Why Pairing Him With AJ Lee Is A Great Thing For John Cena

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of John Cena? Do you think of him as a 10 time WWE Champion or maybe something else? What I think of instantly is his good-guy persona. Cena, whether it’s true in his personal life or not, is portrayed in the public eye as a selfless nice guy. He’s looked at as a great charity worker especially considering all his contributions to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Unfortunately, that same persona has become bittersweet for Cena when it comes to his work in wrestling.

By numerous wrestling fans, Cena’s character is considered to be too soft, too superhero-like and often times very corny. I absolutely agree with that and most would also agree that Cena is at his best when he’s more down to earth. When he displays normal human behavior such as getting beat in a match, or being very angry and aggressive in the appropriate situation; Cena is very likable. As a fan of his, I often don’t mark out for him winning or running down an opponent but rather when he’s less like Superman and more just like a man named John Cena.

In the build towards his match against the Rock last year, Cena was getting more in the good (sorta speak) with internet savvy fans. He was displaying real emotion that ranged from randomly assaulting Jack Swagger to giving into passion with Eve Torres. He wasn’t necessarily ‘Embracing The Hate’ , but more like he was embracing his humanity. He was starting to appeal to a normal male wrestling fan and he was acting less like a cub-scout troop leader. All this was building towards his match against Rock, win or lose, Cena would either be heel or become a better character in the process….


It didn’t happen. Cena lost like a chump to Rock and went against his ‘I MUST win’ gimmick he had going into the match. He went back to same old corny Cena but this time with Star Wars promos and Jim Carey impressions.  So, after months of build towards a heel or at least edgier Cena, he was back to normal and when Cena is normal, he is almost unbearable:

Thankfully, Cena has showed some signs of being a ‘real boy’ ever now and again such as his promo on CM Punk features:

See! Now wasn’t that great? Yes, yes it was. That’s the Cena I want to see every week but we won’t ever get that. However, something that is obtainable is Cena being just a little more human. It’s not that difficult of a thing to do and I think WWE has found a reasonably safe way of doing it. They’ve paired him up with the 2012 sensation that is AJ Lee.

AJ is absolutely loved by casual fans and the internet wrestling community. Whether its the persona she displays or just her looks, she is a character that has been well received by the collective of wrestling fans. But why is she the right person to pair with Cena?

Cena was fed up with all the lies his new nemesis Vicky Guerrero and her boy-toy Dirk Diggler had been spewing out. They were out to drag Cena and AJ’s name through the mud with a false ‘affair’ scandal. Eventually, Cena just gave into it (a very realistic thing to do) and gave AJ a kiss which proceeded into a make-out session. Now don’t think it floats my boat to see Cena kissing anyone but I did mark-out for it. Why? Because Cena displayed human emotion; he gave into pressure and passion. AJ did the same and in my mind, I thought it was great for the story and both characters. Cena looks like an actual man, not caring about what his persona will look like because he wants to be with AJ. While the latter helps out Cena’s character, she is kept relevant and her feud with Vicky and management is kept alive. It’s a pretty good formula in my eyes.

Will it all work out? No. Of course not, why would it? Cena’s now pretty much buried any hopes of further romantic relations onscreen with AJ:

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/JohnCena/status/273492395025395712″]

Hopefully, WWE has Cena and AJ go along with the relationship as its interesting and I’d like to see it develop. If you can’t turn Cena heel or make him edgier, the least WWE can do is keep them together so Cena can show that he isn’t such a virginal, good guy all the damn time. If Cena is a little more bearable, the whole company will be considering he’s their biggest star. Besides, they look so cute together and why do we even need Cena to be Superman anymore? We got Ryback for that.

I hope you guys didn’t hate this ‘rant’ too much. Let me know what you think down below in the comments.