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Writer’s Manual

For new writers to Wrestle Enigma, the process to creating an article can be mysterious and, in some cases, complicated. This manual serves as a guideline to provide newer members with the proper insight to begin posting on a regular basis. The following steps should be taken slowly and carefully:

1. At the very top of any page on the site, your “dashboard toolbar” will appear if you are logged in. On the toolbar, the button “+ New” is shown; click this button and it will take you to the layout in which you write out your article.

2. If you already know what your title is going to be, enter it at the top of the page (in the bar that is under “Add New Post”).

3.  Below the title bar, your main article layout is located. In here, you will write out your article and give it any tweaks you wish. Make sure to “Save Draft” after you have written numerous paragraphs to avoid losing any of your work. Also, after you save a draft, you can click the “Preview” button and it will show you how your article will appear when it is published. Make sure to preview your article often to confirm it will appear exactly the way you want it.

4. To add a picture to your article, click the appropriate line in a paragraph of space in the article that you want the picture to appear. Then, click the “Add Media” button which appears on the left-hand corner (above the “B” for bold button). This will bring up our media gallery. In here, you can either choose a picture that is already in the gallery or you can upload a picture from your computer or insert it via URL link.  The uploading process may take awhile and your picture may not appear to have uploaded completely at first. To solve this, simply close the media gallery then reenter it.

5. To add a video to the article – from Youtube or Dailymotion – you can post the link within the article. The video should come out correctly when you preview and publish your article. If it does not, go to the video page and get the code under the “share” column and embed it in the “text” column of the article creation screen in the appropriate line.

6. If you wish to include a tweet from a wrestler or any account relating wrestling, please read the following steps. First of all, go to the tweet you are interested in and click “more” on the bottom right hand corner of it. After that, click “embed tweet” and copy the code Twitter provides you. Then, click on the “Text” form and paste the code where you want it to appear on the article.

7. On the right hand side of the page, under “Categories” select the appropriate topic for your article. If the article is about Ring Of Honor, you should choose “Ring Of Honor” etc.

8. Scroll down to the “All In SEO Pack” form and fill out the appropriate information. This form will help the search engine ranking your article will receive.

9. On the right hand side of the page, where it says “Featured Image” click the “Set Featured Image” link. This will bring up the media gallery once again and you must select which picture you want to correspond with your article on the homepage and in archives.

10. Finally, if you have finished proofreading and previewing your article and you are satisfied with the content, you may click the blue “Publish” button and your article will appear as the newest post on the homepage.


Creating a slideshow is near identical to normal article creation except for a few steps.

1. To activate the slide feature, make sure the option is activated in your article creation area. It is in the column of tabs on the right-hand side titled “Theia Post Slider”. This option is, by default, enabled but it would be wise to double check when you can. Also, that option can be left enabled even if you are producing a normal non-slideshow article.

2. When you are done writing out the text for your first slide and you wish to continue with your second slide, find the “Page Break” button. That will place a line that will officially end that slide which will allow you to begin writing on your next slide.

page break

3. Make sure NOT to include the “Page Break” step at the bottom of your last slide or that slide will not be presented correctly. If you do include it, your slideshow will end up having a blank slide at the end of it.


For podcast creation, you can read this link.

NOTE: If you have any problems, questions or concerns regarding the creation of your article, make sure to email staff@wrestleenigma.com so it can be resolved.