Wrestle Enigma EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Rebecca Knox

Rebecca Quin is one of a kind. But this Irishwoman is better known by her ring name Rebecca Knox. Quin began training as a professional wrestler under Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey in June of 2002, and made her debut five months later. Initially working in Ireland and occasionally teaming with her brother, she soon expanded her career into the rest of Europe. She wrestled regularly for the France-based Queens of Chaos promotion, and won the World Queens of Chaos Championship in 2006. She also wrestled for England’s One Pro Wrestling and Germany’s German Stampede Wrestling.

In 2005, she began wrestling in North America, and competed for the SuperGirls Wrestling promotion, an off-shoot of Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling. She was the promotion’s inaugural SuperGirls Champion and held the championship for 10 months and two days. She also appeared at ChickFight III, where she made it to the second round of the tournament. In 2006, she debuted for the all-female Shimmer Women Athletes promotion, and was involved in a series of matches with Daizee Haze, including an acclaimed two out of three falls match.

In September 2006, Knox suffered a head injury during a match in Germany, and was diagnosed with possible damage to her eighth cranial nerve. She was scheduled to return to wrestling in 2008, but no-showed the event, stating she no longer felt that wrestling was the right option for her at that time. In March 2011 Knox returned to Shimmer Women Athletes, working as a manager. But on October of 2012, Knox returned to the ring, better than ever. Although it’s uncertain that it might be a permanent comeback, but there was no telling what will happen.

In this all new interview, Rebecca will address her early years in wrestling, her time in SHIMMER, her 2008 retirement and her recent return to the ring. She will also talk about some of the women who had at one point or another faced off against the lovely Irishwoman.

1. Can you tell our readers about your early background?

I grew up in a small estate in Dublin, had a very happy childhood, lots of friends, but was always a bit on the tubby side and got slagged off a bit for that! My teenage years were a bit rough around the edges, but luckily, wrestling put a stop to all that :)

2. What got you interested in wrestling?

I had always watched it as a child, and one year my brother said he was going to go over to England to do a wrestling camp. I thought that sounded so cool, and thought it would be a good way to get fit, but at only 15 years old, didn’t think my Mom would let me go. Then we found out that Fergal Devitt and Paul Tracey were openeing a school in Bray and the rest is history!

3. You started out in several European promotions during your career. What were they like?

Brilliant. I started in NWA Ireland and it was like a family. Everyone was trying to work together to build what had been a non existent wrestling community in Ireland. Any of the English companies I wrestled with in the early days were always welcoming, all in all, they were some great years.

4. What do you remember about your earliest appearances in SHIMMER?

The energy and support in the locker room. Some stereotypical images of a locker room full of very talented, very beautiful women , might lend itself to thinking that there might be competition or rivalry, but there was none of that. It was all saved for the ring. An absolutely brilliant experience and I’m grateful to have been part of it.

5. In 2008, you retired from wrestling, saying it wasn’t the best career move at the time. Did you believe that?

At the time, I think I did. I was quite down and confused for a few years, and well, without wrestling, it felt like my spark was gone, but it didn’t seem right to return then. It was like I would be doing it for the wrong reasons.

6. You returned to SHIMMER in 2011, managing Brittani (Now known in the WWE as Paige) and Saraya Knight (Now the promotion’s champion). What was it like to be working for SHIMMER, even if was a little while?

Excellent. I won’t lie, I was nervous going in. I was worried that no one would even remember me, or care, and was also worried that the girls may not want me there after all that time off. Thankfully, I was wrong. The fans were so supportive and welcoming, despite how much I terrorize them, and the ladies in the back were as lovely as ever!

7. In October of this year, you made your comeback after 4 years off. What was it like to come back?

Like coming home.

8. What’s your take on the world of women’s wrestling?

I think the world is its oyster. All female shows are getting way more popular and there is a great deal of talented young women out there ready to make a name for themselves and the business.

9. If you were still wrestling full-time, who would be the ideal opponent for you and why?

Akino. Ever since I first saw a match with her and Ayako Hamada (who is another wrestler I idolize), I thought she was the most amazing female I’ve ever seen and would love to stand toe to toe against her. I’m sure she would twist me up in knots, but I would learn so much I’m sure!

10. Who was your toughest opponent during your career?

That’s a tough question. Perhaps Daizee Haize. That woman has stamina!

11. What is your most memorable match in your career?

I am going to say it was an 18 person battle Royal in Korakuen hall, on my first tour of Japan when I was 18. I won the match, when there were wrestlers such as Gran Hamada and Aja Kong there. A humbling experience!

12. Let’s start with some name association. I say a name, you respond however you please. “Sweet” Saraya Knight?

One of the most hard hitting, knowledgeable, interesting and supportive ladies I’ve been lucky to step in the ring with.

13. Cheerleader Melissa?

A tough competitor and a remarkable lady who has done so much for the female wrestling industry.

14. Brittani Knight (Paige)?

Charisma and talent in a stunning package, I have so much faith and high hopes for this young lady and I know she is going to be such a star. Well, she already is.

15. Jetta Black?

One of the first girls I ever wrestled (I trained with all men),Hilarious, Wonderful, a great talent.

16. MsChif?

One of the greatest female wrestlers in the western world. And a truly great and kind person.

17. What does the future hold for you, Rebecca?

That, I wish I could tell you. But at the moment, I am delighted with life and I have never been more excited about my future.

18. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your fans?

Thank you so so much for all the support over the past few years. I could not possibly describe how grateful I am and feel absolutely blessed to have people that have watched me to wrestle for the years I was doing it and have supported me even when I wasn’t.

Special thanks to Rebecca for her time and effort for this interview. To learn more about Rebecca, follow her on Twitter @RebeccaQuin87 and catch her classic matches at clickwrestle.com.

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