WrestleMania 29: The Big Show Puts His Differences with Randy Orton and Sheamus Aside to Battle The Shield


Justice.  A word with differing meanings throughout the world.  In fact, if one was to try to find one all-encompassing definition of Justice in Webster’s dictionary, you would find seven different points of interest, all seemingly contradicting and interweaving through their definitions.  Nevertheless, the Shield have chosen to take the name of justice upon themselves as a calling of sorts, from their own point of view.

Three men, two who had accomplished much before even setting foot in the WWE developmental system, and one with the blood of the Samoan heritage in his veins, banding together to make a real impact on the WWE as a whole. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose banded together to change things, and shape the landscape of the WWE in their vision of Justice, of right and wrong.  The shape of the company has never been the same since.

Indeed, the Shield found justice to be in the favor of former WWE Champion, C.M. Punk on the day they entered the WWE, Survivor Series 2012.  In a triple threat match between Punk, John Cena, and the ever fearsome Ryback, the Shield came in through the crowd, attacking the monster Ryback and ensuring that the longest reigning champion in twenty-five years retains his title., while Ryback found himself looking at the ceiling after being triple-powerbombed through the announce table.

In the weeks following this gruesome and surprising attack, The Shield would find themselves attacking many a WWE Superstars, including Randy Orton, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, and the Big Red Monster Kane.  As they cut a bloody swath throughout the WWE and anyone who was a deterrent to their vision of justice, several motley crews of allies would attempt to unseat their reign of terror.

First it was Ryback, eager to gain vengeance on the Shield, who teamed up with the ever dysfunctional Daniel Bryan and Kane of Team Hell No, to attempt to battle back the advances of this group of young men.  Even with Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, however, this team could not get it done.  As a matter of fact, the bloody and dangerous war seen that night would serve as a warning to anyone who thought they had the ability to take out the Shield for two long months.

In the meantime, the Shield’s victim list would grow grander and grander with each passing week, encompassing Tommy Dreamer, Ric Flair, John Cena, and even The Rock.  As the Royal Rumble came and went, and as the shady dealings of one Paul Heyman became more and more apparent, it became clear too many in the WWE that the Shield simply could not be stopped.


John Cena would form a team out of Ryback and Sheamus, but end up falling by the wayside in the name of Justice, when Seth Rollin’s pinned Ryback’s shoulders to the mat.  Chris Jericho would take his place in a rematch the next night, and he would be sent packing after a pinfall from Dean Ambrose.  As Wrestlemania grew closer, the chances of the Shield running roughshod on the Grandest Stage Of Them All  grew stronger.  The Shield continued to beat on their favorite victims, former World Champions Sheamus and Randy Orton.

Both men began to find common ground after their minor feud going into the 2013 Royal Rumble.  As the Shield chose these two to pick out of the locker room two to make statements, both men banded together in the face of adversity to ensure that they didn’t have to face the Shield on their own.  It certainly didn’t help that they had to contend with Big Show two weeks in a row, often having to save each other from him as well.  Perhaps one could say they had formed a bond, a friendship.  Nevertheless, the Shield were proving to come out on top each and every week.

That is, until one fateful day where the seemingly bit off more than even they could chew.  The Shield made the fateful decision to attack Randy Orton after his match with The Big Show in Smackdown’s main event.  Sheamus would attempt to save The Viper, but would ultimately find himself just another victim.  It wouldn’t be until Sheamus battled back, accidentally knocking Roman Reigns into Show, that momentum would change, possibly forever.

With that one swift knock out punch, history would be rewritten.  While Big Show would see his future differently, he had officially intertwined his fates with that of his former enemies, Randy Orton and Sheamus.  It would not take long for the Shield to retaliate, and they did so in grand fashion.

As all three of the Shield’s enemies found themselves in a contender’s match with C.M. Punk to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania, the Shield would lay in wait and prepare.  As their former cohort Punk found himself winning the match by pinning Randy Orton, they attacked, setting their sites on the Big Show.  They would even capitalize their point, triple-powerbombing him to the mat in an impressive show of strength.


The Big Show was furious.  Not only had he missed his chance to take on the streak, he’d found himself embarrassed by a group of young up-starts.  He now knew, however, that he could not take on this group alone.  That presented a problem, one that he had created himself.

The Big Show was not exactly someone who got along with people in the past year.  Ever since he signed his iron-clad contract with one John Laurinitus, he’d found himself at odds with almost everyone on the roster.  Perhaps his biggest enemy had been none other than the Celtic Warrior, Sheamus.

Sheamus and Big Show had a series of impressive wars over the latter part of 2012, and this had left a rather bad taste in the mouth of the first ever Irish-Born WWE champion in regards to the giant known as the Big Show.  Now, he found himself in need of the approval of Sheamus, and that would be no easy feat.

Sheamus would pass over The Big Show to choose the monstrous Ryback as their partner to tangle with the Shield at Wrestlemania, a choice that was deep-seated in the rising stars problems with The Shield dating back to November.  However, this would fall through in the wake of the challenge of the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.  Sheamus was adamant that he would never team with The Big Show, even after he managed to chase The Shield away with his mere presence.

Fortunately, a rather odd voice of reason would step up to the plate to get these two on the same plate.  A man who has never minced words, a man who is perhaps the easiest individual to anger throughout the wrestling world, a man who has come to be known as the Viper of the WWE.  That man is Randy Orton.


In order to get both men on the same page, Randy continually had to calm the two.  He would go on to state in this in this situation, it was “The Devil you know, versus the Devil you don’t”.   Sheamus would give in as Show would continually ally himself with them in the face of attacks, but the alliance was shaky at the best of times.

Week after week the three would find themselves in tag matches in preparation of WrestleMania.  While early on it seemed that Sheamus and Show were not on the same page, often times stealing each others moves to make a point, every time the Shield would get close to the ring for an attack, however, the three would find themselves all on the same page, “rounding the wagon’s” and preparing to battle them.

Perhaps this was never more apparent than two weeks before WrestleMania.  After scoring a major win over Team Rhode Scholars and the United States Champion Antonio Cesaro, the ominous sound of the Shield’s music sounded over the loudspeakers.

The team now known as the “Celtic Viper Show” would take a different approach on this night than they had in the past, battling all three members up through their signature entrance in the stands, and forcing them to retreat out of the arena.  By all appearances, it looked as if all three men where finally on the same page.


One never quite knows what happen’s in private.   Egos clash, fights do indeed happen.   Perhaps it is indeed foolhardy for us to just assume everyone is on the same page and ready to thwart the threat known as the Shield.  These three bringer’s of justice certainly made a good case of it on the go-home Raw before their epic encounter Sunday.

Dean Ambrose

Congratulation’s on that little victory, boys.  Now do your little song and dance, keep on celebrating.  Enjoy it now, ‘cuz come this Sunday, at WrestleMania, the Shield isn’t going to leave you with anything to celebrate.  We’re going to leave you flat on your backs, looking up at the sky, wondering just where it went wrong.

Seth Rollins

Gentlemen… congratulations, you’ve finally done it!  You’ve finally managed to convince yourselves, and all of these ignorant, foolhardy people, that you’re on the same page.  But, unfortunately for you, justice never lies.  And we?  We know the truth.

Roman Reigns

The truth is, you’re not a team.  The three of you, on the same page?  Come on.  These people, they want to believe in you, but your team is phony.  And that’s why, when we beat you at WrestleMania, the whole world… Will believe in the Shield.

Bold words from all three men.  With WrestleMania so close the world can taste it, all six players in this tag team match for the ages are set to meet their destinies.  For the men who stand for Justice, it’s making an impact in their debut at WrestleMania and beating three former World Champion’s, ensuring that the vision they have carefully crafted over the past five months lives on.  For the other three, it’s about making that moment, and destroying the false idols of justice once and for all.

At the end of this night, a night that emphasizes an entire year in professional wrestling; Randy Orton, The Big Show, and Sheamus will stand up and soak in a victory underneath Metlife Stadium’s bright lights, in the view of this writer.

The question will then become, what’s left for the Shield’s vision in the WWE?

Even if this prediction is wrong, it’s going to be a war on Sunday between these six men, and a feel good moment for three young men, carving a future for themselves on the Grandest Stage Of Them All.  This is one that you will not want to miss, ladies and gentlemen.

Prediction: Sheamus, Randy Orton, and The Big Show.