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Wrestle Enigma Radio Ep.4: Interview with TJ Perkins

Today on Wrestle Enigma Radio I interview international professional wrestling star, TJ Perkins. Perkins has wrestled for NJPW, PWG, ROH, Dragon Gate USA, and TNA. He has also wrestled for various other major promotions in Mexico, Japan, and here in the United States.


Perkins started wrestling at the young age of 14, thus earning the moniker of “Youngest Veteran in the Business”. He has been all around the world; wrestling great matches and being featured in many top companies.

In the interview TJ talks about his experience in the wrestling business, what he wants to accomplish in the next ten years, what type of role he would like to take on in the business, the effect of training with guys like Daniel Bryan and Rocky Romero, among other things.

Just click on the link below to listen to Wrestle Enigma Radio Episode Four.

Wrestle Enigma Radio Ep.4: Interview with TJ Perkins


In just under two weeks on Wednesday April 3rd, Wrestle Enigma Radio will return with an interview with ROH star Michael Elgin. It will be just two days before his match with Jay Lethal at Supercard of Honor in NYC.


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  • Sean Linhares

    Perkins is a talent, only a matter of time before he’s a big name in the X Division IMO. Great job.