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Wrestling’s Greats: TNA’s Aces & Eights Vice President Ken Anderson, The Company’s Number One A-Hole

IMG_8870The writers here at Wrestle Enigma are proud to present a new article series in which a figure in wrestling history is given a tribute. The second ever edition, only preceded by Bret Hart, is none other than TNA’s resident A**hole Mr. Ken Anderson.

Being a member of the TNA roster for close to three years now, Anderson has only recently found his place. Before he became what he is today, he floated around the mainevent scene in a very chaotic and informal way while garnering two world title reigns that didn’t mean much or seemed prestigious. Feuding with high level stars like Angle, Sting and Hardy; Anderson ended up on the short end of the stick on multiple locations until he finally hit a breaking point in late 2012.

After floating around in last year’s Bound For Glory Series, he was hand-selected by Hulk Hogan and Sting to be the latter’s partner in a match against the Aces & Eights. Anderson, whom then had a major target on his back, was immediately taken out by the dominant biker gang. Receiving no help from any other TNA roster member nor given any grief or appreciation, he disappeared from weekly television for months.

With no place to be or position to fill, Anderson was left alone with no supporters and not a soul grieving his absence. Eventually, he would be embraced and welcomed ironically by the very group that took him out in the Aces & Eights. Devon, then Sgt Of Arms of the group, inducted him into the group due to his past experiences in the feuds he had with Sting and Angle. Those two were proving to be the bane of the group’s existence and Anderson provided some much needed brains, vocal work and star power to the dwindling faction.

Mr. Anderson

The original, brash showmen had now become a bitter warrior working for an evil empire that had a strict goal of running TNA and insuring their president Bully Ray remainsWorld Heavyweight Champion. Picking up victories over Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and James Storm; he rose in the ranks of the gang and eventually became the Vice President and second in charge.

After disposing of lesser members of his own group in DOC and D’Lo Brown, he has shaped the Aces & Eights into a tight-knit brotherhood. In many ways now, without Devon to counter balance power, Anderson has risen to the point of almost being in complete control over the gang. Though the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bully Ray may be the supposed head of the stable, Anderson is the one who leads his brothers into battle and is the tactical mastermind that has allowed Aces & Eights to last this long. Ray, whose too occupied with the title and his love life, may have lost his men’s respect and could very well be losing his share of power.

With Anderson being very likely to make the final four in the Bound For Glory Series, tension between him and Bully Ray is bound to increase even more and the Aces & Eights could internally explode soon enough. Anderson has the backing of Knux, Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco the last remaining soldiers while Ray only has his girlfriend and his new best friend “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” Tito Ortiz. Anderson and Ray could be colliding eventually but it’s likely that the A**hole will continue on with or without the Aces & Eights.

Always the one to poke fun at his enemies, to have a good time out in the ring, and to be as audacious as possible; Anderson’s place in TNA history will always be as its rightful “Number One A**hole”. Will he ever get another and more solid World Heavyweight Championship run? That could be unlikely but the Aces & Eights have revived his career in many ways. Since this year began, Anderson has gotten into better wrestling shape while becoming a far more focused yet still wacky and very entertaining character. In fact, the faction has done wonders to the men who’ve been involved in it and the subject of this week’s edition is a great example of it.

No longer directionless or giving sub-par performances as he did a couple years ago, Anderson is back in the driver’s seat and if he continues to deliver as well as he has now then he should continue to be a solid contributor to TNA’s overall story arc and upper-midcard, mainevent hierarchy.

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  • mikearienti

    Anderson is charismatic but having him in a stable is a bad idea in my view. He’s always been a man on his own, content to just be an asshole.

  • Austin Robinson

    Very awesome article here. I loved it.

    I like Anderson, he is pretty awesome. His ring work is above average and his mic work is largely spectacular. Him in A&8s is awesome as well. He is just a great wrestler who really should have been a top-level WWE guy.

    Great write-up here, Jacob. Awesome article.

    • jacobstachowiak

      Thanks for the compliments, Austin. He is an extremely entertaining wrestler, he definitely could have been a top guy in WWE but the injuries took its toll on him. Since coming to TNA though, he’s no longer injury prone surprisingly.

  • Wolffe Crowe

    Eh, I love Anderson. He was my favorite wrestler when I first started watching WWE religiously. He might be doing a good job, but I think his whole persona is that of a cocky, self centered asshole. He fits in with Aces & Eights, but I can’t really like him as much. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t do his entrances anymore, that really pisses me off.

    Definitely love the stubble though, gives him a more mature look.

    • jacobstachowiak

      Meh, I’m the opposite. I kinda liked him in WWE but I really enjoy him now in the Aces & Eights. The stubble is good of course.

  • Kevin Berge

    Leave it to Jacob to go right to Mr. Anderson. I don’t blame you though. Why not choose a guy who’s awesome and you care about putting over massively? You always loved Anderson’s run in Aces & 8s, and it has really become the best part of the angle. Other than having an MEM member challenge Ray at BFG, Anderson vs. Ray is probably the most likely choice which is cool because that’s something I’d like to see. At some point, they should have a feud over control of the club with or without the World Title.

    Anderson’s story of going from a loner to a guy who just wants a family is great and a small detail storyline that has been well played out for months now. His rise to become VP was great, and, though some of that story was hurt by the failure to re-sign DOC, it still has moved along nicely with Anderson now become the sole star of the group outside of Bully Ray.

    Anderson is in the best place of his career right now, and I love to see it. He’s great as a heel and seems to enjoy what he’s doing. He can put on good matches with most of the roster, can talk circles around most of the roster, and is just so much fun to watch. TNA may not have a stronger building star in their company than Anderson.

    Great write up, Jacob, as I’d expect from you with your love of Anderson in the Aces & 8s.

    • jacobstachowiak

      Like I told Sean, it was foretold by the wrestling Gods….”has really become the best part of the angle.” and probably the only good part since Bully won the title back haha

      “Anderson vs. Ray is probably the most likely choice which is cool because that’s something I’d like to see” We got screwed out of that with this stupid match limit bullshit :(

      “Anderson’s story of going from a loner to a guy who just wants a family is great and a small detail storyline that has been well played out for months now” it’s very small detail from TNA, I’ve practically written it for them haha. I love the subtle things though like his speeches and his arguments with Bully on how he’s just trying to help. That shows that he really cares about the brotherhood when he previously was a complete loner who never fit in with anybody.

      “TNA may not have a stronger building star in their company than Anderson.” I freaking love that line. He’s still only decent-above average in the ring but he can have good matches with any good wrestler on the roster. He is as good as anybody, if not the best mic worker in TNA and unlike Aries, he always seems like he’s having so much fun out there.

      “Great write up, Jacob, as I’d expect from you with your love of Anderson in the Aces & 8s.” it’s what I do, Kevin! haha thanks man.

  • Brett Chandler

    First… “Wacky.” God damnit. That word really grinds my gears for some reason.

    Besides that, I’ve always liked Anderson. He was very good in WWE (I particularly enjoyed his feud with Undertaker) and when he went to TNA, I had high hopes for him. His debut against Abyss was decent and his first few months there were alright, but then his run was easily forgettable until his great feud with Kurt Angle. The aftermath of that is sort of a blur for me, but I remember him being allied with Immortal for a bit and that not being too great as well.

    The next thing I really remember about Anderson is him driving in a jeep and assaulting the Aces and Eights, which was cool. Then, as you said, TNA turned their back on him and so on. His run with A&8s has really revitalized Anderson’s character. At first, I was apathetic to him joining the brotherhood, but he has become very entertaining since joining and I look forward to his eventual power clash against Bully Ray.

    • jacobstachowiak


      His feud with Taker was my favorite part of his WWE run as well. I completely agree that pretty much everything he’s done before Aces & Eights, with the exception of his feud with Angle, is forgettable and sub-par.

      “His run with A&8s has really revitalized Anderson’s character.” Exactly what I always like to convey when I talk about him. I’m really hoping Bully & Anderson feud for the Aces & Eights control, I’d love it if they were to eventually be called “Anderson’s Aces” alliteration is awesome.

  • Sean Linhares

    Knew you would do Anderson eventually.

    • Jacob Stachowiak

      It was foretold by the Wrestling Gods.