Wrestle Enigma EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Female Wrestling Star Rain

There are a few female wrestlers who have the talent and looks to be successful. Then there’s Bonnie Maxon, otherwise known as Rain.

Rain made her wrestling debut in 2000 working for a local promotion, Steel Domain Wrestling (SDW) in St. Paul, Minnesota. Later after gaining the experience of a wrestler she started working for various promotions in the Midwest, such as IWA Mid-South, Combat Zone Wretling (CZW), NWA Midwest, Ring of Honor, Shimmer Women Athletes, and Women Extreme Wrestling.

On November 6, 2005, Rain made her debut for Shimmer Women Athletes on the promotion’s debut show, losing to Ariel.She picked up her first victory in the promotion on Volume 3, which was taped on February 12, 2006, defeating Nikki Roxx. On May 21 on Volume 6 the team of Rain and Lacey, known collectively as The Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, made their Shimmer debut as a tag team, defeating Sara Del Rey and Mercedes Martinez. After another tag team victory on Volume 8 against Cheerleader Melissa and MsChif,Rain entered the Shimmer Championship tournament on Volume 11 on June 1, 2007, but was eliminated in the first round by Nikki Roxx. The following day on Volume 13 the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew suffered its first loss in a match against Del Rey and Roxx. On October 13 Rain and Lacey were joined by Jetta, and together they formed the stable The International Home Wrecking Crew. In their debut match as a trio, they were defeated by Daizee Haze, MsChif and Eden Black. On April 26, 2008, on Volume 18 Rain and Lacey were defeated by the team of Ashley Lane (Known to TNA audiences a Madison Rayne) and Nevaeh.

After Lacey’s retirement, Rain and Jetta continued teaming together, and on Volume 21, taped on October 19, 2008, they entered a gauntlet match to determine the first ever Shimmer Tag Team Champions. The team entered the match fourth and eliminated Jennifer Blake and LuFisto, before being eliminated themselves by the eventual winners of the entire match, Ashley Lane and Nevaeh.On Volume 23 Rain and Jetta faced Lane and Nevaeh in a two out of three falls for the tag team title. During the match Lacey debuted as Rain and Jetta’s new manager and helped them score the first fall. Lane and Nevaeh came to back to even the score, after Lacey’s second interference backfired. Jetta scored the deciding fall after using a chain given to her by Lacey. However, after referee Bryce Remsburg found out that Jetta had cheated to win, he restarted the match and in the end Lane and Nevaeh retained their gold.

Rain appeared as a “plant” on the October 18, 2007 edition of Impact! holding up a huge white sign with black letters reading off “President of Robert Roode FanClub”. She continued to appear in the crowd with pro-Roode signs for the following two weeks. She was officially referenced to on the November 1 edition of Impact! by TNA announcers, where she also had a staredown with Roode’s former valet Ms. Brooks (Traci Brooks). In the aftermath of a match on an edition of Impact!, after Ms. Brooks and Roode defeated Chris Harris and Gail Kim, Brooks was about to leave the ring when she attacked and started a cat fight with Maxon.Following the altercation, she was seen from far distances all around the TNA Impact Zone. She was referred as Ms. Brooks’s stalker by TNA commentators Don West and Mike Tenay.

She then appeared on the January 10, 2008 edition of Impact! and attacked Brooks. Subsequently, Roode announced that she had been replaced by Rain, under the new name (Ms.) Peyton Banks (later tweaked to Payton Banks), resulting in a feud with Brooks and a match at Against All Odds where Brooks came out on top.At Destination X, Banks was part of the “Stand By Your Man” Strap match, where she was in the corner of Roode, and Brooks was in the corner of Booker T.The match stipulation dictated that the loser of the match would have their valet whipped with a strap. Booker T lost the match, and Banks whipped Brooks with the leather strap until Brooks was saved by Booker’s wife, Sharmell. At Lockdown, Booker T and Sharmell defeated Roode and Banks in a mixed tag team match when Sharmell pinned Banks with a roll-up. After the match Roode verbally abused Banks in the ring. Roode then prepared to hit her, but instead left her alone in the ring. After her program with Roode ended, she left TNA.

Rain made appearances in Mexico and in 2009, she made appearances in Women’s Superstars Uncensored (WSU).

Rain debuted in WSU in January 2009 with two victories over Rachel Summerlyn on separate DVD tapings in one night. She would go on to defeat Malia Hosaka at WSU’s 2 year anniversary show. She went to the finals of WSU’s 2009 J-Cup but lost to Angel Orsini in the finals. The following night she received her first WSU Championship shot in a three-way match involving Orsini and champion Mercedes Martinez in which Mercedes retained her title. Rain picked up a win over Nikki Roxx in June and in August, she teamed up with Orsini to challenge for the WSU tag team titles which they lost via DQ. Later that night on WSU’s second DVD taping, the duo were successful against Nikki Roxx & Mercedes Martinez. Rain and Orsini’s partnership would not last long and they would become enemies again. On October 3, 2009, Rain defeated Angel Orsini in an uncensored rules match.

Rain would go on to defeat Portia Perez to become the #1 contender to the WSU Championship. Rain would face Mercedes Martinez for the title in the main event of WSU’s 3 year anniversary show in March 2010. Mercedes successfully defended her title against Rain, defeating her in an uncensored rules match on March 6, 2010. Rain would main event WSU’s next show which was the first of two tapings in a loss to Awesome Kong. Rain would form her own alliance known as Rain’s Army with Nikki Roxx and Jessicka Havok later in 2010. At WSU’s first ever internet pay per view, Breaking Barries, Rain picked up an impressive victory over Jamilia Craft in just 3 minutes. The win garnered Rain another title shot on November 6, 2010. However, Mercedes was once again successful, defeating Rain this time in an I Quit match.

Rain’s army would come to an end when Jessicka Havok turned on Rain and challenged her to a match which Havok won at WSU’s 4 year anniversary show on March 5, 2011. From there, Rain would challenge for the WSU Spirit Championship at the Uncensored Rumble iPPV but came up short, losing to champion Sassy Stephanie. Rain would enter the Uncensored Rumble match but was eliminated by Amy Lee. Rain would turn to more of a fan-favorite after as she wrestled Serena Deeb at WSU’s next event. Serena won the match but afterwards, they were both assaulted by tag team champions, the Boston Shore. Rain and Serena agreed to form a tag team to challenge for the titles but Serena ended up sidelined with a concussion leading Rain to call upon her longtime former tag team partner, Jetta, to reform the International Home Wrecking Crew.

In September, Rain won the WSU Spirit Championship, her first title win in WSU, by defeating Sassy Stephanie. However she would lose the championship later that very same night when she accepted an impromptu challenge from Jessicka Havok, who defeated her for the belt. On November 19, 2011 Rain and Jetta reformed the International Home Wrecking Crew but lost to the Boston Shore (Amber & Lexxus) in a tag titles match. Rain would later save Melina from a Boston Shore attack. At WSU’s 5 Year Anniversary show on March 3, 2012, Rain was pinned by Lexxus.

In April, Rain announced plans to put her career on the line in the Uncensored Rumble match on June 16, however she was forced to cancel due to an illness. WSU was then sold to new owners (Beyond Wrestling) and Rain subsequently announced on July 14 that she could not come to a deal with the new owners and thus would not be returning to the promotion.

Rain would later resurface in the new women’s wrestling promotion SHINE on July 20 in Ybor City, Florida where she defeated Nikki Roxx. At the next event on August 17, Rain continued her winning streak by defeating Santana Garrett.

In this exclusive interview, Rain would go all out about SHIMMER, the Minnesota Homewrecking Crew, WSU, TNA as well as whether or not Rain made the right decision to leave WSU. This is Rain at her most honest.

1. Can you tell our readers about your early background?

I started in 2000 with my cousin. I found Lacey and started to travel the world. Since then, history has been made.

2. You were trained under “The Trainer Of Champions” Eddie Sharkey. What was it like to train under a legend who not only trained you, but Austin Aries, The Road Warriors, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, Jesse Ventura, the Steiner Brothers, and many others?

Yes, he was one of my trainers. He trained Lacey and I. Aries and many others were in the same class as we were. It was a great experience and made a lot of friends from that era.

3. What was your early career like?

My career was very tough at first. Had to break in the business as a woman, and we had many guys that didn’t want girls around. Well, I’m a little stubborn and so I stuck with it do make the last 12 years an amazing experience.

4. What do you remember about your 4-year tenure in SHIMMER?

I remember having great matches, the birth of the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew really came to birth at that point, and the birth of the Oreo, the International Home Wrecking Crew.

5. You were a part of the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew with Lacey. What was it like to partner with her?

It was one of the greatest times in my career. We’re like PB&J, so it was great to share that time in our lives together.

6. You appeared in TNA as Payton Banks, and you managed Bobby Roode. What was it like to be a part of that company?

It was a great experience and great to be a part of the ORIGINAL KNOCK OUTS!

7. You wrestled for Women’s Superstars Uncensored (WSU) Women Superstars from 2009 to 2012. What was it like to compete in that promotion?

It was great to be in another all women’s company. It was a complete different group of women. It was also a place where I got to be the brat I am.

8. With WSU under new ownership, you announced on July 14 that you could not come to a deal with the new owners and thus would not be returning to the promotion. Did you make the right decision at the time?

Yes I did, business is business. I don’t settle.

9. You currently wrestle for SHINE Wrestling, SHIMMER’s sister promotion. Do you like the experience so far?

I do like the experience. I get along with the promoter and the locker room leader very well. It is also super close to my house and I don’t have to travel, plus plus!!!

10. What’s your take on the world of women’s wrestling?

I could answer this in many different ways. Women could be used a lot better than they currently are in big companies. People are missing the boat on many. Also, to ladies coming up, treat it as a business and never settle.

11. Who would be the ideal opponent for you and why?

Anyone I haven’t wrestled yet.

12. What is your most memorable match in your career?

Many different matches for many different reasons. Anyone of the MNHWC or IHWC. The Triplemania match for AAA w/ Sexy Star. Also, my matches in Japan with Aya Yukki and Toshie Uematsu for DIANA. I’ve always wanted to wrestle in Japan and now I have.

13. You’re also a personal trainer as well. Sounds like you like to keep everybody in good shape.

I do a great job at killing everyone in a daily basis.

14. Let’s start with some name association. I say a name, you respond however you please. Lacey?

The love of my life. My wife.

15. Cheerleader Melissa?

Tough as nails. Also, reminds me of odd shaped cookies.

16. Current WSU Champion Jessicka Havok?

Tough as a machette.

17. Current SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight?

Scary B#$#$% What??? LOL! That and love her. HAHA! More like scared love.

18. Paige (Brittani Knight)?

OH! Love her. She’ll be champ someday soon.

19. Sara Del Rey?

Amazing! Death RAY!

20. MsChif?

Awesome and Loud

21. Dave Prazak?


22. And finally, Rain?

?? I thought I just talked about myself ???

23. What does the future hold for you?

Time will tell. I’ll be in Europe in May, so I may take it over.

24. In closing, would you like to leave a last message for your fans? And a last meesage to your detractors?

Check out my website; theradiantrain.com

Follow me on Twitter for all updates at; https://twitter.com/Radiant_Rain

Always, Rain

Thank you to Rain for her time and cooperation. To learn more about Rain, click on the links on the last question.
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