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WrestleMania Revolution: A Look At the Event of Heartbreak, Triumph and Immortality

WrestleMania Revolution 2

WrestleMania; The Showcase of the Immortals. The Grandest Stage of Them All. It is truly the biggest stage in not only World Wrestling Entertainment, but sport entertainment as a whole.

The lights are brighter. The audience is larger. The stage more expensive. Each wrestler in the locker room is sure to give it their all, as this is the moment they’ve been waiting for their entire lives. The moment they craved when they first decided to lace up a pair of wrestling boots and step into the squared circle for the very first time.

Today, I will present to you a number of moments that were the culmination of many dreams and many grueling hours of hardwork and dedication. These moments will consist of both triumph and heartbreak. I present to you the passion, the glory and grandeur that is WrestleMania.

This article is in conjunction with the WrestleMania Revolution Series. Over the course of the next week, some of the best writers on WrestleEnigma will write articles that focus on different aspects of the WWE’s biggest event of the year.

So sit back, relax and enjoy as this celebration of WrestleMania commences!

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About Ryan Frye

Wrestling is real, people are fake.I enjoy messing with people's emotions, and that's what writing and wrestling are both about. So why would I stop? It's way too fun.
  • Kevin Berge

    Hogan/Andre – That promo video is great. It encapsulates what this was. It was the magic, the crowning of a hero, even a passing of the torch in a sense. Truly WM’s first defining moment.

    Macho/Elizabeth – This was a beautiful moment though I am a bit jarred by the passing over of the Ultimate Warrior win over Hogan. That said, I can kind of see it as it didn’t amount to as much as it should have. Macho and Elizabeth together in that ring was just a remarkable and heart warming picture. It’s the only romance in wrestling that has become transcendent.

    HBK Boyhood Dream – That is such a beautiful and iconic picture. This was really the turning point for wrestling as a whole. It was the first boyhood dream realized at WM. A story that would be played out thousands of times afterward.

    Austin Refuses to Quit – Perfection, absolute perfection. There is no match in WWE that has this much perfection to it. The story, the importance, the crowing when everyone least expected it, and the introduction of one of the most beautiful concepts in wrestling history: the double turn.

    Eddie/Benoit – This is one of the most beautiful and tragic moments in wrestling history. It was the final nail in the coffin of the size argument. Two cruiserweights were World Champions, and the friends who had followed similar paths of hard work and determination were allowed to be immortalized that day. It’s also a simply haunting image because of the tragedy that soon befell both men. They paved the way for a future that they would not be allowed to fully experience.

    John Cena and Rey Mysterio’s crownings – I don’t know about these inclusions on the journey. With so much time passed over, it seems odd to see these included while both look a lot better now than they did then. I always felt both were a bit artificially put together. They didn’t have the emotional weight that the previous moments you had included did show.

    Flair’s Retiring – Incredible moment and the original last stand at Mania. It was a special moment that will never be duplicated. The greatest of all time (arguably) finally left to rest.

    HBK Retiring – Mr. WrestleMania, gone for good. Man, what more can you say? Bone chilling.

    Edge Retiring – Eh, I don’t know. It was the opening match. Nobody really knew it was his last. There wasn’t that air of importance that there should have been. It is important but WM important? I don’t know.

    Rock/Cena – Interesting final inclusion as I do feel like it gives an interesting wrap to the story. A very different one than if you had included End of an Era. The importance of a win, the clash of titans. It was a special moment surely.

    Great article in presentation even if the journey was a bit turbulent at times with some choices that I felt were a bit too clustered or weak in comparison to omissions, but I really liked the write up.

    • Ryan Frye

      All I can is, the moments I decided to include/disclude was because I was looking for the most emotional moments. Hence moments of triumph and heartbreak. I may have omitted moments much more important than ones I included, because my main focus was on the emotion. Not making it a “top 10 WrestleMania moments” article or anything like that.

      Anyway, thanks Berge. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Paul McIntyre

    Finally got to read this properly. So many moments that there were obviously a few omissions, but those that you did include were all well worthy.

    Lot’s of Shawn Michaels, which is hardly surprising. The greatest ever became greater still at WrestleMania.

    It’s like he was giving everybody else a chance to have a better match than him every other day of the year, but at WrestleMania he basically gave them no chance.

    Props for including John Cena and Rey Mysterio’s wins, by the way. Two overlooked, but significant, moments.

    • Ryan Frye

      Yeah, they call him Mr. WrestleMania for a reason lol. The guy was featured in this a lot more than anybody else, which is somewhat fitting considering I was originally going to be writing on him.

      The Cena and Mysterio moments felt like musts, especially Mysterio given the story behind it and the fact he really only got one other reign.

      Thanks Paul.

  • Jon Fisher

    Very good Ryan, very good. I especially enjoyed the Edge slide and the Michaels/Taker Great stuff from a great writer. This was an excellent way to start WrestleMania Revolution!

    • Ryan Frye

      Thanks Jon, really appreciate it. Can’t wait to see your article.

  • Siddharth “SiD” Grover

    Excellent articles. You always bring out the best in WE. I’m scared to write my article now…it’ll pail in comparison :”(

    • Ryan Frye

      Oh c’mon Sid, I’m sure your article will be great as always. Don’t doubt yourself.

      Thanks for the praise man. Appreciate it.

  • Sean Linhares

    Always gotta bring up Eddie/Benoit…..

    • Ryan Frye

      Damn right. The crying between Benoit and Eddie, then the call by Jim Ross… how could you not? Not to mention the HBK/HHH/Benoit match that Benoit had just won was epic.