Wrestling’s Greatest Rivalries: Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett (2010-11)

We’ve never seen this before! The level of intensity will skyrocket! 

Total Nonstop Action was built on some historic rivalries. The face of the company, AJ Styles, has been in the company since day one, and has produced some excellent feuds and matches. Simply put, an integral part of any wrestling brand is it’s rivalries, and TNA have had some of the best rivalries of the past decade.

While there have been countless personal rivalries like AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels, or Bobby Roode vs James Storm, but there’s one rivalry in IMPACT that beat them all. This rivalry was extremely personal, and included the family of both wrestlers, with their divorces, marriages and kids. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you, one of the greatest rivalries of TNA, and the whole pro wrestling world in the last decade! Let me describe the epic saga of the founder of TNA, Jeff Jarrett, pitted against Wrestling’s first Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle. Let us take a ride down memory lane, and witness this feud once again, by the eyes of one humble fan.

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett

Year: 2010-11

Organization: IMPACT Wrestling (also known as Total Nonstop Action)

Other participantsKaren Jarrett, Jarrett’s kids, Chyna

Number of matches: Five plus one mixed tag team match

  • Participants

Kurt Angle

Wrestling’s only Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle is currently one of the best in ring technicians in the world. Known for being a hard-hitting grappler, Angle can vary his style to suit his opponent, as well as the situation. He has always been a hard worker, and is still in the shape of his life, even though he’s one of the eldest members of the IMPACT roster. Kurt Angle was involved in amateur wrestling throughout high school, and he, along with his brothers, were interested in amateur wrestling. As said by Kurt Angle himself in his book “It’s True! It’s True!”, his family always used to think of pro wrestling in a negative way, while everyone in his family aimed for the Olympics. After winning the Gold Medal in 1996 to a huge ovation, Kurt Angle took a short break, and then proceeded to join World Wrestling Entertainment, and became a legend. Battling many greats such as Chris Benoit, Edge and many others, he decided to call it quits, citing a health decision.

Realizing that he made the right move, he went on to a different company, which provided a lighter schedule and less matches. That company is TNA. He had intense rivalries with Samoa Joe, which is still regarded as one of the best feuds in TNA. Samoa Joe and Kurt both provided the fans with brilliant matches and a worthwhile feud. He also had a pivotal role in the Main Event Mafia, which is one of the most, if not the, successful stables in TNA. He, then, proceeded to feud with Desmond Wolfe, and then had countless other feuds before becoming the World Champion. Immortal came in his way, and thus the epic rivalry began.

Kurt Angle, at the current age of 43, is one of the most energetic wrestlers to ever step foot in the ring. Every night, Angle goes out and leaves his best in the ring, and is truly respected for it. Not one person has ever called Angle out for his wrestling ability, and rightfully so. Kurt Angle is one of the most trustable superstars on the roster, as he puts on a five star show everyday. We can all imagine what would have taken place when he feuded with the following person.

Jeff Jarrett

Double J, Jeff Jarrett, is the founder of Total Nonstop Action. The man who, along with Jerry Jarrett, built the company, Jeff Jarrett is one of the most solid athletes in the world currently. Before he founded TNA, he had a poor career in the WWE. Debuting as a country singer who needed to elevate his career via wrestling, Double J used different phrases in his promos like ‘ain’t I great?’ and always used to end his promos by repeating his name: that’s J-E-Double F, J-A-Double R, E-Double T! He had brief feuds with Bret Hart, Razor Ramon and Diesel. He then left WWE to join their rivals, World Championship Wrestling! He was inducted into the Four Horsemen, but he quit their group, and feuded with one of their members, before quitting WCW for the WWE, even though WCW was beating WWE in the Monday Night Wars at that time.

He returned to the WWE in 1997 and cut a shoot promo, criticizing Eric Bischoff and the Undertaker. He, then employed some body guards, and then started smashing acoustic guitars over his opponent’s heads. After having a brief stint with the WWE, he returned to WCW again. He stayed in the WWE for over two years, feuding with countless wrestlers, but then was ultimately fired. Vince McMahon ‘fired’ him on the air, and made fun of his signature catchphrase by saying that he’s G-Double O-Double N- Double E: Goonnee! Then, Jarrett had a stint with Wrestling All Stars in Europe and Australia, but then, in 2002, Jeff Jarrett finally made his own company: IMPACT Wrestling. TNA, at first, ran at a Pay-Per-View system, but then was officially telecasted on Fox. He was an integral part of TNA, as he won championships, and became famous. After ‘leaving’ TNA for a while, he was the driving force behind TNA’s project, Ring Ka King. He was the international ‘boss’ of the show, and he played his part to perfection. Currently, he competes in AAA, and is one of the biggest names in the pro wrestling industry. Jarrett has been a vital cog of any promotion that he competed for, and he has proved to his critics that he can play any role with near perfection. Jarrett is one of the best athletes on the scene today, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he will be in the Hall of Fame soon.

It was evident that pitting these two against each other is equal to ratings and money. How did it happen? What was the story? What was the aftermath? These questions are answered below, as you, and me take a ride down memory lane, and experience the beauty of Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett.

Tale of the Tape

Kurt Angle

Jeff Jarrett




 240 lbs

 235 lbs

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

 Nashville, Tennessee

The Feud

  • The Beginning

After a competitive feud with Mr Anderson, with brutal matches and vicious battles, Kurt Angle told the world that he will quit professional wrestling, Kurt Angle returned to IMPACT Wrestling (known as TNA at that time) on the May 20th episode. The Top Ten Contenders had been decided by the committee, and Kurt Angle was number two in the list, out of ten contenders. Kurt Angle said that he needed to resurrect his career, and thus took himself out of the contender-ship. He said that he will go to the bottom, and then he would work his way to the top.

I don’t know if Angle’s doing the right thing or not. -Taz

He gained victories against Kazarian and Desmond Wolfe, who were number ten and nine in the Championship Committee rankings. Before his scheduled match with Pope, he announced that if he loses, he would retire from professional wrestling. He ultimately defeated the the Pope (#8), and defeated Hernandez (#7) and AJ Styles (#6) in the upcoming weeks. Due to the fact that Abyss injured Rob Van Dam, the World Title was vacated. Instead of continuing in the pursuit of being the ‘top dog’, he entered himself in the Top Eight Wrestlers for the World Championship.

To begin, he defeated the (then) TV Champion, Doug Williams. He now had to wrestle the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy at No Surrender. Their match was breath-taking, but it ended in a draw, as the 20 minute time limit was succeeded. Eric Bischoff made his way to the ring, and added five more minutes to the match, in vain. Bischoff added another five minutes to the bout, and yet, Hardy and Angle couldn’t get the three count on one another. Thus, Eric Bischoff ruled this match as a ‘no contest’. On the next episode of IMPACT, Hardy and Angle wrestled again, but with the same result. Eric Bischoff made a decision, and the main event of Bound For Glory had been set.

Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy vs Mr Anderson for the World Heavyweight Championship

The time had come, and it was the date where Abyss, TNA’s own monster, had emphasized that “they” would be coming to IMPACT, and they would be ruling TNA from this point. The date had arrived, and it was 10/10/10: 10th October, 2010. The stage was set, and the main event began. As the match was going on, the referee was down, and so were the three competitors. Eric Bischoff came down to interfere with a crutch in his hand, but before he could toss it to one of the competitors, Hulk Hogan made his way to the ring. Instead of retrieving the crutch, Hogan passed the weapon to Jeff Hardy, who blasted Anderson and Angle with the crutch, and pinned Anderson to win the World Heavyweight Championship! Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff had aligned with Jeff Hardy, Abyss and Jeff Jarrett, and were now calling themselves ‘Immortal’. Abyss was talking about the impending destruction of TNA, and it had arrived. Simply put, “they” had arrived. Even though Immortal had their night, it was evident that Jeff Jarrett had issues with the Olympic Gold Medalist.

The seeds were planted for their massive upcoming feud. Kurt Angle wasn’t done yet!

Let’s take a look at this blockbuster feud now. 

The Humble Beginning

Kurt Angle had lost his match at Bound For Glory. He worked so hard, and defeated multiple opponents, to lose in a dirty manner? He didn’t feel it was right, but it was time to do what he promised us all: retire from professional wrestling. He came out to a big applause by the fans, as they knew the American Hero’s career had to end.

It’s time, ladies and gentlemen. Kurt Angle is going to tell the world what he thinks!

Kurt Angle came out, clinching his ribs, and made his way to the ring. He said that he wanted to get a few things off his chest. Kurt Angle said that at Bound For Glory, he injured his ribs and his neck, but at what cost? He knew that he had the talent to be the champion, but he had questions. Why did Hogan and Bischoff screw him over? Angle says that he didn’t win the title at BFG; but he didn’t get pinned either.

Please don’t go! Please don’t go!

Jeff Jarrett comes out now, and says that the original condition was, that if Angle loses at Bound for Glory, he quits. Double J says that Angle is making excuses. He calls him an ‘Olympic Hero, A Father, and a husband..er, ex-husband’ to major heat.

Kick his ass! Kick his ass!

Kurt Angle was pissed at this statement, and said that he could keep that slut, Karen Angle/Jarrett, with him! Angle says that he put TNA on the map, he trained the rookies, and he stepped up to every opportunity he got. He blames Jeff Jarrett for being jealous, and thus attacking him at the grandest PPV of them all. Jeff Jarrett says that he’s taken everything from Kurt, including his career, and his wife! He asks Kurt to leave!

A huge brawl takes place, but security separates Double J and Angle. The security handcuffs Angle, as Jeff Jarrett viciously preys on his opponent. Finally, Taz tells him to get his ass backstage, because it’s enough. Kurt Angle was destroyed, as the crowd looked on. Jeff Jarrett had taken away everything, as he rode to the sunset, while Kurt Angle was down and out.

The next week, Samoa Joe tried to get revenge on what happened to him at BFG, as he was fed to the dogs, but again, security handcuffed him, and Jarrett began his attack. Joe was helpless, like Angle was, but Jarrett had no remorse. He was the owner of the company, and he wanted everyone to know.

At Turning Point, it was time for Joe to face Double J. It was all about revenge, as Joe had enough of Jeff’s beatings. He wanted to beat Jeff, and possible end his career. Jeff Jarrett being the mastermind that he is, was always one step ahead of his opponents. As the match was coming to an end, his security interfered, causing the inevitable victory of the King of the Mountain. Their feud continued for a while, with Jarrett always being the victor in their matches.

Also, by that time, Jarrett had started his Double J Double M A challenges, where he would ask anyone to step in the ring and try to defeat him. Jarrett powered his way through several opponents, but at the January 6th episode of IMPACT, it all changed. After defeating an opponent, Jarrett was posing, but suddenly, Kurt Angle rushed in, and did the unthinkable: he signed the contract, for a match at Genesis!

TNA Genesis 2011: Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle in an exhibition match

This is Jeff Jarrett’s biggest and fiercest MMA exhibition match in his entire career. Facing an Olympic Gold Medalist, he has his hands full. Let’s look back, and see what went down in this encounter.

Jeff Jarrett is out with his entire stable, comprising of six lackeys, when Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring with a huge smile on his face. Before the match, he says that if any of these chipmunks interfere, he would break their necks. With these strong words, the match begins.  Early on, Jeff Jarrett tries to ignore Angle, but Angle is smarter than Jarrett. He lies down, and waits for his opponent to scavenge him. Jarrett tries to make the first move, but suddenly retreats to his previous position. He is scared, and he knows that he’s in danger. Angle finally catches him in the corner, and locks him in the rear naked choke. After three seconds of fiddling, the first round comes to an end.

Jarrett seeks inspiration from his team, while Angle waits for the second round. The second round begins, and Double J grabs Angle’s waist for the first few minutes. Angle rolls into a keylock, and slaps the choke again. JJ reaches for the ropes, and gets up. Kurt Angle German Suplex-es him, and puts the arm-bar. He somehow changes it to an Ankle Lock, but unfortunately, time runs down, and Jarrett is saved by the bell. The second round commences.

Jarrett takes a break again, and round three begins! Angle charges in the corner, but JJ connects with a ferocious forearm, which apparently has a foreign object on it. He then connects with a few more right hands, and this match is over. Angle is cut open, and Jarrett is beating him down. After a vicious beat-down, Double J stands up, and announces that he has ended his MMA career, and there’s going to be a grand party this Thursday! He smiles, as he looks at the pain he just inflicted.

Aftermath to Genesis, and more!

As Jarrett announced that the match at Genesis was the last MMA match he ever had, and he said that he will retire on the Jan 13rd episode, and he’ll celebrate his career! He walked down the aisle, and says that it’s time to celebrate his career. He says that he’s a valiant warrior, and he did the right thing by not injuring Kurt Angle. He says that now, it’s time to hang his boots, and retire. He invites Karen Jarrett to the ring, but suddenly..

Kurt Angle is out! He takes out Gunner and Murphy, and enters the ring. He’s ready to tear Jarrett down, when suddenly, Karen Jarrett walks out. She’s determined to make her point, and says that next week, she’s going to tell her side of the story.

Everyone was wondering what would she do next week. Will she cut a shoot promo, or a simple talk explaining her divorce, her recent actions, and her alignment with Jarrett? There were more questions than answers.

Next week, Kurt Angle comes out first to start the show, and says that he provided the best of facilities to his wife and kids, and was a brilliant father and husband. He might not have spent enough time with his family, but that was because he wanted his family to have everything they could dream of. Jarrett ‘s gang come out, but Kurt takes all of them out, and asks Jarrett if he has some more. Flair and Bischoff, the prime leaders of Immortal, come out, and tell the police to escort Angle out of the building. After an hour, Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett come out, and after some shenanigans, Karen starts talking, and we were about to receive the answers we were looking for.

She said that after Angle won the Gold Medal, he was like a lost puppy. He had nowhere to go. After she talked more trash, Angle came out of nowhere and delivered an Angle Slam to Jeff Jarrett! Afterwards, Karen and Kurt had a stare-down, and instead of making up, Karen slapped Kurt! Jarrett gets up, and begins the beat-down on Angle, and ends it with a fierce kick to the mid-section. He mocks Angle, and then leaves, to loud heel heat. The Jarrett’s had accomplished their mission: they had made Kurt Angle their (expletive)!

TNA Against All Odds

The stakes are high for this match: if Jarrett loses, Angle gets custody of the kids, but if Jarrett wins, Kurt has to walk Karen down during their marriage vows renewal. The pressure is increasing minute by minute, as these two forces are set to combat in the middle of a holy grail us fans call a ring. It’s time to begin, and the bell rings. Here we go. 

Angle backs JJ in the corner, and there’s chain wrestling between the two. JJ puts a side headlock, but Angle easily pushes it off, and delivers a back suplex. He then slaps a Hammer Lock, and Angle is dominating. Karen is continuously screeching, as she prances up and down, excited for this bout. The crowd is on their feet, and simply put, this match is gaining attention. Kurt Angle is finally sick of Karen, and he throws Jarrett at her. After strolling, Jarrett gets back in the ring, and he connects with an elbow for a two count. Jeff gets some offense now.

A cross-body from Jeff, but only gets two. He goes for a different move, but Angle counters into a suplex, and both men are down. The audience is firmly behind Angle, as the match exceeds the five minute mark. Angle and Jarrett get up together, but Kurt gets offense to begin. Cross-bodies, clotheslines and three suplex-es, and then finally puts the Ankle Lock. Karen distracts the referee, and Jeff connects with a low blow, and then hits his finisher, but for two! Oh, my god, Jarrett cannot believe it!

JJ goes to confront the referee, but Kurt gets up, and Karen takes advantage of the situation. Jarrett slams Angle to the stairs, and then he grabs a chair. The referee takes the chair, and Karen comes for the distraction again. JJ hits the Stroke from the top rope, but in vain. Angle gets up, and connects with the Angle Slam. He pulls his straps down, and puts the Ankle Lock. Sadly, Karen interferes again, but Jarrett taps. The referee did not see Jeff tapping out, so the match continued. JJ grabbed a chair, and nailed Angle with it! Jarrett drops Angle, and gets the three count for the win! Jeff Jarrett is the winner of this match, and the crowd cannot believe their eyes. A match full of treachery, and cheating, but in the end, a win’s a win, and JJ scored the important pin-fall.

Renewing the Wedding Vows

Jeff Jarrett had Eric Young and Orlando Jordan by his side, as he made his way for the ceremony. Dressed for the occasion, Jarrett left no stone un-turned as he wanted nothing to go wrong. As he made his way to the ring, Kurt Angle ambushed him from behind, dragged him to the ring, and continued the brawl.

Karen Jarrett, his beloved wife, ran down and slapped Kurt Angle, but this time, Angle was prepared, and he jammed Karen’s face into the cake. He licked the cake from his hand, and left, looking at the destruction he had caused. The Jarrett’s complained to Bischoff, and now, we would have this ceremony again.

EY and Jordan, once again, accompany Jarrett, and Kurt brings Karen down the aisle, with a big smile on his face. The vows are exchanged, and Karen and Double J try to add as many insults as they can in their vows. Karen made many references to Kurt, by saying that he couldn’t take care of her, and wasn’t trustworthy. As the ceremony was over, Kurt Angle grabbed an ax, and began to destroy the set, as the Jarretts ran for their life. The guest, New York Jet Barf Scott, came to their aid, but he was put in an ankle lock, but the security broke them up. In what was described as one of the weirdest segments in history, all three participants did a good job building their feud, and it would be an understatement to say that everyone was looking forward to their next match.

Lockdown: Two out of Three Falls match

There will be three falls contested in this match. This is an Ultra 2 out of 3 falls match. The matches would be:

  • Match 1: Submission match
  • Match 2: Pinfall required
  • Match 3: Escape the Cage
  • First fall

Both men are in the cage, and the door closes. The match begins! Angle with a headlock to begin the match, but Jarrett fights it off, and sends Angle to the mat. More back and forth action between the two, and Jarrett puts the Figure Four, but Angle turns over, causing Jarrett to break it via the ropes. Angle then puts the Ankle Lock, and Jeff tries to fight it off.

Jarrett is able to lock in the sleeper, and he wraps his legs around Angle’s midsection. Angle fights off quickly, and charges, but Jarrett moves. Jarrett locks in the arm-bar, but Angle turns it around to an Ankle Lock, and finally, Jarrett taps. Kurt Angle wins the first fall.

  • Second Fall

At the beginning, Angle is thrown into the cage, and Jarrett hits the Stroke quickly. Both men get up, and clothesline each other. Jarrett and Angle are fighting, but Jarrett low-blows Angle, and goes for a Stroke again, but Angle rams him into the cage wall, and gives the Angle Slam. He only gets a two.

Angle puts Jarrett on the top rope, and Kurt tries to suplex, but he can’t follow up. He connects with a Belly-To-Belly, though, but it’s still two. Kurt Angle connects with an RKO, and he goes for another Angle Slam, but Jarrett rolls him up, and catches the tights for the win. The second round is won by Double J, Jeff Jarrett!

  • Third Fall

Jarrett begins the assault to Angle, and throws him on the cage. Jarrett unlocks the cage, but Angle gets up, and delivers a German suplex. He connects with another. One more German suplex. A fourth, and now, a fifth suplex! Kurt Angle is on fire, and he’s letting everyone know. Angle goes back to the steps, but returns, and closes the door. He wants to hurt JJ, and he’s showing it.

Jarrett is cut open now, and Angle is enjoying every second of this beat-down. Angle now goes to climb the cage, but Gunner comes out, and tries to stop Angle, but Angle goes to a different corner, where he’s stopped by Scott Steiner. Angle delivers a breath-taking moonsault, and he finds the keys to the padlock. He opens the door, but Karen sprays perfume in his eyes, and the match continues. Angle puts an Ankle Lock on Jarrett, but Jarrett slams a guitar on Kurt’s head. Angle, being the valiant warrior that he is, puts another lock, but this time, Karen pushes the steel door on Angle’s face, and Jeff escapes the cage, and wins the match! Jeff Jarrett, with some treachery, has overcome the odds, and defeated Angle, not once, but twice!

Heading Up China Town!

At Sacrifice, Kurt Angle was supposed to tag with someone against the team of the Jarrett’s. Therefore, to begin the May 12th show, the Jarrett’s came out, and they wanted a truce with Angle. Jeff said that he has no problems with the Olympic Gold Medalist, and he doesn’t want to put the Queen of the Mountain, Karen Jarrett, in harm’s way. He wants Angle to hug it out, and bury the hatchet.

Kurt Angle does come out, and instead of hugging and other shenanigans, he takes the mic and cuts a solid promo on how the Jarrett’s are douches, and he says that he’ll tag with his associate, who will be revealed later. Jarrett knew who she was, and thus he was scared! Karen, however, was waiting for the announcement. Afterwards, Mic Foley comes out and reveals his associate: Chyna! Chyna has come to IMPACT Wrestling! Oh, my god!


The first mixed tag team match of this entire feud, Kurt Angle/Chyna take on the team of the Jarrett’s. In what was supposed to be a thrilling bout, it failed to live up to the expectations, yet was an interesting match. The detailed result is as follows.

The men start the match, and Angle knocks Jeff down. Kurt toils with Jarrett for a while, before pointing to Chyna, and she enters the ring to a huge pop. Jarrett runs for his life, as Karen enters.

Chyna’s going to kill you!

Jeff sneaks in on Kurt, and ambushes him from behind, and Chyna is forced to go outside. It’s time for the heels to dominate now, as the Jarrett’s are on the attack. Angle connects with a few arm shots now, and then puts the Ankle Lock. Karen comes int he ring, but Angle grabs her, and tries to take her to Chyna, but Jeff drops him. Again, Jeff is on the offense, but Kurt counters with a belly to belly. Angle dominates for some more time, before finally tagging in Chyna, who delivers a huge suplex. The ninth wonder of the world has momentum by her side, and she corners Karen. Chyna lays her out with a Pedigree, and she applies the Ankle Lock on her. Kurt applies the hold on Jarrett, and they both tap out simultaneously. Ladies and gentlemen, your winners are the team of Kurt Angle and Chyna!

Slammiversary IX

If Kurt Angle wins, he will become the number one contender, but if Jeff Jarrett wins, he will get the possession of the highly prestigious Olympic Gold Medal. Jeff Jarrett wants to take everything from Kurt: his wife, his job, and now, his medal. But, will his plan come to fruition? Let’s find out. 

The bell rings, an Jarrett stalls to begin the match. They lock up, and they go to a corner, and Angle clubs Jarrett. They back off, but Angle takes him down. Angle slaps a headlock on, but Jarrett breaks it with the rope. Angle is back to the corner, and the beat down continues. Jarrett finally drops Angle down to the floor, and then uppercuts him, using the railing. They both are in the ring now, but Angle gets the sleeper. He then connects with a suplex. He puts the Ankle Lock, but Jeff rolls out, and collides with the referee, who’s down. Jarrett, being the mastermind that he is, tries to bring a guitar in the ring, and bashes it in Kurt’s head. Earl Hebner comes out to count, but it’s only a two. A suplex by Kurt now, as he is in full control.

They’re on the top, but Jarrett pushes Angle down. Angle runs back, and delivers a German suplex. Angle takes his straps down, and goes for an Angle Slam, but Jarrett slides out. Jarrett enters, and puts the Ankle Lock on Kurt, to massive heat. Kurt looks like he’s going to tap out, but Angle reverses the hold and he puts the Ankle Lock on Jarrett, who instantly taps out. Kurt Angle has officially become the number one contender, and he still has his Gold Medal!

Ending/ Parking Lot Brawl

To end it all, there had to be one more match. The final chapter of this feud took place at an IMPACT Episode with a Parking Lot Brawl. And the winner was… the fans! The stipulation was that Double J would go to Mexico if he lost, and well.. let’s see what happened.

They had promo time to begin this bout, as Kurt showed his intensity. As Jeff asked for one more shot, Kurt Angle gave it to him, but put a difficult stipulation to go along with it, to which Double J agreed. The match is the main event, and it will happen tonight!

The match begins, and Jarrett circles Angle. A feint punch, and he tries to a double leg, but Angle counters, and applies the choke. Jarrett doesn’t submit, so Angle puts a cross-face, and an arm-bar now. Angle has some more moves up his sleeve, but then, he bangs Jeff’s head on the pavement.

Jarrett then rams Angle’s head in a truck, and shouts that he’s never leaving TNA! Jarrett hits him on the pavement, and Angle is completely motionless. Jarrett begins to walk away, but surprisingly, Angle gets up, and shouts that it’s not over. Angle trips Jarrett, and he falls on the pavement hard. He hits an Angle Slam on the hood of a truck, and then he proceeds to take his shirt out, and he chokes Double J with it. Jarrett is unconscious, and all he says is “Adios”. The match ends, and Kurt Angle is the winner.

The feud has finally come to an end. Months after months of hard hitting action, but now, Jarrett had to go to Mexico, and Kurt Angle was the one standing tall, and he was the one who represented TNA. This has been a magnificient ride, and one of the best feuds ever, had ended. 


Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett went different ways, and to say that they’re successful and they’ve changed their promotion for the better would be an understatement. While Kurt Angle is still competing in TNA and being the mega-star that he is, Jeff Jarrett, the founder of IMPACT, is in Mexico, and earning a name for himself there. This was one of the best rivalries on 2010-2011, and can be described in one word: epic. This was another edition of a weekly series by WrestleEnigma.com, describing the biggest rivalries of wrestling. Follow me on Twitter (@NextBigThingSiD), and don’t forget to share, like and comment below. Adios to all.