Wrestling Reflections: Examining the Conflict Between Perfection and Opinion


A while back, I alluded to starting a series I called my Wrestling Reflections. I released my beginning article with the caveat that I wasn’t sure when I’d release the next piece. Now I’m finally ready to continue the series which I’ve been a bit vague about.

I have every article in this series mapped out, but pinning down what they each mean is difficult. They are simply my reflections on what I’ve learned as a fan over time. This means any idea that I feel I need address about wrestling I will probably address in some way.

As part of this series, I will also be using my experiences with other media as a reference point whether that means TV, movies, books, etc. While not all the references will make sense to everyone, I will try to explain as best I can to get my point across.

Now, both this and my fantasy booking articles are exhaustive pieces that will take some time to write, so my plan is to release each biweekly on opposite weeks. This may be difficult based on the scope of both types of articles, but I don’t plan to create three month long gaps this time at least.

Last time I talked about my personal experience as a fan and how we all need to evolve over time as fans in order to stay fans. This time, I want to talk about a simple idea called “the opinion”.

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