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What Was TNA’s Greatest Moment of 2012? (EvE)

The year 2012 has been a monumental one in the world of professional wrestling. One organization in particular, TNA Wrestling, has really captured (or re-captured) fans attention in this one year alone.

2012 was the 10 year anniversary of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Ever since their weekly pay-per-views during the Asylum days in 2002, TNA has continued to grow and evolve over time.

There’s been a plethora of great moments for TNA in 2012. The introduction of the TNA Wrestling Hall of Fame, the rise of new stars, the birth of new concepts, many great shows, and much more.

Some may even consider 2012 as one of the greatest years in TNA history. There’s many things that make 2012 such a memorable year in TNA history. Some would include:

  • IMPACT Going to London

2012 started off with TNA making history. For the first time ever, TNA packed their bags and flew off to London, England for a series of television tapings.

Wembley Arena was jam-packed for the superstars of TNA Wrestling, and both parties definitely delivered. As TNA put on nights of great entertainment, the UK crowd expressed their emotion and provided one of the best crowd reactions TNA has experienced all year.

With the success of the tour, TNA seems to have made a trip to the UK a yearly tradition, as television tapings are already scheduled in England for January 2013.

  • New Concepts & Ideas

Shortly after Hulk Hogan was appointed General Manager of IMPACT Wrestling, many more concepts were born.

While some traditions may have died off (King of the Mountain, Feast or Fired, Six-sided ring), more have been put in place.

In 2012 alone, TNA has created four new concepts. We would see the televised debut of Gut Check, and the birth of concepts such as Open Fight Night, Championship Thursday, and “Option C”. TNA has also restructured the Bound For Glory Series concept, so it’s much clearer than the year’s past.

Fans might still want to see the resurrection of old traditions, but TNA has been very innovative in attempting to create new ones for fans to enjoy.

  • Long-term Storytelling

 TNA’s creative team has also taken a different approach from years prior. The creative staff has been crafting more and more long-term storylines and angles this year.

Prime examples would include Roode/Storm, Styles/Daniels, Bully/Park, and the on-going Aces and Eights storyline.

However, with all of that said, when 2012 is long gone and etched in the history books, one memory will stand above the rest. One man carved his name deep into the history books for years to come. One man stood above the rest and proved that 2012 would be his.

When people look back on TNA in the year of 2012, they’ll look back to see the reign of the, “It Factor of Professional Wrestling” Bobby Roode.

10 years to build a company, four years to build a friendship, one bottle to destroy it all.

Macon, Georgia

November 3, 2011

TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Bobby Roode vs. (c) James Storm

The Selfish Generation Begins

That night, Bobby Roode threw away four years of friendship to selfishly become the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Bobby Roode broke up he and James Storm’s tag team of Beer Money, and would trade in all the tag team success for his first taste of singles gold.

This would only be the beginning of Bobby Roode’s proclaimed, “Selfish Generation”, which he would name himself leader of.

256 days.

The, “Selfish Generation” and Bobby Roode’s reign as TNA World Heavyweight Champion would last for a record-setting 256 days. And never before has TNA Wrestling seen a World Champion quite as dominant as Bobby Roode.

Bobby Roode defeated nearly every challenger set in his path. James Storm, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, Sting, Rob Van Dam, and Mr. Anderson all failed to dethrone the reigning World Champion.

It was during his title reign when Bobby Roode would prove any critics wrong. The arrogant champion nicknamed himself the, “It Factor” and quickly became the most compelling character in TNA.

Bobby Roode would put on the best work of his career as TNA Heavyweight Champion. His promos were sharp, his matches were constantly great, his attacks (be it verbal or physical) were vicious, and his antics made him the most hated man in TNA.

Bobby Roode shattered the glass ceiling by leaps and bounds, thus becoming the top star in TNA. He had become the focal point of IMPACT Wrestling and was easily the reason why many fans worldwide tuned into IMPACT on a weekly basis.

Bobby Roode has done several media appearances during his time as World Champion, and main evented nine pay-per-views in this year. As of this writing, Bobby Roode has headlined more pay-per-views this year than WWE Superstar, John Cena.

Bobby Roode has proved that TNA 2012 has been the year of the, “It Factor”.

When it comes to determining the greatest TNA moment of 2012, it’s hard finding something that Bobby Roode was not involved with.

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  • Javert

    The rise of Austin Aries and the whole Storm and Roode feud in general was a great thing done by TNA.

  • DJ Huk

    The emergence of Austin Aires is another TNA success story. He was the one who finally defeated Roode, and he’s developed an enthusiastic following (even as a heel), witness the reaction to his appearance in the UK. He’s sharp on the mic and has the skills to pay the bills. Added plus: his cape and self-proclaimed title of The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, which is saying a lot.

  • SiD

    The biggest moment of TNA was: Jeff Hardy winning the championship. In my opinion, that made the perfect storyline. After recovering from his highlighted addiction, and his Victory Road incident, coming back fully clean, and winning the title was a great moment..but good article.

    • Javert

      It was stupid, not good.

      • SiD

        Meh…I liked it.

  • Eric

    Interesting choice but I agree with Jason. Aries winning the title was just great as a whole. Great buildup, great match, great storytelling.

    • Charlie G

      Hey…. Fuck you, Martinez. As good as Aries winning the title was, Roode’s title reign was far better than it. I saw you on Twitter saying how much more entertaining IMPACT was with Roode as World Champion…. Admit it!!!!

  • Jason “Dragon Saga” Patrick

    Can I like enter this really quick and post a couple hundred word article about Austin Aries winning the World Heavyweight Championship? Because why neither of you chose that is truly beyond me. When Roode won the title it wasn’t actually a great moment at the time, which to me is what you’re debating here. With Jacob, the ending to Roode/Storm at Lockdown was a great moment because it was shocking. Most felt Storm would leave the new WHC.

    It’s a good article – although you seem to have focused on too many things, probably should have focused on just your entree – but I don’t think Roode winning the belt was a great moment. He had a great title reign, but him winning the belt at the time actually pissed a lot of people off (Storm had just won it, Roode won it on Impact, two quick title changes.)

    • Charlie G

      Bahahaha! I felt like choosing Aries’ World title win would’ve been too obvious & Jacob would’ve already written about it…. Guess not though.

  • Jacob Is Botchtastic

    Oooh me likey your pick, the turn that changed TNA really, almost everything got better after that night.

    • Charlie G

      Yup. And it’s funny to think that giving Bobby Roode 1 reign as World Champion would make TNA much better than having Hardy, Anderson, Angle, RVD, and even Sting as World Champion. Roode proved that he deserves the spotlight & the quality of shows was soooo much better when he had just that.