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What is So Scandalous About the AJ and John Cena Affair?

Merriam Webster states that the definition of  affair is, “a matter occasioning public anxiety, controversy, or scandal”.

Now, lets me run through a few affairs or moments that I know to be scandalous and inappropriate. Bill Clinton spending some time in the office with Monica Lewisky. Marion Jones, who won five medals at the Sydney Olympics but accomplished the feat thanks to the magic of steroids. Of course how can any of u ever forget Mel Gibson anti-semitic rant.

Now let break down the whole “scandalous” nature of the AJ Lee and John Cena‘s relationship. On May 1, 2012, Cena filed for a divorce. It been since July that his marriage has officially ended and even his ex-wife attorney, Raymond Rafool, said in a statement that “All matters [in the divorce] have been settled and resolved amicably.” While AJ Lee has been single since her break-up with her former trainer, Jamar Shipman AKA Jay Lethal.

Which means we absolutely know that John Cena and AJ Lee are single.

Considering they are single, leads to the conclusion that they can do whatever they want as consenting adults. They’re not cheating on any significant other, or are they violating any rules. There has never been an announcement by the fictitious Board of Directors on general mangers dating wrestling personals.

Theodore Long had an on-screen girlfriend, Kristal. Yes, that Kristal that attempted to marry Long but he had a heart attack during their wedding. Oh, shall we not forget that Vickie Guerrero had a relationship with Edge during her time as General Maneger of Smackdown. So, this means AJ Lee was allowed to date John Cena.

This leads me to the conclusion that the affair is not even an affair. It is a relationship which involved two single adults. Nothing scandalous at all, not an once of scandal was found in their relationship which coincidentally is the same amount of me giving a damn about this ridiculous storyline.  This storyline borders on pure lunacy!

If AJ was dating another wrestler say, Danial Bryan or maybe she entered a relationship with CM Punk which then leads to an affair to Cena would actually be a scandal. It would actually make fans give a damn but considering the WWE has giving the fans no foundation into believing the storyline, which leads to all the fans not investing anything into it.

Oh, want to know what a real scandal would be? How about Kristen Stewart kissing  Rupert Sanders, while she was dating Robert Pattinson. What makes it really scandalous is the fact that Sanders is married with two children.  Twilight fans were outraged, sadden and spewing venomous words towards Stewart and Sanders.

While in the WWE, fans are snoring during the scandal angle. So, no there is absolutely nothing SCANDALOUS about the “affair” and it just makes fans want to watch Monday Night Football.

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  • DJ HUK

    Cena is, and always has been, boring and this storyline makes him even more so. AJ Lee, on the other hand, is brilliant and this storyline is diminishing her talent. Of course, it might prove worthwhile in the long run if AJ humiliates and dumps him, like she did Daniel Bryan, but for the most part, who cares? It’s basically a rehash of the AJ vs Vickie feud in FCW. If the montages currently on YouTube are any indication (her performances have true grace and fire), AJ should be showcased more often in the ring, and that means winning the DIVA championship. She has the wit and style to potentially change the usual perception of women wrestlers as shapely blocks of meat: subjecting her to insults and suggestions of sluttiness is degrading.

  • Rooster Smith

    Man, I bet she feels so safe in his arms …
    no scandal here but i wouldn’t expect anything less from the evil Vicky G.
    But how could you not like the angle? It’s the best thing going …

  • SiD

    Completely agreed.

  • Jacob Being Jacob

    I’m cool with it. So Vicky and Dolph should because I’m Jacob Stachowiak.

  • Joe Burgett

    The reason the “affair” as WWE calls it is scandalous is due to the fact that Cena is a top Superstar and AJ was the GM. All the while possibly being together. Which in any business environment, would be seen as wrong. So it’s not as if it’s crazy that it would be a story here. The idea that Vickie brought it up and took her place is just idiotic seeing as she has had relations with a top Superstar as GM of SmackDown, Edge. Then as a manager for Eric Escobar and Dolph Ziggler. The managerial stuff aside, due to the fact it’s not a major position over anyone else. The GM part is the prob. And Vickie is clearly not the right person for the job if you remove AJ. It’s literally the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen WWE do. Blatantly stupid really.

    As for your definition of affair, pop culture has made it something different from the word definition. An affair is usually something that happens when a person goes outside a marriage to be with another person. And funny enough, Cena was married at the time of this supposed thing going down. In the process of divorce, but still married. Therefore an affair.

    In a business environment, which is probably how WWE goes about it here. It’s anything that has to do with an upper management person going down to a lower seed staff member and having relations.

    The scandalous part of it all though, is the fact that AJ did this while in a position of power, according to the story. Which fits the scandalous word by the definition. Look it up since you clearly know how to use the dictionary. ;)

    • Rooster Smith

      ironically, Cena has been screwed over by the WWE a million times on his road to grab the WWE championship.
      If anything, AJ has only hurt his career.