WWE: What Has Happened To Dolph Ziggler And His Push?

The night after Wrestlemania was without a doubt one of the best Raws of all time, and Dolph Ziggler‘s cash-in was arguably the highlight of the night. The “we want Ziggler” chants had been going on for a  solid 15 minutes, and when Ziggler’s music hit, the crowd went absolutely nuts. The former cheerleader would win the world championship that night, and we all felt like it was finally Ziggler’s time.

At Summerslam, I expected to see Dolph Ziggler vs Big E Langston in a good, but uneventful midcard match-up. What we actually got however, was a 7 minute long mixed tag team match. Wasn’t this guy fighting for a World title last month? How had he managed to fall so far down the card in such a short period of time? Little did we know, the show off had a lot of falling to do yet.

Shortly following Summerslam, Dolph Ziggler did a radio interview, in which he blasted the powers that be for looking straight through him, and picking Randy Orton as their poster boy. A lot of people, myself included, assumed this was just a promo, and Dolph was just saying what the creative team had asked him to say. Following this incident however, Ziggler (who was the heavyweight champion of the world just two months earlier) would enter a US title feud with Dean Ambrose. And at Night of Champions, Ambrose would beat Ziggler clean in just 10 minutes.

And worst of all, tomorrow night at Battleground, Dolph Ziggler finds himself demoted to the pre-show against Damien Sandow. Now I don’t know what Ziggler’s done to be moved so far down the card, particularly at a time when WWE has lost two of its biggest names and hardest workers, Sheamus and John Cena. WWE needs as many maineventers as it can get right now, so why are they putting a guy who is without a doubt one of the best performers in the world today in a dark match?

To conclude, I don’t know what happened to Dolph Ziggler’s very brief main event run. But I do know that Ziggler is just too good to be jobbing to Bray Wyatt on Raw. He’s too good to be a US title contender. He’s too good to be in pre-shows, or mixed tag matches at pay-per-views. Frankly, Dolph Ziggler is too good to be anywhere, but in the world title picture.