Wrestle Enigma Exclusive: Interview with Dragon Gate USA’s ACH

There are hundreds if not thousands of young aspiring professional wrestlers in the world today, making a living, honing their craft, soaking in all the knowledge they can with the hope that somebody takes notice and gives them a brass ring to reach for.

But there are others who don’t wait for the brass ring to be presented to them and instead run with it in the palms of their hands, ACH may be one of those people.

Having made his debut in 2007, ACH has formed a very respected reputation on the independent wrestling circuit, having worked with not only some of the top promoters in North America, but some of the top wrestlers in the world.

Whether it be Combat Zone Wrestling, his home promotion Anarchy Championship Wrestling in Texas, Evolve Wrestling, Dragon Gate USA or Ring of Honor everywhere ACH goes he seems to leave a very sweet taste in the mouths of professional wrestling fans all across the country, with his high-octane, athletic, fast-paced style some compare to that of Shelton Benjamin.

Behind-the-scenes ACH is just a normal guy, he enjoys video games, hanging with his friends and family plus interacting with his fans, something which grows with almost every passing day as ACH continues embedding his name into the stone of wrestling history.

Just last night ACH teamed with Rich Swann and CIMA to defeat Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak and Orange Cassidy on Dragon Gate USA’s “Fearless 2012″ iPPV. Before this I spoke to ACH to discover how he got into the wrestling business, what his experience competing for Ring of Honor was like and to get his opinions on some of Indy wrestling’s most notable names.

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Q) What are your earliest memories of pro-wrestling?
Watching The Rock and Steve Austin.

Q) Is there anybody or a multitude of wrestlers who inspired you? Any matches stand out in your mind?
Shelton Benjamin, Dean Malenko and J.T Lamotta. [As for matches] Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble 2003, Jerry Lynn vs Tajiri and Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Jericho.

Q) How did your wrestling training begin?
I started at QFC (Quest For Champions) in 2006. Before I could start I needed $100. It was a couple of weeks since I cut the yard, so Big Vic (my Mother) made a deal with one of the trainers stating if she pays the rest of my tuition he would send his son over to help me cut the yard. He helped cut the grass and here I stand today! A proud professional wrestler that’s allergic to grass!

Q) You made your in-ring debut in 2007, do you remember how you felt that day and what was the experience like?
I couldn’t wait to get to the ring! The boys in the locker room poked fun at my lady like luggage that I had at the time. But before the match I was scared straight! I had on some blue basketball shorts, white century kick-pads and had a mouth piece in my mouth.

The match was a battle royal and it was fun!! All I did was hit suplexes and drop ‘saults haha Afterwards I was overwhelmed with excitement and joy, I couldn’t stop pacing back and forth in the locker room. ‘Till this day I still feel that way after a match; minus the pacing.

Q) You first started getting noticed while competing for Anarchy Championship Wrestling in 2009, but before that did you have any difficulties or reservations about continuing in the pro-wrestling business?
Oh, yeah! My dude, from not talking to my family for almost a year, a relationship that sunk when I had no one, living out of my car, jobless for a whole year with no good income! I thank God everyday for keeping me strong. Big Vic hated wrestling when I first started. So, our relationship wasn’t so hot. But now she accepts it and is one of my BIGGEST supporters. Love you, Big Vic!

Q) What is it do you think started making people take notice of you? Was there any day where you woke up and were like, “Finally, I’m getting what I earned!”?That’s a good question. I honestly couldn’t tell you. If anything it could be the fact that when I’m in the ring I pour my heart and soul out everytime. Or because I’m always smiling which is a sign of having fun. Maybe the people saw that?

Q) You still compete for ACW and as of right now, are the ACW “Beltless” Heavyweight Champion. For those who don’t know, please explain why you are beltless?
Beginning of the year I competed and won the “Lone Star Classic” in ACW. After my final match in the tournament my foe Gary Jay ran out, attacked me, and took my newly won belt. Thus giving me the code name “Beltless” Heavyweight Champion.

Q) One thing I know ACW does is it brings in a lot of the top independent talents such as El Generico, Portia Perez, Jimmy Jacobs and Jerry Lynn. Is there anybody in-particular the promotion brought in who you learn’t a great deal from?
Uncle Jerry! (Jerry Lynn). When ever he is around I try to soak up so much knowledge from! Chris Hero as well. He pretty much told me to get out of Texas! But whom ever they bring in I always try to ask questions or get tips on things. I’m always trying to learn!

Q) One of your first big wins as a pro-wrestler was over Davey Richards, this is actually how I heard of you if I’m to be totally honest. Working with someone like Davey must have been both challenging and rewarding?
Challenging indeed, my friend! Davey gets a rep as a bad guy sometimes, but I respect his opinion and everything he told me after the match was a reward.

Q) Speaking of Davey Richards, lets talk honor or more specifically, Ring of Honor. Lets get the details. When did you get asked to take part in Death Before Dishonor X? What was your initial response?
Um. I was ask to do the DBDX sometime in July, maybe? I don’t recall. Breaking in I was clueless to the Indy world of wrestling. So, I had no clue how big it was to be apart of DBD. But after some homework and chatting with friends I realized how big of a deal this event was for ROH and wrestling fans. I felt honored to be ask to be on the card.

Q) ROH booked you to face Kyle O’Reilly, had you ever faced him before this and were you excited?
Heck yeah I was excited! Huge fan of his craft. This was our first time competing in the ring.

Q) You and O’Reilly had a good match and a lot of fans said you connected well with the audience, going in within the ROH faithful there was a lot of buzz surrounding your debut, did you feel any pressure?
Yes. I didn’t know how the audience would take me in.

Q) One of the issues of course was that those watching the Internet pay-per-view didn’t get to see your match due to technical difficulties. Did that annoy you at all or were you just happy with what you got?
It didn’t annoy me. Yeah, of course it sucked. But when the DVD is released everyone will get to watch it. So, I wasn’t worried at all. I’m sure ROH took care of their fans that missed out on it.

Q) Something a lot of ROH fans will want to know… will ACH be strutting his stuff in an ROH ring in the near future?
At the momment I’m not under any contracts, so the possibility of me coming back is there.

Q) What did you make of the news Hunter “Delirious” Johnston is the new head booker for ROH? Do you think it needed a shake-up?
Sometimes change is good. Hunter has a great mind for the business. So, that seems like a positive change.

Q) Is there any Ring of Honor talent in-particular you’d like to work with?
Would love to test my ability against my hero Shelton Benjamin. Also, Jimmy Jacobs, and Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman.

Q) You’ve an upcoming match on iPPV with Dragon Gate USA, what are your thoughts on it, especially teaming with CIMA?
Na-na-NA Gonna have a good time! Hey, hey, hey!!!! I’m stoked. It’s going to be unreal standing next to CIMA as my tag partner.

Q) Gabe Sapolsky is a good friend of ours at Wrestle Enigma, what’s he been like to work with thus far?
This will be my first time working for him. But the vibe I get from him is that he has a vision and won’t stop ’till he reaches it. Rather it be pushing talent and making DGUSA the place to work for. He will get the job done at any cost in my opinion.

Q) And the question every professional wrestler has to be asked, if you had the choice right now, WWE and TNA are knocking at your door, who do you choose and why?
Neither. I still would like to go on tour to Japan one day and get the experience of working and learning from a Japan Dojo. After that I’ll talk WWE and TNA.

Q) Just to wrap things up, I’m going to say a name and you can respond however you wish. El Generico?
Best good guy since Ricky Steamboat and the face of Indy wrestling.

Q) ROH World Champion Kevin Steen?
Roddy Pipper

Q) Colt Cabana?

Q) Jerry Lynn?

Q) Chris Hero?
Screw Wade Barrett!

Q) Johnny Gargano?
Hard working

Q) And finally, ACH?
Motivation. . .

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