that, any name is fair play at this point, so let’s go through the top options to gain both briefcases on July 14th at Money in the Bank to really get the summer going for the WWE.

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