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WWE 2013 Summer Outlook: Who Will Win Money in the Bank?

Money in the Bank 2

Each year, around this time, the summer begins. For wrestling fans, that doesn’t just mean that it is warm outside, and school is out. It also means that WWE is going into overdrive. The famous “summer angles” each year are legendary and lead to a variety of big time stories that are talked about for years to come.

More specifically, nowadays the summer brings the pay-per-view Money in the Bank where two men are more or less crowned World Champions. The Money in the Bank briefcase is more or less an assured World Title reign, and it has worked that way ever since its inception. The only man to ever fail in cashing in is the current WWE Champion John Cena, so his failure didn’t exactly turn out badly for him.

This year, the options to become Mr. Money in the Bank are more numerous than ever as there are no real front runners heading into the event, but there are quite a few men hot enough to gain possession of the briefcase. Speculation at this point is all we can do, but there is a lot to speculate upon.

Before I break down the contenders for both briefcases, I first want to quickly say that the following men are excluded from contention because they are near locks to be challenging for the titles at the event: Mark Henry and Dolph Ziggler. This is somewhat speculation, but both are very likely World Title matches unless something changes before July.

Other than that, any name is fair play at this point, so let’s go through the top options to gain both briefcases on July 14th at Money in the Bank to really get the summer going for the WWE.

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  • Jacob Stachowiak

    One thing, what the hell was last year’s summer angle?

    I’d be cool with Axel winning it but it’d be too soon. Obviously, a guy can carry both the IC title and the briefcase but I don’t think he’ll need it to get him over. Paul Heyman accompanying him will do enough of a job instead of attaching him with a briefcase.

    I want Cody to win :( so sad. He’ll just get his ass beat in the match and serve as a tackling dummy like he has been for months upon months now. He’s only beaten Zack Ryder and Sheamus in a handicap match for f’n sake.

    “he is 38 and given a “thanks for being a work horse” mini-title reign.” I wish Killings would have gotten that :l why’s Henry the only black guy who gets to have one of those?

    The WHC briefcase will probably be the last of the two to be cashed in again since its had the most recent title change and Ziggler is really the guy who should be the one in the hunted role. It’d be very ironic how he took forever when he was Mr. Money In The Bank and now he’s being constantly hunted by hopefully a strong heel.

    I’m really thinking Sandow will win the blue one this year. Just seems like he will though I hope he cashes it in and loses.

    Fuck Cesaro and YEAH CHRISTIAN! That’d be awesome.

    Oooh that Big E storyline sounds so freaking intriguing. It won’t happen.


    Eh on Ryback but whatever keeps him strong is best for everybody.

    I really love Cena saying that the guy who will cash in the red briefcase must beat him fairly for it, sets up the other guy really well.

    The Shield idea is just too soon and it’d be kinda unfair, they have their own heat and great program and shouldn’t cramp on another person’s opportunity to win it.

    I’d be fine with Ryback winning it, it’d just be awkward seeing him carry around the clunky thing

    I’m all for Orton winning the case and turning heel but I doubt it’ll happen, Bryan obviously looks like he’s set to win it which isn’t bad either. I’d be happy with either of these two. Orton can turn heel but Bryan shouldn’t. If Bryan wins it, I hope he cashes in fairly win, lose or draw. With Orton, I’m in favor of cashing in to turn heel since he’s already been a credible world champion before (doesn’t work well with Ziggler, Del Rio, Swagger because they never had a normal credible reign before).

    So my final predictions to win the cases: Bryan cashing in fairly on Cena at Summerslam, Sandow carrying around the briefcase for awhile and teasing Ziggler with it for a long time before finally failing (that Big E choice though sounds amazing).

    • Kevin Berge

      Um… I guess the CM Punk WWE title reign and AJ’s turn to insanity?

      On Rhodes, it’s really sad actually. I like the guy, and he deserves at least better than being the credible heel JTTS.

      Well, R-Truth nearly got that shot with his big heel turn. Maybe he would have before he got suspended though by then he was already pegged for a face turn. I don’t know. Guess WWE just doesn’t… well, they kind of like him but not enough?

      I just hope the WHC one has a heel who is made strong over time. The problem: it will take a lot of building. Hopefully, they don’t rush it, and the Ziggler being the one hunted is a cool dynamic.

      Meanwhile, the WWE Title cash in should be done in a special way. It better be Orton or Bryan though.

      I have no problem with your predictions. Sandow seems the less likely, but who else? Hoping for Big E though storyline wise.

  • Sean Linhares

    If Axel were to compete in the MITB match, he’d almost HAVE to win. I just don’t see it yet, as WWE is clearly looking for a bit slower ascension to the top of the title scene w/ Axel.

    Lulzzzzz. Rhodes has been the favorite to win this forever. I see him being in the match, but not winning. Just cuz.

    He could be in it, but I don’t think there’s a chance in hell RVD wins it. Like you said, he has a short term contract, why the hell should he get the belt?

    I wish. Sadly, he’ll just be a spot monkey again if he’s back in time. Actually have no idea if he will be. Hard to hate someone like Kofi, really good worker.

    No, Y2J won’t win it. Doubt he’ll win it, cuz I’m pretty sure that MITB or SummerSlam are his last shows in his current run w/ WWE, so he’ll probably be involved in a big feud or something.

    Don’t totally understand the second slide……I thought you were just listing guyz…… So yeah…..

    Ugh, I wish Sandow could win it. He isn’t quite ready for a singles main event run though. I mean, he’s never won a midcard title, so I’d say next here he should and coould.

    Ugh I wish. Cesaro is really talented, but the company has really cut his ball off recently. His alliance w/ Coulter could change that though, so I expect him to be in the match at least. Who knows, maybe he will win it.


    OMG so many yes’s to Big E. He’s a beast. Simple enough. He may not be ready for a world title shot, but bah gawd I’d love it anyway. It works SSSOOOOOO well with Ziggler too. Ugh. He’s my pick.

    Ugh, I guesss we have to put Barrett in here. To me, he’s bland. I’m ok with him in the midcard scene, but main event scene? Something has to change. he’ll be in it, but won’t win.

    He could sure as hell use it. I’d be down for that, especially considering he’s really grown on me lately. Not totally sure what’s happening next w/ Ryback, but if he is in it, he could damn well win it.

    Ok then…..

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. WWE has built the Shield so well, not over pushing them, but also keeping them more than relevant. This would just be too much right now, so I say plzz no.

    Maybe…….I dunno…….I’d rather see Ryback on Smackdown.

    Ugh a feud between Cena and Orton would be toooooo good. I’d love that, but the thought of Orton winning would kinda suck unless he turns heel….. Which would be AWESOME. Ok I’m down with Orton winning now.

    Bah gawd it’d be spectacular. Everyone has heard the rumors of WWE putting Bryan in a program with Cena, so this is definitely possible. Hopefully it happens, cuz the heat on that feud would be off the charts.

    Money In The Bank iz gunna be awesome.

    As always, well done and a good list.

    • Kevin Berge

      The first part was the “missing the cut” section as titled. Those who cannot win the briefcase for some reason or another. Axel is too early. RVD is too short term. Rhodes is a jobber. So on.

      The WHC was built up as the classic situation. The problem is that there’s no one really ready. Cesaro too early in his new build. Sandow too misused lately. Barrett maybe but only because his competition is weaker. Big E is a cool story pick, but he’ll need a lot of build afterward. Ryback is perfect for it, but apparently now he’s facing Jericho randomly.

      The WWE one is clearer. The wild cards are just there as the far out choices. Bryan or Orton should win, and I’m hoping one does.

      Looking forward to Money in the Bank as well. Thanks.